Naval Legends Cinemarathon: Cod

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Today, she’s permanently berthed in Cleveland, Ohio, where she serves as a museum ship. She belongs to the Gato class—one of the most famous U.S. submarine classes of World War II, comprising 77 ships.

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    • Question: WIll there be a USS Indianapolis 75th Anniversary Camo or ship discount in the Shop for this ship ? In Honor of its sinking on July 30th 1945 ? Other ships have received this Honor in the game . Please repost if you support this idea .

    • Holy Hallelujah!

  2. Haida Maple Syrup 1943

    Now i want to eat cod while playing COD now

  3. Everyone knows the true legend is that of the U.S.S. Codfish

  4. Crewman: captain can you please put some pants on?
    Captain: nuts .

  5. COD before COD become famous.

  6. Really missed watching these.

  7. Can you do hms king george or hms rodney

  8. A: Sir, so you say you don’t have cash for COD?
    B: Sorry, I must have forgotten
    A: No problem

  9. Confused Admiral

    How many U-Boats do you have?

    Kriegsmarine: Yes

  10. compairing ships sunk and lost by % is so stupid in this situation…
    how about we name some numbers….

  11. when a submarine captain is ready to attack all he needs is his hat. That is dressed enough to sink ships. 😛 lol

  12. sleeping next to torpedoes, thats the most badass thing i’ve ever heard

  13. Here you are, situated on a floating coffin, designed to sink in a thin shell by the inadequate chain of command, who needed 2 years to admit that there is a problem, just to operate an experimental weapons with huge design flaws, so you can die after 7h in the chilly ocean waters… And people wonder why submariners are ”special” kind of people.

  14. USS COD: *exists*

    COD Fan Boi: Remember, no Russian

  15. Absolutely Beautiful.
    Thank you World Of Warships for these very emotional and inspiring documentaries about ships that were Legends.

  16. Now come on, I want to see a naval legends on the fish

  17. the code for those that missed it is GENUSGADUS

  18. Emanuel Gonçalves Santos

    It seems to be in a great shape, like you can just turn it on and go sinking ships at any time.

  19. Steven Galloway II

    When will you do a Naval Legends on USS Enterprise? Y’all did one IJN Yamato, IJN Musahi and KMS Bismarck. The USS Enterprise was the one of the most famous US ships in World War II.

  20. “acceptable” living conditions being a relative term of course
    Bubbleheads have always put up with conditions a -target-..ummm, surface sailor, would not accept

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