Naval Legends in World of Warships: Battleship Alabama

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Greetings, commanders!
You are well aware of our “” series about service and great feats of the legendary ships from the 20th century. We have decided to tweak this format a little, and we are happy to present you our new video series “ in ”, where we combine historical videos with gameplay ones!

First episode of new series is focused on the , the hero of older “Naval Legends” episode. Alabama is the ship with great history in both real life and development studio. Check out new episode!

UPDATE: we are sorry, but Kitty Purrfurst made a mistake at 3:21. In our game Alabama fires at 21100 meters! No double ration for mister Purrfurst for a week.

Want more info? Check out the World of website!


  1. ShuffleTunesYT™


  2. John Scarborough

    Nice, I’ve been on board that ship. Amazingly complex and powerful.

  3. My favorite ship in-game. Thanks you for bringing the Big A to WoWs, WG.

    • swatpcdi02 the crazy blitz maniac

      This is my favorite ship ever but I wish I was a contributor and I had a good PC to play it and I wish I had money

  4. World of Warships Official Channel

    There is our new series for you! We want to show you how we create our ships models.
    Tell us how many likes does the video deserve? 😉

  5. 3:30, speak for yourself!! i’ll hit that pixel

  6. Man in i am so hype and eager for the cleavland one..??

  7. …i bet the American veterans were *thrilled* To have Russians on board American warships, what with the rather frosty tensions between the two countries…

    • that doesn’t mean anything. None of them are Russian officials from the 50’s or 60’s, and its great to see foreigners and other people interested in American history just as much as we should be.

    • I dont see why. Until the shooting starts russians are welcome to come here and enjoy our country, including our museums like USS Alabama. We’ll even treat them to some barbecue 😀

    • Just because the politicians and media have a major hate-boner for Russia doesn’t mean American’s in general do.

    • Real nice Lazurkri. Wow. *slow claps*

  8. 0:44 you guys switched real image to game image there you guys can clearly see our game water and other lighting effects still not purrfect. why not prioritize for more graphics update? 🙂 im doing events so long till now im tired of so many events so let us take rest for a while. because i dont want to miss event items while im taking rest alone. (dont take me offensively)

    • SoulAss4ssin I think he’s not questioning about the draft more about the overall graphics or maybe demands wows to got an update graphics just like wot xD

    • o i see what you are saying, i thought the game water was referring to game water line draft. sorry for my mixup :p

    • vexonica 02 yep, and water shouldnt have colour, blue water should mean sky reflection but sometimes when u look at water it morely looks like solid blue water, not sky reflection. 🙁 and Wot update one really made a hell of a graphics update.. everything looks real, even when you shoot while sitting on water you also get extra shockwave splashes 😀

    • and i know how hard it is. but otherwise they will fall behind if they doesnt make a move.

    • The Bigworld engine is really old so any graphics updates are hard to make without destroying performance. I am hoping they will switch to the new World of Tanks graphics engine (enCore) some time in the future instead.

  9. Add a feature where your aa can target and destroy torpedos

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I’m disappointed in you Kamina… The IJN already have their Giga Drill Battleship Yamato and Musashi – both sisters literally pierce the heavens already with their LOLPEN, lets not forget Nagato, Mutsu and Kongo – they all have the biggest guns for their tier and also lolpen everything else in their tier … Go back to Yoko and pay her back 10x like you promised (not the other way around), pierce her heavens instead hehe wink*…

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer stupid weeb

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      I couldn’t stop myself – his username was Kamina…


  10. where is the code???

  11. Justine Dave L. Atay

    How to get it for free?

  12. Love this new series!
    Always nice to see how ships are made!

    I still prefer the Normal Naval legends for History but that’s just because you can’t Get better then perfection.

  13. This is more like the Armada videos. I like the old Naval Legends videos better. It’s more in depth and provides some awesome technical and historical facts.

  14. Can you make a naval legends video about Drazki (bold, Дръзки), a Bulgarian torpedo boat that served during the first Balcan war?
    She scored the first Bulgarian naval victory by crippling the Ottoman protected cruiser Hamidie, which was about to bombard the city of Varna. She is currently a part of the national naval museum in that city.

  15. Roll Tide!

  16. 2nd best torpedo protection after Yamato? As developer you forget to mention Musashi, also with better protection as Alabama.

  17. Thats My Flagship!

  18. 2:58 “Historical range of fire”? Like the guns that fire to 4.5km in game when in reality they had an effective range of up to 15km? Nice try. 😀

    • Kevin Wijaya US ships had longer range than Japanese ships

    • yoyo hehe I was just referring to how if they don’t scale down the range, but can you please tell which ships are you referring to? I’m genuinely curious.

    • Kevin Wijaya Well to correct myself, US ships had better chance of hitting something at longer ranges although Yamato guns had the biggest range, they weren’t effective because Yamato used optical range finders while Iowa used radar range finders, meaning that Iowa had better chance of hitting targets at longer ranges, if you want more detailed informations i recommend you watching this video:

    • yoyo hehe ah.. I get what you mean now. I’ll check it out. Thanks!

    • Kevin Wijaya No problem mate, cheers!

  19. pls do that you can use sekendary gun like wows Blitz like if you agree

  20. In defense of that 36 mile range, given radar fire control, that pixel would be at extreme risk of having a very bad day. 😛

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