Naval Legends – HMAS Diamantina

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Meet the little frigate that could!

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  2. HMCS Haida maybe?

  3. I love Australia

  4. kyubey, the cute little devil


  5. My country ! I have actually been to this museum.

  6. Napoleon I Bonaparte

    So, Frigates as new class?

  7. Dominic Robertson

    Good to see my home city with this wonderful ship featured

  8. New ship nation confirmed? YES?

  9. New premium ship???

  10. Is this video telling us about submarines between the lines…..

  11. I walk past the Diamantina every day, but I wonder for how long will this go on for? Without continued funding, the ship may in fact end up as an artificial reef in the future…

  12. It looks like a good warship for her purpose, but it’s too slow!

  13. Electric torps were undetectable, the steam-powered ones gave the giveaway bubbles, but at night, good luck seeing them….

  14. jklahsd32 laksd13

    Hamas.. why

  15. Yessh, metric measurements

  16. PickelJars ForHillary

    Time to go watch Corvette K-225.

  17. technically, no, she’s not the last of her class, as there was a river class purchased after the war and converted to a Yacht… I believe her current name is the “Christina O”

  18. KidsFilms Melbourne

    what is the difference size betweeen hmas castlemaine and hmas diamantina

  19. The Masked Assailent

    R.A.N Rules bitches!!

  20. HMCS Haida!!! PLEASE HMCS HAIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!

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