Naval Legends: Iowa vs Yamato & Tirpitz | World of Warships

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American Iowa, Japanese Yamato and German Tirpitz. Who will be victorious in the epic standoff between three legendary battleships?

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Do you agree with us?:)

  2. 0:09 That guy who kissed the secondary guns shell

  3. Tirpitz and Bismarck deserve some love in WOWS!

  4. Tirpitz is my fav ship. Plz give it some love plz Wargaming

  5. I believe it’s 57000 tons not 57

  6. Hotel Yamato vs chad Iowa vs manly Tirpitz

  7. BUFF TIRPITZ AND BISMARCK. It isnt funny anymore how bad this ships guns are.

    • @StBg 17 well that’s true

    • @StBg 17 but to me it still impressive of how much it could carry for a design that take back from a dreadnaught in ww1

    • @Jade West German gunnery wasn’t brilliant but then they had very few large gun ships to practice on they specialised more in u boat warfare, sadly boils down to Hood turned at the worse time causing the shell to go from miss to hit, hindsight is a nightmare.

    • @StBg 17 funny how Hitler never cared to go for a big fleet of u boat but when war started Germany barely got any ship and only had 50 or less u boat running, then the royal navy siege the sharnhorst and her sister with the prinze eugen. At this stage kriegsmarine had way more u boat and hasn’t released any new ships because of the material


  8. All 3 ships are mighty and gorgeous, they all deserve recognition for simply existing and fighting for their respective countries at the time.

  9. Its just repeat of the first navel legends video

  10. Imagine these Giants would have met in a peacefull way like Graf Spee and Exeter did.

  11. MasterBait or MasterBaiter

    Tirpitz needs love (her sister as well)
    Iowa is too sexy to judge
    Yamato is just “Oh damn, son”

  12. It’s funny how this entire video is cropped from the Naval Legends Iowa video

  13. This video feels suspiciously familiar. Like it was cuts from the Iowa, Yamato and Tirpitz own videos…

  14. Why not Tirpitz vs Littorio vs Richelieu
    Top 3 Europe battleships
    Pacific Ocean is just not suitable for Tirpitz…

    • You forgetting the KGV’s?

    • @EvMann KGV was only equivalent to those in protection but was very inferior in firepower and speed. It just couldn’t keep the pace on a battle against those monsters. When the Bismarck’s armoured belt was inspected with minisubmarines in the 2002-2003, it only had 4 pemetrations aside from 2 torpedo hits from HMS Dorsetshire and they were confirmed 406mm shots from the HMS Rodney.

      The original KGV design with 3 turrets with 380mm guns had a chance, but the cheaper result trying to do a treaty battleship had a lot of problems. Specially with the new quad turret design that proved to be too unreliable and usually jammed and had electrical malfunctions in battle.

    • @sevi117 I have to disagree with you on the KGV. KGV had superior protection to the other 3 BBs, and while yes it had a much smaller gun size it was slightly offset by great accuracy and number of guns, take note that while Tirpitz, Littorio and Richelieu had 15 inch guns, only Littorio had 9 while Tirpitz and Rhcelieu had 8. KG5 had 10×14 inch guns, which after a bit of time in service also did not jam or have many malfunctions. KGV in my opinion is a match for all of those, it would use it’s superior armour to force them to close the distance in order to pen it, in which ranges it’s 14 inch guns would be able to do a lot of damage.

  15. As an American, I like Mr. Kodak’s opinion better. While he explains all the reasons Yamato would win, he does acknowledge certain instances in which Iowa would carry the day. Sees things from both sides.

  16. In WG’s game, these huge ships would be stuck in a maze of tiny islands with fake “Soviet Battleships” lurking around every corner.

  17. 57 ton ship,
    Sending 11 tons of projectiles out per salvo,
    5 salvos later they’ll be using the engines as shells

  18. 0:50 fauxpaux, the Iowa had more than 57 tons.
    maybee 57.000 tons

  19. You know, why is it that people are always comparing these three and thinking up who would win against a fight?
    Why can’t anyone imagine a scenario where Iowa, Yamato, and Bismarck are in a single fleet and they decimate their enemies? Personally that sounds more awesome.

  20. Bismarck: I sank the Hood, the royal navy’s Pride.
    Yamato: I’m the biggest battleship in the world with the world’s largest guns.
    Iowa: I’m the only one here whose still alive

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