Naval Legends: U.S.S. Cod. Trailer | World of Warships

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In upcoming episode we’ll tell you about U.S.S. Cod—one of 77 Gato-class submarines that were built.
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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about this trailer?
    Don’t miss the full episode next week!:)

  2. Goosie _Defender


    The submarines will arrive

  3. ???: There will be no submarine in this game

  4. I love it, it’ll be a great documentary. As always, better than anything The History Channel has to offer.

    • Armando Rodrigues

      that is correct, unless it is about a Russian/Soviet ship that was not built or complete and they still claim it would be the most advanced in the world after completion
      that cannot be said about any ship in the world because history tells us that every ship that was built around WWII (1920~1950) either became vastly different due to ever changing requirements in order to keep up with progress/technology OR they could not be “updated” (lack of funds, etc) and when completed were already outdated and vastly outclassed

    • History channel, where the truth is history

  5. Guess Subs are coming into the game…

  6. yes
    I-400 Class will become real

  7. Das Boot intensifies lol

  8. Is this happening? Submarine mode?! ???

  9. Just after the cinematic naval battle action for this Naval Legend thanks WG, the CGI battles in have being really good for helping tell us the history of that battle.

  10. Everyone: “There’s no CV counter.”

    WG: “Hold my vodka.”

  11. Subs confirmed XD
    569 makes the contact and lead them,
    U-94 scores a kill in the dark.
    124 sinking four in two approaches,
    406 suffers failure on launch.

  12. when would there be 18v 18 with all kinds of naval ships including submarines?

  13. Oh hell yes this is a story I want to hear. This may be the most interesting episode to date

  14. WG: We can’t balance four classes of ships. I know what to do! Add a fifth!

    • Jack Stewart as long as they don’t give CV depth charges, this might actually be a good thing, because (I’m hoping) DD will be the main counter (and therefore be actually useful) and if the submarine get though the DD, it can hunt down CVs.

    • Steven Li Which afaik I what happens in real life / historically.

  15. WoW’s doing a uboat documentary, is this a clue to what’s coming in the game?

  16. Since I mostly use CVs, this is not good for me :’v

  17. Everybody that is saying that subs will just ruin the balance even more:
    Have you ever considered the untapped potential of depth charges in balancing? Seriously, alot of ships could be re-balanced just with the ADDITION of anti-sub capabilities without even touching the rest of the stats on the ships. Ship X too OP right now? Give it one of the weaker options when it comes to anti-sub. Ship Y too weak and not played by most people? Give it decent or top-of-tier-ish anti-sub options.
    That way WG could actually fix alot of the complaints people have with the meta.
    Don’t throw them under the bus just yet. Wait for it and then you can grill them if the implimentation is bollocks. ^^

  18. Inb4 everyone complains about SSs like they do for CVs.

  19. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    The 3 Classes of submarines i am waiting for:
    Japanese I-400.
    French Sarcouf.
    German XXI

  20. Patrick Milewski

    WG: we will absolutely not add submarines into world of warships

    Also WG: *releases trailer for a naval legends video….about a submarine.*

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