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The new episode of Naval Legends will tell you about submarine K-21.
Today, she’s permanently berthed in Severomorsk, where she serves as a museum ship. This is one of the K-class submarines, nicknamed “Katiusha” by sailors. In the spring of 1942, command of this ship was entrusted to Captain 3rd Rank Nikolay Lunin. This was the beginning of one of the most vivid pages in the history of the Soviet Navy.
What gallant deeds can K-21 boast of? Watch our video and find out!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?:)

  2. I got so excited when I saw “Submarine” but then realised it said “Navel Legends”

    • Excited to see the game ruined by submarines?
      Hope they will never be added.

    • @I_NAMELESS_I A depth charge should be able to sink a sub in one shot. I see two possibility: 1. subs are under powered they get detected too easily upon release 2. They are overpowered they are really hard to detect and can successfully sneak up on bb’s. WG never seems to reach the middle ground on stuff like this so its anyone’s guess

    • @roy nettle Go try Steel Ocean for a couple of weeks, Subs aren’t killed by 1 depth charge coz the sub community whinged it made it too hard, torps got buffed because subs whinged it was too hard. Game’s rooted now coz of subs.

    • Neurofied Yamato

      lmao subs aren’t even that hard to kill in steel oceans. In fact Steel Oceans handled submarines perfectly. Better than navyfield did tbh although they had almost the same mechanics.

  3. Holy shit, 31 minutes. What time does this air on the history channel because they should be hiring you guys to do this stuff, it’s always super high quality. Keep up the great work!

    • @Jared W I hear you. Believe me I do. I’ve also been taking a good look at history and what we have been taight for a few years now. What a crock. Best I forget i saw anything about the history channel

    • Unfortunately the History Channel has betrayed its viewers… They mistake “reality” shows for “history”… I miss the days of Modern Marvels, Enterprise 360, Patton 360 and etc. But yes, thanks to the free market, we can be grateful people like World of Warships are not only doing what History Channel used to do, but doing it more accurately, with higher production quality and with less propaganda!

    • Gareth Fairclough

      If it were a British boat, it’d be 3 minutes long!

    • Only cus its Russian did they make it long……

    • No, those good old days will never comeback. Now is all about Area 51, fuck them…….

  4. SEANLHIL xboxone

    I sense a class of submarines playable in Wows

  5. social3ngin33rin

    Officially releasing submarines?! I’ve been waiting for them since alpha introduction :'(

    • And let’s hope they NEVER appear

    • @Gauris Ive seen you in so many comments now. Maybe yoi should stop inferring and see what happens.

    • @Battleship 61 I’ve as much right as anyone to voice an opinion. Now if I could actually influence what happens, that _may_ be called interference, but until then, I’ll continue to do as I see fit.

    • @Gauris That is true, though my opinion is that you’re makin a big fuss about something that we may not know what can come out of it. Im just trying to find the bright side of things.

  6. HaLfCrAzEdCaNuCk

    You should do one of theses on the USS Barb (SS-220) The only sub to ever sink a train

  7. Ah Yes, Naval LEGEND K-21, Scourge of Norwegian fishing boats.

    • @Kyle Miller Are you aware that subs primary roles were to harass enemy shipping lines? they were literally designed to fight unarmed or lightly armed vessels.

    • @Luna_Dei i don’t see any huge transport ships being toroed either

    • @TheSaberra GRT total are1436, 1774, 5000,8116. Define huge? regardless this sub was out on patrols… it had specified patrol areas, if no ‘HUGE’ ships come into that area or were within range then thats whats on the menu!

  8. Naval Legend. Because you never know when all those Finnish fishing boats might have an especially dangerous salmon. Don’t get me started on the pollack!

  9. So this is the Soviet version of the Gato class submarines but with extra mines and less range

  10. When you consider the Herculean effort exerted by the Red Army in WWII the Soviet Navy does not come off nearly as well. K21 is the only museum submarine of the Soviet Navy due to the fact it was the only sub in its class to survive the war. Circumstances of geography and climate both presented huge impediments for the Soviet Navy to over come. None of this is meant to lessen the valor and bravery of Soviet sailors. They dealt with training and material shortages throughout the war stoically.

  11. Alexander Wilbur-Knight

    A real legend, scourge of the civilian fishermen and misser of the Bismarck. All hail the mighty Soviet navy, Bane of the Cod.

  12. Russian government: We don’t like to let people into our highly secure naval base
    WoW: It’s okay we make a boat game
    Russian government: Oh good, welcome

  13. How about an actual Naval Legend next?

  14. That sub never did any damage to the Tirpitz. Look it up. The torpedoes detonated prematurely.

  15. If you guys are going to do more submarine-related episodes of Naval Legends, PLEASE do one of the U-505. That boat deserves so much more recognition

  16. Wow, I am so underwhelmed. Torpedo launchers? Try tubes

  17. @Gauris LOL

  18. underwater cam reduces stealth to non which subs rely on heavily.

  19. The sub that sunk Fishing boats exclusively.

  20. Tomas Muaddib Ciffra

    True Legend… legendary no-hit tirpitz… only able to kill small ships with mines… and fishin boats with guns…

  21. lol! They try to make it seem they hit the Tirpitz throughout the whole segment. Very convenient! Talk about propaganda!

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