Naval Legends: Pearl Harbor

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The new episode provides a brief account of the surprise attack staged by Japanese carrier-borne aircraft on Pearl Harbor.
On the morning of December 7, 1941 — a Sunday — Japanese aircraft took off from six aircraft carriers and attacked the American fleet stationed at Hawaii. The Imperial Japanese Navy intended to neutralize the U.S. naval forces in the Pacific in order to subsequently capture Southeast Asia, a region that’s rich in natural resources.
The surprise attack allowed Japan to seize the initiative in the Pacific theater of operations for a period of half a year. Over the course of several months, the events set in motion by the Japanese blitzkrieg resulted in the capture of Hong Kong, Malaya, Burma, the Dutch East Indies, Brunei, and the Philippines. But was it really a great win?
How successful was the attack on Pearl Harbor, and what were its true consequences? To find out, watch the new episode!


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  1. love this series, massive salute and respect to the sailors lost

  2. 200th
    Salute to the sailors lost in Pearl Harbor.

    • Yeah, to both the Japanese and Americans. Japanese aviators fought for their nation and American sailors tried to defend it. Very tragic day..

  3. Xth petition for Naval Legends for HMS Warspite

  4. RyanGaming 2006 #2.0

    “I shouldn’t have done that… I SHOULD NOT have done that.”

  5. “All of the airfields can launch aircrafts to repel an attack”
    But the problem is the planes can’t

    • The arrogance of America, and it’s lazy lackluster attention for Safety and Security is the reason why the Japanese could bomb Pearl Harbor..
      The Japanese new American well, but they didn’t realize it’s resourcefulness and thirst for Revenge.

    • @DOA V 2.0 Oh the Japanese government knew about it but if they didn’t do anything the west would dominate the whole world so they would rather fight than do nothing. They wanted to follow the western style of imperialism and colonialism otherwise they would be colonized as well just like China and Southeast Asian countries. You got to give it to them though they were the fastest one to industrialize during their time from feudalism to straight industrialization due to the meiji restoration. They were even no.2 in economic power before China got back to it’s knees today and replaced them.

    • @carlrod alegrado actually, the attack on Pearl Harbor was a preemptive attack. Thanks felt that the US, what’s going into the war due to the sinking of he was Supply ships. But we had no intention warm entering the war. If you know the statement was made against attacking for Harbor the statement was We MayWake an Sleeping Giant”- and so they did

    • @DOA V 2.0 yeah it was admiral Yamamoto who said that they awakened a giant since his naval military schooling was in the United States just like some Japanese Naval officers and he knows a lot about the U.S.A. on that time. He was really against going to war to the U.S.A. but the military faction wanted to go to war, even the Tokyo Government cannot prevent it or control their armies motives due to the fact that the emperor just recently replaced the shogunate and samurai class power structure but admiral Yamamoto seeing he can’t do anything about it just proposed a plan to attack pearl harbor to buy time so they can invade China and Southeast Asia and take the resources like Oil which was embargoed by the U.S.A. however he said that after 6 months all he can promise are losses and hopefully they can have a peace treaty with some conquered area but it we all know it ended up on unconditional surrender since the government was so scared of the communists invading and rather have Americans take over since they won’t destroy everything like their culture.

  6. I really like that WG pays its respects to those in WWs and publishes content like this to the player base 🙂
    Don’t see other gaming companies doing this as much

    • @Johnny der Achte personally i think all the points people go on about where balance is concerned, its usually around tier 9/10 matches. As where i play mainly 6-8 the game is pretty balanced, i dont find one class OP, even CVs, t6 planes get swatted when im in t8 ships, t8 planes little more difficult to handle but usually never a problem. But yeah all the radar, powerful cvs, camping and passive play at T10 is why i don’t really like T10 and don’t play it much.

      -T6-8 – to me is pretty perfect, like you can still push in bbs and not get HE spammed to death, yeah Cvs can attack but even when i play bismarck, its rare even AP dive bombers get those triple citadels and the radar is pretty far and few between when i play dd, as not many tallins or Okran roaming around.

