Naval Legends: Castlemaine. Trailer | World of Warships

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In the next episode, we’ll tell you about corvette HMAS Castlemaine, a representative of the Royal Australian Navy. She was the first in a series of multipurpose ships, ensuring the proper protection of shipping near the Australian coastline for an extended period of time. Don’t miss the full episode!

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  1. Nice, a new Naval Legends.

    And its on a Corvette.

  2. New australian ship? Maby australian tree

    • +belladesa91 This seem to be a reasonable choice. I wonder what WG is going to take into higher tiers italian cruisers (well as far as i know DD tree would be way easier to make it complete).

    • some random albino dude

      +belladesa91 also about the only nation left that they could get a full battleship cruiser and destroyer tech tree fully developed for, with maybe a premium carrier or 2 in there as well

    • +some random albino dude theoretically there can be a full CV tech tree with project which were never realized,prob would be some planes on them..

  3. Subs in wows?

  4. I hope the next Naval Legends is USS Johnston and the Destroyer Escorts.

  5. Finally. A ship I can say I’ve been on multiple times.

  6. Got a CV trauma on this and thought it was a carrier lmao

  7. Australians wouldn’t give a xxxx about any other ship.
    (That`s a joke for older people )

  8. Can we please, see a lot more of these types of videos? Thank you for the content!

  9. Esh Aussie operators in Siege and now Aussie warships in World of Warships.

  10. more aussie ships 🙂

  11. Fix MM yet?

  12. Let me know when you fix MM, maybe I will return.

  13. Please check MALAYSIA FRIGATE KD HANG TUAH…. it’s from Hms frigates

  14. I can’t wait for more aussie ships

  15. Great video for the historians. Sadly, ships like these in game will do nothing against the made up whatever shit WG introduces in the Russian line.

  16. Hands down from GC or refund the ppl!!!you dont learn enything from WOT dev team!!!!!

  17. Don’t care, Italian tech tree plz

  18. Please make more of those kind of videos!!! Also consider cruiser Averof

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