Naval Legends in World of Warships: Yamato

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In the new episode of Naval Legends in World of Warships our development team will tell you about how they were updating one of the oldest in-game model – the Battleship Yamato.

Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website. Your first port of call for new ship releases!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Did you enjoy the episode?
    What about you? Do you have Yamato in your port?:)

  2. I I

  3. I kind of wish they would improve the cannon sound of the Yamato’s guns, I mean right now they sound rather underwhelming. Instead of a rather epic and deep boom, it’s more like a disappointing thud. And comparing that to the old gun sound of Yamato I like the old one better.

  4. Wiil there be also a pan european tech tree? I really want some dutch navy ships in the game. My fathers grandpa was a crew member on the Hr Ms Java.
    The rework of the Yamato is amazing!!!


    Are you going to implement damage details on ships and land at some point ? It would be nice and even more realistic don’t you think?

  6. Two words guys: wonderful job!!!
    I love the Yamato, and now that she’s getting a new model, i can’t wait to get it (i only have Nagato).

    • I’m also “only” on Nagato (the “only” it’s because she’s an amazing ship, too!!!).
      And they took Musashi out of the tech tree… Oh, come on!!! :'(
      I was working to have the sister ship of the Yamato!

    • +Vavá das SPGs I would also like if they put Musashi back in the tree or in the Armoury, I have 172k coal, but i’m waiting to use it. Look at Notser’s video about Musashi’s removal.

    • +General Totenkopf If you truly think this, then you do not yet know how to play her.

    • General Totenkopf

      +Viper Leaves You asking me to camp at back of the team so no one will start burning me?

    • Abdullah Ertogral

      yamato will be jackpot after izumo’s gameplay, you feel more confident and her guns are blazing thunder. and her range is gonna make you orgasm everytime you hit HE spammer across the map.

  7. Rework Yamato Can Fire Type 3 Shell In Aircraft


  9. Really nice that she gets a rework. What about Musashi? Will she also be updated?

  10. the fuhrer epicness

    so are you gonna put a wave motion gun, missile launchers and fighter bombers?

    • I hope so, but it’s still too early, eh?
      Btw, isn’t WMG were too OP that even could take out a lot of ships? (Unless it was balanced so itu wouldn’t be that OP, but still. Also, they’ve implemented the WMG on Yamato on 2015 April Fools event)
      Edit: sorry, the implemented WMG is just model

    • +Barri 2410 Make it so you could only use it once/game

    • Fighter bomber is just a fighter aircraft with ground attack capability why?

  11. Please improve her main gun sound and add weekly operation ten-go. (y)

  12. Can some one please translate that Morse code in prem port.

  13. I criticize WG for a lot of things, but never their 3D modeling/art department. Their work is fantastic!

  14. Woo! Yamato was my first T10 ship. She’s my favorite IJN BB. So happy to see that she’s getting an updated model!

  15. I applaud you WarGaming. I dont care what the haters out their say, you put your heart and sole into recreating these ships from nearly nothing and going above and beyond trying to make them as realistic as possible. no other game out there comes close to paying such respect to detail on these ancient metal monsters. keep up the good work.
    PS- perhaps I could get a free Yamato so I can fire her guns?

  16. Because of the secrecy involved, much of her blueprints were destroyed, to keep U.S. hands off it. Today very few blueprints remain and they only cover a tiny fraction of the ship.

  17. Mighty Yamato!!! Love that ship! My first T10 in the game 🙂

  18. My first T10, still one of my most used ships, and forever a favorite. Glad to see you didn’t forgot about the old ships.

  19. Commentary: 460 mm guns
    Director: Let’s pan over the 155 mm secondaries

  20. The Yamato: both broadsides are asymmetrical
    People with OCD: *BREATHING HEAVILY*

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