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In the new episode, we’re going to tell you about Soviet and Russian missile boat Tambovskiy Komsomolets.
In the 1980s, the Soviet Navy was reinforced with the R-47 missile boat, also known as Tambovskiy Komsomolets.
Her supersonic anti-ship missiles could easily destroy a battleship. Today, Tambovskiy Komsomolets is a museum ship moored in a permanent berth at Kronstadt, but almost twenty ships of this project are still serving in the Russian Navy.


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  1. Do uss enterprise it is one of the most decorated ships ever

    • Dark Prelate Mohandar

      @Soviet Heart That doesn’t change the fact whatever Naval Legends video they could possibly do would still fall short of Battle 360, a documentary series literally focused on the ship that runs for 10 60 minute episodes.

    • WG: I don’t think I will.

    • @Dark Prelate Mohandar PREACH!!!!

    • @Dark Prelate Mohandar Well, 10 60 minute episodes as seen on TV. If you cut the commercials, shout-outs to Enterprise Rent a Car (which fare enough is named after the ship and put up a ton of the money for the show), and the repeated post commercial break recaps of what we just saw 10 minutes ago, it’s probably more like 10 30-35 minute episodes. Still, fantastic series though. Back when History Channel actually had history on it

    • Dark Prelate Mohandar

      @John Lubbers 54 minutes per episode according to Wikipedia, either way it’s at least 300 minutes of stuff.

  2. Still waiting on HMS Warspite.

  3. Ah yes, let’s ignore the important ships in history. As you ignore the playerbase

  4. TomsonPRoDuctions

    We’re literally into propaganda territory at this point. A shitty 500 tons Projekt 12411 missile boat commissioned in 1987 (truly inside this game’s timeframe) becoming a nAvAl LeGeNd. Disgusting.

    • @Aleksa Radojičić and the older generations were trash as well. Missile boats like these were used as a platforn to deliver a weapon systemwhen your country couldn’t afford to build actual detroyers to put their anti-ship missiles on. You can keep pretending like they weren’t a desperate measure forced upon a nation that couldn’t afford the Navy it needed, but that won’t change the fact that these cheap trash boats never did anything and sure as hell aren’t a naval legend. More of a naval embarassment.

    • Aleksa Radojičić

      And now you talk about (soviet) missile boats in general. Just stop whit mind gymnastics. Missile boats were not trash, as torpedo boats were not trash before them. They are asymmetric solution, that is true, but they were not some desperate solution as you try to paint them. You keep forgetting that except in Swedish Navy, navies of time did not put anti ship missiles on there destroyers, so your claim does not have any basis in reality. Only when missile boats proved usefulness of missiles in anti ship role (and later land attack role) did other navies started putting anti ship missiles on there ships (missile boats, frigates and destroyers). You clearly do not know and understand cold war and modern naval warfare and development of that naval warfare when you claim that, but you are still talking. If they were trash or some embarrassment as you try to paint them, then they would not have role they had in development of anti ship missiles. Again, you clearly do not know about what you talk if you claim that. Fact that missile boats and there further development missile corvettes are being built by many navies around world and fact that country of origin of those is USSR clearly proves that they were not trash, useless and embarrassment.

      Second, missile boat were literarily main naval units in Arab-Israeli wars (first anti ship missile kill), had big impact in Indian-Pakistan wars (first attack by missile armed ship on land targets whit missiles), where big deterrent for many smaller navies when they went against stronger enemies on seas clearly shows that they did there jobs, impacted development of modern naval warfare in large way and are still one of most important and cost-effective naval units of modern navies.

      Third, you clearly do not understand Soviet naval strategy when you claim missile boats were some “desperate” solution. Soviet strategies since mid 30s always had 4 mayor “naval arms” that they wanted to use as part of one fleet in defense role. Those were submarine flotilla, destroyer/cruisers flotilla, light ship/boat costal flotilla and land based naval aviation which would fight together against enemy fleets. They were not desperate, they only built ships that they need to wage naval war way they tough it would happen according to advantages and disadvantages of seas and oceans on which Soviet navies existed (North, Baltic, Black, Japan/Pacific).

    • @Aleksa Radojičić Yeah, those ships barely did anything, or weren’t even a part of WWI or WWII. They’re not legends by any measure.

