Naval Legends: North Carolina. Trailer | World of Warships

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New “Naval Legends” episode will tell you about battleship North Carolina. Don’t miss the full episode!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new trailer?
    Don’t miss the full episode on April 11!:)

  2. I’ve waited for this for a long time

  3. That’s heavy tho. And powerful.

  4. This is awesome, all these Naval Legends episodes are so interesting to watch and are also helping me put together a list as to which ships I would like to visit once!

  5. Yes my favourite ship in Wows finally on Naval Legends. 🙂

  6. My favorite US battleship… finally!

  7. John Scarborough

    The Showboat! It’s humbling to walk through this ship and past the places where these sailors served and in some cases died.

  8. YES! My wife and I visited the ship this past January, it was a bitter cold morning and we pretty much had the run of the ship to ourselves save for a few workers going here and about. It was amazing to see the inner workings even getting to crawl through the #2 and #3 turrets and gave me a much deeper appreciation for my grandfather’s service in WW2 aboard the USS Nevada BB36 which was a much older design but had many similarities I’m sure. Thanks WG, looking forward to this, and if you would ever consider bringing Pop’s ship to the game that would be awesome.

  9. Danang Putratiarno

    Approved by Shokaku’s, Kaga’s, Hiryu’s aircrafts and the others

  10. paul patrick Ricafort

    I consider North Carolina as the most “Flexible” battleship in her tier. Her main battery has great range with average accuracy, speed is fast enough, and concealment is good

    I love this ship and I have many great games with her.

    • It has very slow shell and weak armor and ur going to play against tier 10 A lot.

    • +KD is not 6’9 I think all shells are slow.

    • KD is not 6’9 trades slow shell for accurate sigma and great pen. Worth.

    • paul patrick Ricafort

      +KD is not 6’9 well it happens when you reach Tier 8. It’s not about solo playing & do stupid tanking on your own w/o support to tell that this ship is good. It’s teamplay dude, whether you’re at the bottom tier or at the high tier.

  11. That ship is currently in my hometown. Wilmington represent!

  12. Finally North Carolina, my state’s pride and joy.

  13. Star Born Michael Hall

    I’ve been on the USS North Carolina before. And i have a few videos on my channel about it.

  14. I’ve played her a lot and she’s a good ship if u play her right.

  15. USS North Carolina
    My home state and my favorite. She will always be a hero of the Second World War

  16. Agnes Lorrainne Evasan

    I imagine a plane seeing that ship and saying “well im ff..”*gets shot down*

  17. Pontakorn Mamanee

    They only make naval legend on a ship that is a museum today except yamato

  18. Omg I have been waiting for this video to come out for so long.

  19. how about make naval legend for nagato or maybe KMS warships

  20. Can’t wait. Most decorated US BB in WW2. Thought they would have done her first with the Naval Legends.

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