Naval Legends: USS Batfish. Special Episode for Independence Day!

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Today finds the USS Batfish at rest in a memorial park in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where she serves as a museum ship.
The Balao-class submarines became a real nightmare for the Japanese Navy during World War II. Hunting both in packs and alone, they were not known to shy away from any target, whether it be an enemy oil tanker, large warship, or submarine.
But what was the story of submarine USS Batfish? Watch our video and find out!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    Happy Independence Day, Commanders!
    The day of adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 is regarded as the day when the United States was born as a free, independent country. This day is the main national holiday in the US. Although the official name of the holiday is Independence Day, most refer to it simply by the date—the Fourth of July.
    What do you think about today’s episode?:)

    • The USS Silverside submarine is near where I i live and is open as a museum now. These guys had balls of steel!

    • I’m from Muskogee. Visiting the Batfish never gets old. The museum even has the bell from the USS Oklahoma.

    • @saint chuck The fact that whoever you’re talking to is deleted shows you how much free speech people have now adays.

    • When will subs be coming to the main tech tree?

    • Marcell Horváth

      I would have appreciated to get the US high tier bombers for Independence Day in World of Warplanes. Any chances to have some development in WoWP this year?!

  2. I like these videos. Can you do one for Akagi?

  3. Sydney Eisenblut Rossiya1944

    Could you do a naval legends on USS Intrepid?
    Also keep up the good work

  4. this chanell is better than my teacher in explaining this things.

  5. Great video, Naval Legend vids are really some of the best the WoWS YT has to offer!

  6. Confused Admiral

    IJN: *Basically Doing Stuff On The Ocean*

    Balao-Class: _Hey_

  7. Sukacita Yeremia

    So irl Chris Pratt didn’t become the Dino Trainer of Jurassic World…

    He became the fish trainer of USS Batfish Museum

  8. “They did what we don’t do anymore…MATH!!!”

  9. America: We had cruise control at this point…
    Japan: would you like to search the whole Pacific and Atlantic for submarine aircraft carriers?

    • Samuel Matheson

      kek, fumching undersea war crimes

    • Check 2 cities in 🇯🇵 first its easy to see. The sleeping Giants foot steps are still visible to this day. We have a pearl in the pacific that reminds us of you.

    • America: You want us put your whole country too your knees with a Ba Ba Bomb….. BOOM X2! Nuff said.

    • Tristan Lanz Clemente

      Check video at 13:03. They had a lot more than cruise control. Also, submarine carriers are a shitty poor man’s balistic missile submarine.

  10. Imagine if the voice actor for Batman went to this submarine. “Batman has visited Batfish!”

  11. Christian Johnson

    1. This episode is amazing as always
    2. Incorporated animated humans, wow

  12. There is a Balao class submarine (SS-426) is still in service. (❁´◡`❁)

  13. Hm more like Traitor’s Day
    -The British

    • As an American this made me laugh pretty hard!

    • @Jack Danny As superb sports, we British gave no reaction
      (u have to watch Squire to get it 🙈)

    • I wish Americans would remind themselves more, we’re a bunch of rebels fighting for the rebel alliance. That’s real America. Take pride in our Treason, Freedom isn’t free!

    • Ya basically.
      But children grow up and leave the home, don’t they?

    • One man’s traitor is another man’s liberator. Don’t forget that we “traitors” snatched your British chestnuts out of the Hun’s fire – TWICE! “Can’t get no respect!”

  14. The bond of a Submarine crew last for a very long time, When I retired from the U.S. Navy in 2004, both Pacflt and SubPac were both prior Captains of mine and for some odd reason still liked me. Nothing like being a Chief and calling a 3-Star and a 4-Star by their first names. Come to think of it, I knew the first name of every Captain I ever sailed under.
    For the record, a Submarine batter that gets flooded out produces Chlorine gas and Hydrogen gas. The Hydrogen self burns at 4% atmosphere and self detonates at 8% atmosphere.

    USN (Ret.)

  15. Three Japanese submarines sunk in three days… I don’t know of a Las Vegas bookie who wouldn’t give a 500-to-1 odds of that, then cry come pay-off day. ~_^

  16. My wife and I went to go see the Batfish so I can see the same kind of submarine my dad was on during wwll and what a gorgeously retired and kept togeather boat. The staff was more than friendly and very helpful for information and I was given special permission to see section of her that was off limits. Thank you to everyone at the museum for a more than wonderful experience.

    • I wish that the uss clamagore would be preserved in the same way it’s the only One of this class to have the guppy 3 modification and right now it’s rotting away in Charleston South Carolina and in 2021 it’s planned to be turned into an artificial reef

  17. The original torpedoe’s were terrible and the navy yard refused to believe it.

  18. An hour from my house. Last year, during record flooding, the Batfish actually floated off her resting spot. Quick work by park staff and emergency services, managed to get her moored in a makeshift manner, preventing her from making her last sortie.

  19. “There will never be submarines in World of Warships”

    Remember when they said this over and over again?

  20. “The torpedoes used on US submarines demonstrated very poor efficiency due to their technical imperfections”
    I was wondering if they were going to bring up the Mark 14 in this video. A bit of an understatement to their early performance issues.

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