Naval Legends Cinemarathon: US Naval Aviation

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Episode about the history of U.S. Naval Aviation.
Learn about the birth of Naval Aviation and its development before and during WWII.

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  1. Remember the time were midway had jets in the game

  2. Haida Maple Syrup 1943

    I guess they were right Naval Aviation is the future of naval combat
    But during a war time scenario what would it look like?

  3. “Crying in Blitz”


  5. Gerhard Filipsek

    French submarine Foucauld
    At the outbreak of the First World War Foucault was part of the French Mediterranean Fleet, and sailed with that force to the Adriatic tasked with bringing the Austro-Hungarian Fleet to battle or blockading it in its home ports.

    On 15 September 1916, while on patrol off Cattaro under the command of Lt. L. Devin, Foucault was spotted under the surface by two Austro-Hungarian Lohner L seaplanes. These were L132, flown by Lts. Konjovics and Sewera, and L135 (Lts. Zelezny and Klimburg). The two planes bombed Foucault, scoring hits which forced her to surface. Unable to dive and without power, Devin ordered her to be abandoned and scuttled. All her crew escaped without casualties. The seaplanes landed and took the crew prisoner, holding them until the arrival of an Austrian torpedo boat. This incident was the first instance of a submarine at sea being sunk by air attack.[4][5]

  6. I miss the Helldiver…

  7. Where’s all the tiny tims at

  8. More Videos like this, realy good and informativ (sorry for my english). GREAT not only for Bonus-Code.

  9. I wish they mentioned that Mitchell was forced into retirement after the demonstration.

  10. Well done, very good production values.

  11. Interesting to know the fighter-bombers embarked on the cv.

  12. I am really waiting when will you put the Austro-Hungarian naval force (I mean the SMS Szent István or else SMS Saint Steve for that matter) and other ships. 😀

  13. As always you guys ROCK the house down. Well done.

  14. Say what you want to the game
    but this is well done

  15. I’ve been to the Naval Aviation Museum, and it was just incredible! First time I’ve ever seen a 262, SB2U Vindicator, and countless other aircraft. Their collection is truly staggering. If anyone ever gets a hold of TBD Devastator, you can be sure it’ll be them.

  16. Fox_sake_92 Fiander

    None of the codes have worked for me so far, just says code already redeemed by someone else. What gives?

  17. The Air Museum at Pensacola is incredible. It is also home to the Blue Angels, so if you are there in the winter, you may be able to see them training!

  18. Just have one thing to say here…

    12:20 hello Mr. Cheiftan.

  19. When are you guys gonna do one for the most feared aircraft carrier in the world CV-6?

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