      – T9/10 – there’s just more to balance isn’t there and working within all the limitation of map size and so on. But yeah balance up there seems a bit of a mess.

      never heard about excluding community contributors but tbh i don’t really care (not meaning that in a fu kinda way). It like employers and employees, you sack someone if their not doing a good job. If WG think flamu ect isnt helping their business goals and becoming more a hideous then so be it. Just saying if i was running a business and someone was damaging my compnaies repuation i wouldn’t want representing my company lol. Tbh flamu always seem proper negative so i dont really watch him, seems to be always bias whereas other youtubers like NoZoupforYou and Mountatten sea lord give more balanced opinions taking into consideration business decisions ect. But ill give it a google.

    • Yea they contribute to restoration of history and museums and its all fine and cool but I wish they were nicer to the general playerbase of their games.

    • @Lee Hong Jin They make war games lol, they are way company should be. Like Blizzard kill wow by listening to stupid trolls on forums crying how hard game was.

    • @Black N Not really game wise but how they monetise the game.

    • @Lee Hong Jin It became like that last year or so, until then all you could buy was premium tank and premium account.

  7. How to get an A+ for history?
    Me: Wargaming

  8. Japan: *attacks pearl harbor

    USA: ” *so you have chosen, DEATH* “

  9. Project ᴏʀᴏᴄʜɪ

    When the Japanese Kid pinched the American Kid so he punched him twice…

  10. My favorite moments in ww2 naval history. Moment of silence to those who’ve fallen today.

    _this video gives me hope that Akagi will come_

    • @Frosted Cat I would say their parctices is certainly not the best, but no where near the worst. the total damage done to China by japan is a lot less than what China done to itself like 20 years after the war.

    • @chad zhou Typical whataboutism. Better than the Soviet, what a high bar. Even that is still doubtful. I need citations for your comment.

    • @Frosted Cat Google what happened in China between 1966 to 1976, and the cleanse of Stalin. You will see the imperial jp government is far from being bad. You can’t held every one to the standard of modern western countries, that only represents about less than 1.5percent of the total data base.

    • @Frosted Cat hell, even modern westerners like Australia is going through tons of sht now.

    • @Frosted Cat it is not what abouts, the fact is the jp was amonst the only few governments that grabs resources and money from foreign powers instead of making their citizens work the living crap out makes them just a factual good government, although not to the foreigners of course.

  11. Alvin Guntersville

    In US, you use the bomb
    In Russia, the bomb uses you
    In Japan, you are bomb

  12. Ships in World Of Warships that were at Pearl Harbor

    West Virginia
    New Orleans

  13. You can probably imagine the chaplain going “praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!” and when the AA guns were out “forgive me Father for I am reloading!”

  14. PL Veteran: I saw my friends die in my sight that time…

    Weebs: F, mate

    Tourist Guide: Here, the Arizona is a Pennsylvania Class


  15. uss missouri to uss arizona

    uss missouri : sleep tight sister we won the war

  16. I been there when I was a kid in 2013

    I visited Arizona and Missouri

  17. @ivan caraig Its mystery wrapped inside an enigma

  18. Japan: starts war by sinking a handful of ships.

    America: finishes war by obliterating two entire cities with two bombs.

  19. @benn454 he was also one of the few who DIDN’T want a fight with the U.S. He knew what would happen.

  20. Next Naval Legends Midway island or Leyte island

  21. “A Date which will live in infamy”

    – President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  22. Please consider making a video about U.S.S. Pennsylvania

  23. How did you guys do all this video with no tourists in the shots? I’m impressed with the effort that had to go into making this great video.

  24. @BEP BEP He was the Japanese Navy attache to the USN for years before WWII broke out. He had firsthand knowledge of what was going to be coming for Japan.

  25. One thing. There isnt any evidence that he said it. The maker of Tora Tora Tora said he found his diary but he said he “LoSt It”

  26. “Battleship”

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