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Tugboat with a few guns? Nope!
Find more about the history of monitor M33 in the brand new Naval Legends episode!

Naval Legends is a series about the construction, service, daring deeds of 20th-century ships.

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  2. World of Warships Official Channel

    Sometimes even the smallest ships have great history behind them!
    What do you think about new episode?:)

    • Bullets Forteeth LIVE AMMO

      This series is awesome, and sets Wargaming apart from all other gaming platforms…. Keep up the great work!

    • HMS Argus?

    • Vingummi-bamse 100% gelatinefri

      Bloody good

    • i despise you people! canada had the 3rd largest navy at the end of ww2 by tonnage! where is the canadian ships? we had corvettes for one even a US built carrier! and u put in ships from poland? and panasia whatever the FUCK that is!. who the fuck you thing protected all those convoys to murmansk you russians needed!? who fought the nazi wolf packs you prick bastards! and you want to talk about some shit m33 monitor!

    • How about Greek armored cruiser, Georgios Averof?

  3. Yeah, notification squad is in here!

  4. 2 haha XD

  5. love this series cool video but why are there no submarine naval legends

  6. 5 hits to a boat like that and the old girl still came back. Holy crap it’s incredible she was even able to handle one, even if it was an overpenetration.

  7. 2:22 uhhhhhh wtf is that?

  8. Tier 1 Premium PLS !!

    Maybe Tier 2 xD

    • She can have faster reload, better turret traverse, more accurate guns… There are some possibilities ^_^

    • Maybe for the next April Fools tournament?

    • To be fair, maybe she can be a serious economy game premium. She was built in 7 weeks by repurposing old equipment – maybe in game she could have 0 repair bill and credit bonus on every battle. 😉

    • 0.5km detection range

    • I agree, however DO NOT make it april fools, ships obviously no joke and it would be disrespectful to the ship and those who sailed on her, DO NOT change the stats to make it more competitive at tier 1 because anyone who goes out in the ship will be doing it for the fun of it anyway, dont know if a premium ship has a purpose at tier1 but they could charge 1 doubloon for it (with a dedicated port slot tier to it) and give it no repair bill or something similar. I’d buy it for 1db but not if its going to cost me a slot. I’d love a little dinghy ship thats practically for coast patrol.

  9. I’d like to see this as a Tier 1 ship. But what category would it be under? Destroyer or Cruiser? Doesn’t really fit either….. I’d still buy a port slot for it.

  10. Gunboat diplomacy

  11. 10:11 “There is a distance between the men and the officer’s aft.”
    Just let that sentence “sink in” for a moment. xD

  12. Antonis Kalakonas

    Good thing they decided to preserve her. I understand the economic hardships Great Britain has gone through but it’s a real shame that many legendary ships of the Brittish Navy ended their life as scrap…

    • Same for many ships for many nations.

    • It is a real crying shame, we invented the battleship and the carrier and have none preserved. Of all the RN ships from WW1/2 only about six remain (Belfast, Cavalier, Caroline, M33 and two private owned escorts and one of them, HMS President, is at risk of being scrapped), plus a couple of post war subs and DDs in other countries.
      HMS Valiant, last BB built, never saw combat would have been a perfect museum, but na scrap like everything else – all that remains of Britain’s Battleship fleet is the two guns outside the IWM.

      The carrier HMS Illustrious was promised to be a museum ship a few years back, but the government went back on it and still scrapped her. Shameful.

    • Matthew Chenault

      American naval vessels are actually quite well-preserved in many cases. The last four major battleships of the U.S. Navy are preserved to this day because they were being used up into the Persian Gulf War in 1992.

    • Matthew Chenault

      Really, the only ones that weren’t preserved very well were the American Civil War ships, but, even then, there’s been efforts to recover some of them like the USS Cairo and the USS Monitor’s turret. In fact, of the original monitor-class type vessels based off of the USS Monitor, the only one that exists to this day in a floating condition is the SMS Leitha of the Autro-Hungarian Empire and that was built specifically by the Austrians. So, none of the original Monitor-class vessels built by the United States exist anymore.

  13. This was actually pretty interesting.

  14. Fascinating . But in reality, terrifying, and typical to throw some men on board and say “here boys” make this sh*t work. While a few rich greedy power hungry people sit at home sipping tea in the afternoon and brandy after dinner at night.

    • soapboxing eh?

    • MichalSoukup1995

      Except that these rich men had their sons in Navy as well, true they were mostly officers, but that was no guarantee of survival (and if you were in Brittish army you were actualy less likely to survive as an officer than as an enlisted man).

  15. Great video with a very historic ship, I hope you do one of these to Averof aswell!

  16. Nice to see that little heros get attention also.

  17. While being a game developer, Wargaming surpasses the History channels when it comes to bringing up certain ships in spotlight. gj

  18. Hey WG, since Gallipoli is mentioned in this episode why not having an episode on the ship that changed the outcome of it? Turkish Minelayer Nusret. The mines she layed were the main reason for British to cancel their break through plan on Constantinople.

  19. this would make a fun tier 2 dd for the british dd line :).

  20. Richard Forrest

    pls put M33 in the game

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