Naval Legends: HMCS Haida | World of Warships

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“The most fightingiest of the Royal Canadian Navy”, and the last survivor of Tribal-class! Find out more in the new Naval Legends episode!

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, and daring deeds of legendary 20th-century ships. Very few vessels survived and II — most were decommissioned and scrapped. The Naval Legends production crew travels all across the globe to visit almost every active museum ship and chronicle her story.

Each episode has our own footage, chronicles, and data from archives. The story of each ship is narrated by historians, museum staff, and navy veterans for maximum historical accuracy. Computer graphics based on archival blueprints illustrate critical engineering elements and components, along with the ship’s armament, so you can observe these colossal war machines from your armchair!

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  1. Thankyou for bringing her stories to light! She is a legend for Canadians! Proud to be from the GTA!

  2. I live just 20 mins away from this and its so great to see this on tv

  3. Finally Haida. As a Canadian I thank WG for bringing her to the game. You missed Canada Day 150 by a year but at least you remembered Canada Day this year

  4. 4:30 what a good pair of boobs

  5. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Does Haida deserve the title?:)

  6. Does it fire bottles of maple syrup?

  7. “Battlecruiser Scharnhorst” *REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

    • Yet in WoW, the Graff Spee comes in as a lowly VI class, and ships that she pummeled before they took her out share that same lvl. I dont care, they should treat historical ships that have a good battle record with more respect…want me to bitch about Warspite?…lol

    • General Cartman Lee

      I know that Scharnhorst was a battleship. But other nations called her battlecruiser.
      And the Deutschland class was called “Panzerschiff” by Germany because Germany was not allowed to build heavy cruisers. Later the ships were called heavy cruisers. The Brits came up with the pocket battleship because they had no idea how to call a ship that would have been a light cruiser (looking at the official displacement) but had battleship / battlecruiser guns.
      Even before WG introduced the Graf Spee I knew it would be difficult to properly balance the ship. The overall design is too old to be a high tier ship (armor and AA…).

    • Francisco DeTonne

      After all them naval treaties in 1922/1930 *NO* navy had a battlecruiser because they all reclassified battleships

      Funny how some people want to “respect” the calling of Scharnhorst/Gneisenau “battlecruisers” (albeit being call “battleships” by the navy that built and used them) and want Alaska to be a BB while the USN (the navy that built and used them) called and classed them as “large cruisers”.

      If you don’t have sufficient knowledge to say stuffs, please *shut the F up*

      PS. I want to shoot Jackie Fisher

    • Glupi Medo Yeah, the official designation of Adm. Graff Spee is that of “panzerschiff” (armored ship).

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Scharnhorst is a first Generation Battlecruiser ww1 design.
      I can completely understand that it’s dumb to call it a battlecruiser when Scharnhorst has 35cm belt armour.
      But that’s German Engineering for you – they focused Armour and Speed. While the British choose Speed and Firepower.

      Scharnhorst is based off the Mackensen Battlecruiser – having thicker belt armour but kept the same Poor decks – typical German Battleships had.

      First Gen WW1 Battlecruisers – were closer to Battleships – sporting slightly thinner belt armour – but much less deck armour to trade for high speed.
      Scharnhorst, KGV, Kongou, Amagi – are such examples of ww1 battlecruisers – modernised to fast Battleships.

      Second Gen ww2 Battlecruisers – such as Kronstadt, Alaska and B-65 Ishikari.
      Fitted closer to the ideal battlecruiser. Sporting armour and artillery between that of battleship and heavy cruiser.

  8. best cgi scene so far

  9. Nice.

  10. USS Enterprise, maybee WG, pls?
    Edit: Also nice video!

  11. Cmon Wargaming, make a movie about the navy in WW2.
    I’ll pay to watch it, I promise.

  12. Well done, interesting, please keep making those. I’ll buy the Haida specifically because of this video.

  13. how long will it be for this to be added to WOWS? i ‘need’ this ship 🙂

    • General Cartman Lee

      The Haida is currently being tested and it seems WG is not sure what to do with the ship as they recently changed the British Tribal class ship Cossack drastically (give her the original 4th turret back and make her tier 8).
      About the flag I expect them to give the Commonwealtch ships the option to use their national flags just as they did for the Pan-Asian ships.

