Naval Legends Cinemarathon: USS Midway

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The idea to build a marvel like that was suggested by the US Navy’s Bureau of Ships as far back as in 1940. For American admirals, this was a dream: a carrier that would be robust as a battleship and have at least 120 aircraft on board. As a result, Midway was so much better than all other US Navy attack carriers, that it was distinguished as a new type — battlecarriers. Midway turned out to be a truly unsinkable ship.

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  2. Atago Best Waifu


  3. i started to watch this then i got the mesage that the video was out

  4. Me, a non-USA player: 295 meters? Oh, you mean 968.011811 feet.

  5. Haida Maple Syrup 1943

    “Sabaton Midway intensifies!!!”

  6. The Night Watcher

    Although I’m a gung-ho American and I enjoy our navy getting so much love, I’d like to see some more attention given to british, Japanese, even Polish ships. The free polish navy did wonders in WWII for being such a small force.

    • @le pas très gentil If you are talking about “Museum Ships” we have 11 in France, I did not know about Colbert being scrapped. IF you are only talking about WWI WWII era ships we have 6 Museum ships. The remaining museum ships are pre-dreadnought or older

    • @The Night Watcher DUDE museum ships get scrapped regularly all around the world, Usually they are turned into reefs not scrapped.

    • The Night Watcher

      Regan Morben Well that’s depressing

    • @spock Ummm… I could be wrong but wasn’t the cruiser Pola’s crew found drunk and naked in the aftermath of the Battle of Cape Matapan, or was that just some BS the British Navy threw in to make the Italians look like fools?

    • @The Night Watcher All I really know about the Italian Navy is that they had some pretty ships.

  7. USS ESSEX I miss her in the game…

  8. as an 21 year USN enlisted man, Midway’s Golden Anchor award speaks volumes about the men who served aboard her. the Golden Anchor is only given to commands with 100% re-enlistment of the crew. a massive badge of pride and patriotism! good vid!

    • Everyone reenlisted in Japan. Best port to be stationed out of with the best port visits. GUARD III my first reup for the PI then went back to Japan and repeat.

  9. I actually live in San Diego were the USS Midway is she’s the reason I like the Navy so much

  10. RomuloCavalcanti 1905

    Naval legends HMS Ark Royal please

  11. milton dominguez

    Great informational clip about the Midway makes me want to go see it in San Diego……What’s the code and how did I miss it.

  12. Steven Galloway II

    When will y’all do a Naval Legend on the legendary USS Enterprise CV-6

  13. That captain made the right call to clear the landing area.

  14. Took my Nephew last week. Gorgeous Ship!!! Got a pic with Vern Jumper. Awesome to see the excitement telling his story of Operation Frequent Wind. Pretty damn cool!!! Also, Larry Chambers was the first black Carrier Captain.

  15. She was my first duty ship for about 3 years seen her on opening day as a museum miss the people and the ship I served with

    • @fooman2108 I got to her in Dec well Yokuska any way was waiting on her to come home I got the hear about everything from the phillipines ship that rammed her nere her liquid oxygen tanks to what happen with you guys I was a OS just oit of A school I do remiember alot of stuff that happened from us almost ramming the USS Barbell while unrep with the Kiska ( not sure might have been passumick ) to the USS Bellowoods boilers going off line while the Australian navy chased her in war games had to send 4 BT over to fix it for them lol and playing with the Russians when they came out to play. CIC was never boring

    • @todd craigI was a BM so I will be polite about OS’s (like the fact that they NEVER EVER return parka’s (because they work in combat and are always freezing in the A/C LOL! Like I said Midway and her CVBG were badasses! Some of our intelligence types told us that there were times where the Russians would not even bother to set to sea because they didn’t want to mess with her or body-guards! I know her FFG went by us at war emergency speed, and went BETWEEN us and the Sovremmeny one time! We asked the fig what she was doing, and she informed us that this was NORMAL for Midway’s group and their job was just to get them OUT of there!

    • @fooman2108 well thanks for being polite but I got along with the BM on the Midway I once traded for 2 72 long jumpers . Thank god I had friends on the mess deck.

    • @todd craig I was the designated scrounger for my department, we used to joke give me a 20lb can of coffee and phone I could come up with a special weapon in a couple of hours! I was just joking about the parkas… the day of our crossing the line ceremony we had an OS get a chest infection because he fell asleep behind on the consoles in combat! None of the OS’s would hand in their parka’s (and I was the guy who had to inventory them),after that LOL

    • @fooman2108 72 longs cost me 5 gallons of ice cream 5 pound can of ham from the mess decks had fun wheeling and selling when I was assigned to the berthing station

  16. i was in this carrier 2 years ago!!!

  17. When WG run out of fresh ideas and start repeating over and over again ! This is the 5th time for last 3 years ! Take ur heads out of the sand .

  18. I toured the ship after having served on the USS Kitty Hawk. The midway seemed so small compared to the Kitty Hawk.

    • Daniel Dunlap I have a model of the USS Kitty Hawks sister ship, the John F Kennedy. And it’s bloody huge compared to some of my other models…….

    • The Midway was designed as a straight deck carrier. The Kitty Hawk was by design a supercarrier, the Midway was converted to a angled deck supercarrier in 1977. Before then, she still looked like she did when she rolled off the slipway in 1945. And i love the Kitty Haws by the way, and thank you for your service.

  19. The Russian “expert” sounds like an tool…need to work on the translations WG.

  20. I’ve seen midway as a museum ship, she’s beautiful, hope to get her in my port soon

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