    • Aleksa Radojičić

      @Tom-A062 Monitor Drava is literarily ship that fired first shots of WWI. And by now, it is clear that criteria for naval legends is much more opened then what they did IRL. So your statements really do not have any base for support…

    • Stavros Stamelos

      @Tom-A062 averof is worthy. and it got its video. but i agree. that ship is bs

  5. “Naval Legend”

    Edit: this video is near propaganda. The bit about how they wouldn’t engage a missile boat with a tomahawk because it’s expensive is utter nonsense. If the battleship was at stake they wouldn’t hesitate the use such a missile as it’s cost is irrelevant compared to the ship.

  6. This is about as blatant propaganda as I’ve ever seen.

  7. The Propaganda Department is pleased with your contribution comrades. Comrade Stalin smiles upon your definitely not biased and full of shit film of a speed boat that did nothing to deserve the term Legend on the level of the Iowa, Essex and Yamato classes.

  8. Nice comedy skit WG, had me laughing throughout.

    • Actually I was a little offended and the gross inaccuracies. The US didn’t get anti-ship missiles till the mid 1970’s…. WHAT?!

  9. This was literally like a high school propaganda project about a ship that did absolutely nothing of note during it’s service.

    • Because there Electronics were crap. Most of the time they would never even turn the crap on as the Elec. would catch fire giving off toxic fumes that left the crew infertile for yrs and producing birth defects for generations!! I.E. this film!!! LOL

  10. 4:59 ah yes 1,600 miles. The famous intercontinental sailing range of 12,000 kilometers.

    • Krzysztof Narloch

      and thats while using diesel engines at snail speed. Use the turbines… and its 250+ miles till you are out of gas.

  11. My favorite part was when they brag about how it could “totally sink an Iowa class” in a scenario, that they immediately admit would never actually happen. Genius.

  12. I thought this series was about naval legends and not some random missile boat, that was built 30 years after the period you are focusing on, and did absolutely nothing. Plus none of your claims make any sense.

    • They make sense if you ignore the upgrades the Iowas had installed after WW2. If they didn’t have CIWS and their ECM suits, yes, maybe these trashy boats could have sunk them. This video basically admits that the Soviet Union couldn’t afford a ship that’d actually pose a threat to a 45 year old completely outdated ship.

    • Khanet Preeteepveruriya

      @DJVC1985 In the Cold war, the Soviet missile barrage is a real threat…. if they can get into the range to fire that is. Fighting in open sea, Soviet force gonna lose due to they lack control of the sky aka lack of range both detection, tracking and firing range, in defensive of Soviet shore line will be more suited and that what Soviet design. They knew their can’t directly fight Western fleet in open battle.

  13. So any random coastal defense boat can be considered a naval legend now?

  14. The whole scenarios was like IJN imaging USN strategy and convincing itself the battle can be won all over again.

  15. Next of Naval Legends: Dimitri’s fishing boat.
    This would be like bragging about how a World War 2 era U-Boat could sink HMS Dreadnought, only in this case the U-Boat utterly fails to do so.

  16. You guys turned “Naval Legends” into almost as big of a joke as acting like your dev’s understand their own game.

  17. Ok. First of all: these kind of ships are pretty cool and quite capable in modern navies.
    That being said, there is nothing legendary about it. This is “Naval Legends”, a series where you showcase vessels that are or were relevant in naval history or had a tangible story that made them “legends” in popular culture or for naval enthusiasts.

    This ship could have been part of a separe video series called “sea warriors of the world” or someting like that and everyone would have been cool with it.

    You have to face it people. The only russian ships that I can remember from the top of my mind that could be considered “Naval Legends” are the soviet BBs of the Marat-class. They played a roll in the coastal defenses of cities like Leningrad in WWII.
    Alsl the Aurora because it wasa ship that participated in the famous battle of Tsushima. That ship is famous as well for being the place where the russian revolution started.
    I’m sure there arw some other ships mainly from early 20th century that can be considered “Naval Legends” by their own right.

    Now that I think about it, you wanna make a video about modern legendary russian ships? Make a video about the Kirov-class cruisers (the gun ships of WWII) and compare them with the Kirov-class nuclear battlecruisers that russia still have today.

    Stop making “Naval Legends” videos about ships that do not have a story or a background historically important enough to qualify as “Naval Legends”

    Thank you.

  18. ToughAncientSpark

    And, as we all know, Russian missile boats won the Cold War.

  19. ToughAncientSpark

    1980’s Russian missile boats:
    Interesting but hardly qualify as Naval Legends.

  20. Ah, yes, exactly the kind of naval legend I’d expect Wargaming to cover for their game about WW1 and WW2-era ships: a 1987 500-ton missile boat that did absolutely nothing of note. Meanwhile, actual naval legends like HMS Warspite or USS Enterprise have yet to be covered.

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