Naval Legends: Cinemarathon

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This difficult situation has forced people around the world to limit personal communication and stay at home in order to protect themselves and their families. To offer you some entertainment in these hard times, we’ve prepared a special cinemarathon that features the best episodes of Naval Legends, as well as some small gifts!
More information here:
EU: https://worldofwarships./news/general-news/naval-legends-cinemarathon/

Time stamps:
@00:00 — Iowa
@19:52 — Sovetskiy Soyuz
@39:41— Bofors
@52:53 — Haida
@1:13:57 —Maiale
@1::41 — Projest 7 Destroyers
@1:43:00 — Yamato
@2:00:22 — Oerlikon
@2:11:15 — U-995
@2:36:28 — Essex
@2:57:45 — K 21 Submarine
Keep an eye out on the official website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. I don’t know but Wows is my Favorit game. Thank you for adding Gryf!

  2. Rydekk 2nd channel

    People are so ungrateful. Free stuff is good stuff. Even if theyre just flags….

  3. Ah man that is my birthday and wargamming has a gift for me so nice.

  4. The moment when you realized, you’ve been an idiot coming here 2 days before the actual thing

  5. What gift are y’all talking about? Im just here for the history



    • People are so ungrateful. Free stuff is good stuff. Even if theyre just flags….

    • @Carpopotamus

    • @sefa ışıklı what you mean im ungrateful ……… I said thanks for the codes and love to the wows team ….. the hell is your issue with me ….. im the one who posted the codes here so yall didn’t have to work to find them ……… sigh ppl are dicks sometimes

  8. I didn’t know the crate supply ship was real! That’s amazing!

  9. Su & Furkan Kahyaoğlu

    Thank you for codes and history. its a best


  11. World of Warships Official Channel

    Thank you, everyone, for participation in our marathon!
    Your positive feedback means a lot to us, and we will bring more marathons in future!
    We hope you had fun with our first Premiere. Our Chat guy most definitely had a lots of fun:D

  12. Totally worth it to watch the videos! Thank you War Gaming for the content, it was informative and great. However here are the codes incase the viewers cannot all watch this at one time. Codes should be good until 4/27/2020, if what the videos said.
    1st – ISTHEREAGOLDFINCH – got read heatx2
    2nd – SHIPTOBEATYAMATO – got type 21×1
    3rd – 350YEARSLEGACY – got papa papax3
    4th – STEAMCHAT2K – got basiliskx3
    5th – FIGHTINGIESTSHIP – got type 21×1
    6th – NOTASUBORISSHE – got equal speed charlie london x3
    7th – LONGLIVETHEKINGX – got king of the sea camo x1
    8th – 80KFOLLOWERSTOTWEET – got This is your day Commander camo x1
    9th – GNEVNYCLASS – got NOTHING – DID NOT WORK – worked after #10 code – 2x Type 21
    10 – YOUKNOWHERNAME – got Zulu Hotel x4
    11 – BECKERLEGACY – got Type 21 x1
    12 – WHATAREUTALKINGABOAT – got Zulu x3
    13 – CAP0FTHER1NGS100000 – finally worked – got bad advice container – dup collection item
    14 – DOOLITTLERAID – got Red heat x1 camo
    15 – ATTACKONTIRPITZ – got Type 21 x2

  13. สังคมไทย สีขาว

    Naval Legends: Cinemarathon Code

    • Thanks Mann

    • @Imran Khan bunch of us already watched almost all of these episodes or at least in my case.

      Rewatching them again just for the codes is a waste of time. We’re all thankful for this user distributing the codes. If it was his first time watching it then that’s great but if not and did it for everyone then this man is considered a saint.

      Someone else will do it anyways eventually but this man did it first and deserves our thanks and praise.

    • @Wàrÿth Oŕkût then why the fuck should we watch the premier?

    • @Elijah Bradbury It is unfair anyway, lazy bastards like you can take advantage of it.

  14. *edit* it worked after a while. None of the codes work for me, I am signed in and they say invalid code

  15. Thanks for the Cinemathon. As a former USN Sailor, I appreciate Naval History. the codes were a nice bonus.

  16. You came either for codes or to watch an epic documentary

  17. Hey WG! You made a Naval Legends video about the USS New Jersey in 2016. Since I‘ve started playing World of Warships, I‘m waiting for the New Jersey to be in the game so bad. Please War Gaming, please add the New Jersey to the game. I think it is a missed oppotunity, if you won‘t add this ship to the game. If you add USS New Jersey to the game, please do not put it on sale for steel. And I think it would be awesome, if New Jersey releases when Alaska gets removed from the Tech tree. Please WG make my dream, and for sure a dream for a lot of people, come true!

    Greetings from Western Germany!

  18. Heavenly in Hell ASMR

    i’m always imagine having war in sea is like having war in space…

  19. I still am a little salty how they made a naval legends video about a ship that never left the drawing board, legends are exactly that, legends not myths. . . Thinking about what could’ve been is great but putting a design concept in the same league as ships that were built and did see combat and have real stories, lived stories to tell is a bit well. . . I’m sure you know what I would like to say.

  20. I predict the next naval legend is gonna be Bismarck, enterprise or Lexington

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