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The next episode of Naval Legends tells the story of the Soviet diesel-electric cruiser submarine, K-21. She was the fourth ship of the series 14 K class to be laid down.
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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s trailer?
    Don’t miss the full episode next Sunday!:)

  2. Jasper Clavillas

    Wow, wargaming is really putting its effort on Submarines in Naval legends

  3. Yeah….definitely still not convinced subs are coming to WoWS XD

    • Just believe. This has to happen, PLEASE wargaming add u-boats!!!!

    • Luna Aria LOL I thought SHayden is just saying the opposite way to convince it’s coming.. dude, sense of humour pls ?

    • Yes, they will add submarines. Why ?

      Because they said they’ll never sell Premium T9. But they did.
      Because they said they’ll never add submarines. Oh, wait…

  4. Aaah the soviet K-class. This was infact a pretty good class of submarines. Especially compared to earlier soviet submarines. Crew comforts were finally decent. But her diving time was rather slow.
    Good submerged speed tough at 10kn

    • Someone’s been doing research? What can you tell me of the all so mighty German subs?

    • @Toasty Loop Well german uboats are very intresting. Unlike most german WW2 tech, wich was non standardized & often to big and expensive, the german Uboat arm had primarly 2 submarine models.

      The type VII (and variants) annd the type IX
      The type VII is the most produced submarine ever, at 709 models. It had a displacement of 790 ton-1000 (average) and was primarly armed with a 8.8cm deck gun, 5 torpedo tubes (14 torpedoes) and various AA guns.
      The type IX had 290 models produced, and was larger at around 1150 ton to 1250and had 6 torpedo tubes and a 10.5cm gun and AA guns.

      This is diffrent compared to american submarines, like the gato (77 built), wich had a displacement of 1500 tonnes. British submarines were also larger then german.

      German submarines were built in huge numbers. They were typically slower and had less endurance in armaments. Like the allies, they suffered from inreliable torpedoes early war but this got fixed. The uboat could fire a huge variety of torpedoes. Even the first acoustic homing torpedoes. When it came to submarine vs submarine battle, the allied boats often had the advantage tough

      But numbers matter, and the german sunk the most cargo ships in WW2 thanks to the huge numbers of uboats. I say they are a fine piece of equipment. The allied submarines were in many ways better, but dwarved in numbers.

    • @F4Wildcat Nice. However I would have thought German u-boats were far advanced compared to the allies.

    • @Toasty Loop This is a common misconception.
      The type XXI was without a doubt vastly superior to any submarine but it was also overcomplex to build and prone to malfunctions. Only 2 XXi’s went on a patrol and neither sank a ship. They came far to late

      As for the workhorses, the VII and IX, they were great vessels.
      But a VII was smaller and had less endurance then larger allied and japanese submarines. But….numbers matter. The germans built 10 times more submarines then the americans for example. And a convoy ship well, it needs a torpedo to sink.
      If you have 700 small 850 ton submarines vs 77 1500 fleet submarines….you get the picture. Most submarine designs were well…simular in many ways. it was The german XXI really made a drastic jump forward in performance.
      It could sail 17 frikking Knots underwater.. Thats twice as fast as most ww2 subs. Doesnt sound much, but it was a huge improvement

  5. More sub naval legend? Yeah, WG trying to convince their player base submarine will be playable in random XD

  6. Legend mainly known for sinking Norwegian fishing boats, what a joke.

    • For protecting the motherland from capitalists exploiting her waters comrade, you seem to be remembering history wrong.

    • he is right, about 15 targets and 13 are Norwegian fishing boats. Also known for not hitting a single torp to Tirpitz

  7. Ussr Submarines will equip 3 x 457mm triple guns, 12 P-900, 12 Kalibr..

  8. I smell some interesting announcments at Gamescom 2019 😉

  9. The K-21 has around 15 confirmed kills, but close to 13 of them were misidentified Norwegian civilian boats. If anything, this ship deserves to be remembered for war crimes. Lul.

    I forgot to mention, she’s also famous for *_not_* landing any hits on the Tirpitz. Which is hilarious.

    • Admiral Hipper Oh! Also, I would like to add that the British, at the very least, commenced numerous attacks, which is in itself part of a larger strategy of “throw enough shit at the wall.” The K-21, however, was not a whole lot of shit. This is the closest the Russians came to sinking a vessel of note, and it’s bloody hilarious.

    • The history of the Russian navy is pathetic. They’re most well known for how ineffective they have been since peter the great.

    • Ok, Tier 1 then. The most resemblance of fishing boats around 🙂

    • @Kaga Kai In the Russian eyes, no one is neutral. all are enemies of the state XD.

    • @Admiral Hipper Following your logic, the second Pacific squadron during the Russo Japanese war did a superb job

  10. More submarines…..
    Mr Stark, i don’t feel so good.

  11. Please do an episode of Naval Legends on the U-505 please

  12. The Friesland will be the first DD in the game without torpedoes and was historically built to combat submarines ????

  13. This ship isn’t a legend

    • A legend seems to be what WG want to make it sound like – reading the posts on how many fishing boats it sunk makes me think that the bar is set very low.

  14. Community: “How long do you tend to tease or and create the idea that submarines are coming to WOWS very soon?”

    Wargaming: “Yes”

  15. Looking good 🙂 I still hope we get to see subs in some way in the game, maybe at least in a PvE scenario and/or co-op style

  16. What a legend! Sunk around 9 fishing boats, 2 freighters and even attacked the Tirpitz. Well… the Tirpitz never noticed the attack but still, a true legend.

  17. This submarine sank a total of 13 vessels (one of which might have been sunk by another russian sub)

    11 of them where norwegian fishing boats, unarmed and crewed by civilian fishermen. On one occasion, on the 12. Aprl, 1943 the, K-21 attacked and sank 4 fishing boats with deck guns and small arms fire. 9 fishermen was killed while one died in hospital the next day. 7 fishermen were taken prisoner and brought back to Russia, 3 of them later died in captivity.

    Naval legend my ass.

  18. Martin Šafranko

    *hearthbeat increases*
    *eyes pleased*
    *wanting more and more to join wargaming but you are to far from studios bu you still want “early acces to all info”*

  19. Bismarck/Tirpitz naval legends anyone? Or maybe Arizona or Missouri
    So many great ships ;-;

  20. Julyyyanto Kuuuan

    Please make a naval legends about U-96.

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