    • Christopher Colasurdo

      General Cartman Lee On Perth and Vampire the only flag options are the commonwealth flag or the white ensign no national flag.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Well, the Australian Navy used the British flag until 1967. So WG is correct.
      The ships in WoWS all use their countries’ navy flags (apart from Germany where they had to change the 1933-1945 flag and don’t even give players the choice to use the older flags on the corresponding ships).

    • Our Naval flag at that time was the British Naval White Ensign….I’d Imagine that’s what She’ll fly.

    • General Cartman Lee

      Scott Crawford You already have the choice to use either the WG Commonwealth flag or the British flag in the flags section of the port.
      I must have overlooked that WG already implemented this in 0.7.4 for both, the Pan-Asian and Commonwealth ships. I always thought they did it only for Pan-Asia.

  14. As a Canadian I am proud to have watched this video :).

  15. So after seeing this I see the Canadians a bit different… Like they are peaceful and friendly but the moment you fight them… Fuck keep in mind they aren’t accepting any surrenders…

    • Germans feared Canadians more than the Americans because we went straight to the point. We wanted to get things done that they had a certain saying, something you now have to Google. Canadians didn’t play around that it’s amusing to read whatever we have scattered on the interwebs 🙂

      Shall be interesting to see if they add in HMCS Ontario & HMCS Uganda/Quebec in the future for Canada.

    • totally agree on that last statement. It would be great to see both of those ship in the game in the future. It would be nice to see a cruiser which we didn’t have many of in the game. I know more of our fleet from ww 2 were corvettes but we did have some Aircraft Carriers and Cruiser as well as Destroyers like the Haida. It would be nice to see more. I know we won’t ever see the Sackville in the game since she is a Corvette and they are way to small for the game.

    • I wish we had more of a modern take on Silent Hunter 3, but an actual free-roamy game that isn’t World of Warships, or some turned based game. We need to keep striving for Silent Hunter 3 games where we should use whatever vessel we can to do whatever we desire in the open seas……

      I don’t really count the aircraft carriers as Canadian until shortly after the war with HMCS_Bonaventure. HMS Nabob & HMS Puncher don’t really have any full Canadian marks on them from what I read that it’s basically half-crews and lots of disagreements with the British.

      It would indeed be nice to see more that I’m glad we have HMCS now, hoping to get the two cruisers while also desiring an actual free-roamy game to do as we desire Silent Hunter 3 style.

      Here is a list if you need it:

    • I2ma3L I.J : oh yes, we Canucks are a calm, friendly lot, until we are given reason not to be.
      I still love that by the time the Cold War rolled around the RCN was THE anti-sub force.

    • The St Laurents and follow on classes of the cold war era were beautiful ships, as were the 280s

  16. HMCS Sackville please

    • Agree but no luck on this one. She is the last of her kind but she is a corvette not a destroyer so you will not see her until they can put the corvettes in the game some how. But that would only work with Sub as well which they did say they are not putting into the game. So, most likely not going to see her for a while.

    • Brandon Gardiner

      Richard Courchesne they already filmed it I just want to watch it

    • that movie that is based on a different ship for a movie. It isn’t for wargarming. Here is the article from the Sackville Trustee site.

    • Brandon Gardiner

      Richard Courchesne I’m aware of that movie this was filmed before hand well over a year ago I was told about it when packing away the ship before it went into refit

  17. did somebody say FUBUKI?


  18. yay Just in time for Canada Day!

  19. Brings a tear to my eye seeing our Navy recognized like this.

  20. Good work! It took quite a bit of work getting some of that audio cleaned up. Glad things came out really nicely at the end

    • Noted that as well.. Thanx ,iChase. love your vids. Very Down-to-Earth and no BS. o7, Fellow CDN.

    • Yeah, how many times did you sneeze off camera and ruin the take? ;P

    • I agree. They did well on this video and I cannot wait for more. I love videos over the articles but they are both great. I cannot wait until the ship is in the game to play her. I will be playing a ship that is apart of my history for work. If it wasn’t for her, I would have not sailed on the HMCS Iroquois that was just decommissioned 3 years ago. It is great to her here.

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