Naval Legends: Tambovskiy Komsomolets – Trailer | World of Warships

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Watch the trailer for the next episode of Naval Legends!
The next episode of Naval Legends will tell you about the R-47 missile boat, also known as “Tambovskiy Komsomolets” (Tarantul-Class, project 12411)


Keep an eye out on the official World of Warships website:

If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. so this is going to be the next line of Russian/USSR DD then

  2. These are just Naval ships not Naval Legends…

  3. Such a legend this is that I know nothing about this.

  4. Are we actually getting a missile cruiser/destroyer? LMAO

  5. In Russia if a ship exist, that means that it’s a naval legend, bacuse they managed to build it.
    Russia has the largest navy from blueprint, so of course that the few real ship is a legend! 😂

  6. So when am I getting my tier 13 Arleigh Burke DDG?

  7. truly a naval legend, as expected from the masters of balans /s
    naturally they have heard the people’s complaints about fake paper Russian boats and plan to introduce a tech tree where they have actual ships

  8. We want flags for achievements!

  9. 帝国海軍最高司令長官

    It’s only a matter of time before Aegis ships and nuclear-powered aircraft carriers are implemented in WoWS.

  10. Dear Wargaming.
    Make a Naval Legends about the actual legends, Warspite or Enterprise.
    Your whole fcking fanbase

  11. Well, I think i wanna play Modern Warships now.

  12. Nothing like comparing 1970’s technology to 1940’s technology.

  13. Of all the things. We could’ve gotten a naval legends on Hood, Warspite, Enterprise or Johnston. We’ve seen one on the Soyuz so clearly it’s not out of your grasp to create a naval legends without a museum ship.

    Or this time could’ve been spent on fixing in-game bugs such as but not limited to:
    – curving torpedoes
    – being unable to exit a match or the game after confirming
    – being unable to fire your guns despite clicking
    – failing to load post battle result screens
    – being able to apply camouflages to rental CVs in clan battles despite every other class (including destroyers) not being able to do so
    – the dropping short bug due to the in game auto assist throwing the shells far lower than is actually aimed
    – the delay between activating your radar and being able to see the ships you spotted
    -the delay in rendering spotted ships in the game client vs the minimap

    Or you could be spending this time improving the game play by:
    – removing bans from low tier clan battles. Often players don’t have T9/10 and if the do then they have very few.
    – reducing HE spam in random battles
    – improving battleship HE resistance especially on ships that are meant for pushing. Such as GK and Kremlin.
    – removing thunderers ridiculous HE stats and making her an AP focused ship
    – completely reworking Soviet CVs they are objectively too strong. The very concept shows the ineptitude of wargaming about their own game. AA is designed so that any competent CV player can almost guarantee at least one strike meaning the design of one squadron one strike results in these ships nuking any poor sod that faces them.
    – reworking carriers… again. They’re not fun to play against, every single player I have ever talked to is against CVs. They are horrifically overpowered and are the most hated class period. I’d rather face 5 thunderers every match for the rest of my time in wows than ever have to fight a cv again.
    – remove CVs from clan battles and ranked. Competition and strategy goes out the window the second one these monstrosities is on the team.
    – improve secondaries beyond the upcoming buffs.
    – nerf petro, the ship for historical purposes should sit higher in the water. Having such a low hull in the North Atlantic is just asking to have your deck flooded. Reduce its survivability and armour penetration.

    What do we get instead of these? A Naval legends about a 1950s Cold War era missile cruiser that reeks of propaganda.

  14. An A-6 with tomahawk missile, would have sunk this little bugs well before they came into range of a carrier task force.

  15. KaiserWilhelmShatner

    It didnt sink or irradiate the crew so in Russia this ship is a legend.

  16. Ye Mann Wai Phyo

    Ahh. . . . . Nothing like the Smell of Soviet Propaganda in the Morning.

    That thing is not a Legend.
    Warspite is a Legend. Enterprise is a Legend.

  17. Soviet Paper CVs: *Never Existed*

    Adm. Kuznetsov: Why Am I still here, just to Burn Out?

  18. Bruh anything that is Russian is considered a naval legend

  19. I’m surprised no one talks about that target BB being Soyuz hull and Iowa turret

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