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New episode of Legends will tell you the story of Soviet Battleship Sovetsky Soyuz.
How did the Russian plan to rise from ashes?

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    • Борис касьянов

      +Ivan Redfort The noble family of Suvorov began from the 16th century, then there could not have been any Hercegians in the territory of the Russian Kingdom, there was no such title. As an example, the title of Ivan the Terrible Sounded like the Tsar and Grand Prince of All Russia.

    • +Борис касьянов There was title like that and its knyaz. Suvorov was knyaz. Ivan also was great knyaz

    • +Ivan Redfort Yeah.
      Though USS Samuel B. Roberts was the “destroyer escort that fought like a battleship.”

    • you are shit fucker plebs

    • Борис касьянов

      +Ivan Redfort Knyaz or knez is a historical Slavic title, used both as a royal and noble title in different times of history and different ancient Slavic lands. It is usually translated into English as prince, duke or count, depending on specific historical context and the potentially known Latin equivalents of the title for each bearer of the name. In Latin sources the title is usually translated as comes or princeps, but the word was originally derived from the Proto-Germanic *kuningaz (king)

  2. Thành Nguyễn Công

    naval legend about a ship that was never even completed? lulz

  3. Come on, if you can do Naval Legend episodes on unfinished ships, why not doing those on other legendary ships like Bismarck and Eneterprise??! Come on, Wargaming!

    • Armando Rodrigues

      now I expect them to make one about the Montana as well, 2 of them were laid down as well but continued construction as Iowas, I wonder if they will also add things like «had it been completed it would be the most advanced Battleship in the world» like they did for the Sovetsky Soyuz

    • They aren’t Russian, im certain that’s the sole reason they made this episode, just belarussians jacking off the Russians as usual

    • JazOoi or musashi, king george v, north carolina so forth

    • +Erwin Rommel, nice sarcasm mate

    • +Armando Rodrigues ive been wanting a video on Monty for 2 years. I pray they make one at some point

  4. “They were designed to be the best. They met enemies face to face, endured tragedies and enjoyed victories. They went down in history due to the bravery of their crews. They are the ships that deserved to be called naval legends.”
    >Sovetsky Soyuz

  5. “Naval Legend”. SO how many battles did it take part in? Or even better how many shots did it fire?

  6. “Peace and prosperity of the soviet union” Ok wargaming stop taking the piss

  7. As much as the CGI is great,you don’t really call a ship that wasn’t really built a “Naval Legend”
    But as I said the CGI was great

  8. …….a naval legends about a non completed ship?…..why……u could do IJN kongo or Roma or something italian, heck even general belgrano of argentine navy would be nice

  9. Come on Wargaming! Why didn’t you do Battleship Warspite or Duke of York?
    Warspite scored the longest distance hit, while Duke of York sunk Scharnhorst and participated in Operation Torch.

    • +Arl Tratloandletmealonewithureshitads The 26k yards for Warspite is an approximation, so you can’t compare it as if it’s an exact value. They’re generally considered to have achieved about the same distance.

      Considering Warspite was a WW1 ship, bragging about a German ship 24 years younger only just managing roughly the same is pretty lame. Imagine a ~25 year old sprinter bragging that he managed to just match his beaten up, 50 year old dad in a race all due to his superior ‘quality’. It makes the Dad sound impressive, not the kid.

    • +Grimsley the longest yet the most useless hit (not even confirmed)

    • +Grimsley Warspite had guns 4 inches bigger in diameter, and warspite didnt even sink what she was shooting at.

    • +Grimsley You make it sound like Warspite didn’t go through any refits whatsoever since WW1. You know how ships work right?

    • +Edelweisse Indeed, and I know that refitting an old ship does not give any where near the same advantages as making a modern design with WW2 era guns from scratch. Do you?

  10. Pontakorn Mamanee

    Finally a naval legend about the ship that never been built and also nolonger remian today good work!!!! Soviet battleship!!!

  11. I know you guys are trying to build hype for the new soviet battleships, but I don’t think a Naval Legends episode on a ship that was not built is the right move. Maybe an episode covering Gangut/Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya would have been more in keeping with the series’s theme.

    • ChinaChinaChina

      I mean it did exist, sort of, unfinished but did exist, but I totally agree with Gangut/ Okt Rev cuz it actually fought battles

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      While it certainly wasn’t finished it did have it’s place in history and influence the design of future ships. We think this makes it a Legend but how would you define it?

    • +World of Warships Official Channel I agree that it certainly was influential on Soviet naval design going forward, but it lacks the storied naval career of ships like USS New Jersey and HMCS Haida or the striking impact on the modern imagination that ships such as Bismarck and Yamato have.

  12. Naval legend talking about a battleship that never become a legend at all… XD

    Please talk more about IJN carrier fleet

  13. Lol Naval legend? More like naval mythology

  14. Kamikaze is Love, Rize is Life

    This could had be a good Armada video instead of Naval Legends

  15. Can you do an episode on the Battlestar Gallactica? She was an awesome ship and very historical. Lol

  16. Calling a project(!) which was an utter mess, a naval legend, is quite embarrassing to say the least.
    This video contains so much propaganda nonsense phrases and misleading comparisons that I wonder who actually paid for it…

  17. Naval legend of what? Fighting in the Stalin’s wet dreams? How funny WG, how funny…

  18. I like this series. But this episode is just simply a joke.

  19. Naval Legend?…
    Even one on Roma and her empty carreer would be more legitimate than this.

    However. One can’t argue that these CGI are top notch. Kudos for the work.

  20. vocal cord kappasite

    How is it a legend if it was not even built?

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