Naval Legends: USS Cod. Part 2 | World of Warships

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Today, she’s permanently berthed in Cleveland, Ohio, where she serves as a museum ship. She belongs to the Gato class—one of the most famous U.S. submarine classes of World War II, comprising 77 ships.
As the story is a long and interesting one, we’ve divided this episode into two parts.
Missed the first part?
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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about today’s episode?
    Missed the first part? You can watch it here:

    • World of Warships Official Channel guys your killing me just put the USS COD in the game as a tier 5 premium them depth charges on the back of ships would be pretty useful ( uses number 4 key )

    • Please give me that Boat , i desperately need such a vessel to escape and regroup from israeli occupied AMERICA.
      I promise to run with the wolf pack and ill be back.

    • Used music from HELLSTORM, bad taste , NOT funny , we are in fact all things considered the bad guys who are wrong , deindustrialsation and now Microsoft going to Russias backdoor isreal is stupid , central banking RUINED AMERICA.
      GREAT video , HOWEVER HELLSTORM was more accuate.

    • World of Warships Official Channel submarines would be cool to add, like always amazing cinematography with these videos

  2. Oh look, WG have made something we want. That’s new…

  3. Warren Lehmkuhle

    The 1944 computer is still better than any that came installed with vista.

  4. treeshakertucker

    Anyone else hearing the TDC starting half expect the windows 95 start music?

  5. I dreamed that someday I would play u-boat in this game. I Wait ~

  6. Somebody Ring The Dinkster

    Hmas Onslow Next Australian National Maritime Museum in darling harbour

  7. Josiah Ricafrente

    I remember when I was in the Boy Scouts, my troop got to spend a night on the USS Pampanito in San Francisco. It’s not a Gato-class, but one of the newer Balaos. I can recall waking up early the next morning to play a round of Battleship with a buddy of mine. It was a really fun trip.

  8. Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

    man, as system engineer I find delightful to see and known about mechanical PCs from the 30’s/40’s

    Btw for those who don’t, the Karukaya was a IJN destroyer of the Wakatake class. a very “old” class of DD (3 generations before the Fubuki class).

  9. A day to celebrate freedom. Happy 4th!!! Great vid, thanks WG!

  10. kinda disappointed how the ships that explode just stop dead in the water

    • Heh heh… that’s how you can tell they’re making this on a very, very sophisticated version of the in-game engine. All the ships in-game stop dead as soon as they blow up.

    • The ships in game travel about 10 yards before coming to a halt. Battleships and carriers just stop instantly. I noticed that during my up-close-and-personal torpedo runs in destroyers.

    • @InchonDM no they do not. They have drift motion mechanics in the game, most ships do not stop right after death.

    • @Charles Li the battleships and carriers don’t drift, they instantly stop

    • @Charles Li They do stop on a dime compared to how it happens in real life. IRL, capital ships will drift for a long way, even a mile or two, if going from full speed to all stop.

  11. 7:10 — At the beginning of the war, Japan had 4 million tons of shipping afloat. By the end of the war, U.S. submarines had sent 5 million tons of Japanese shipping to the bottom. So, think of it along the lines of… subs sank everything Japan had, along with an extra million that they built along the way.

  12. AVW_TorchCad30 NA

    Job well done! ?? congratulations. I like it and enjoyed the history ? narration ??

  13. I do think the numbers involved on how big 1% of Allied shipping is, is quit important.
    The merchant escort, and anti sub operations by the Japanese compared to the Allies was mentioned though.
    Kriegsmarine U-boat operations were effective, Allied shipping was just bigger…

    • 1% of all allied-nations merchant shipping, sounds like American bias here

    • @Dean Zariphes there we go xD

    • Johnny der Achte

      There’re several reason for the big difference in statistic for german and american submarines:
      1. Allied shipping was several times the tonnage the japanese had.
      2. The japanese convoy system was by far less effectiv than the allied. Often merchant ships went off alone or in small groups without any escort at all. So they had lesser opposition.
      3. Great part of the atlantic were covered by allied planes therefor too dangerous for german submarines to operate in. The americans didn’t had that issue because the pacific is so freakish big.
      4. The radar of the allies were far more advandced than the japanese. Making it easier for the allied to locate german submarines.
      5. After the british cracked the enigma code submarines often gave their position and plan away. Making it easy to hunt them down.

    • @Johnny der Achte Well we covered most of those.

      It wasn’t strictly the cracking of enigma.
      Turing calculated every piece of vital information recieved, and weighed how valuable it was, vs how likely it was to tip the Germans off to MI5 tapping their transmissions. One of the first transitions from Enigma was to a group of wolfpacks, giving the Co-ordinates and course of the Prince of Wales. It was deemed, telling the Prince of Wales to divert course from “returning home” would alert German intelligence of the tap, and Enigma would re write the code generation algorithm. Making most of the work to that date waisted.
      Allied escorts did indeed track the wolfpacks though. Wolfpacks would split, in order to cover wider patrol patterns, more often, and faster. When a large convoy was spotted, they would emit a radio signal, for the rest of the local pack to converge. The Allied escort corvette and detroyers eventually started to follow those ESM signals.

      (it’s also important to note, the first “submarine” didn’t exist until closer to the cold war. All submersible boats of all factions. Across the theatres, were “submersibles”

  14. Your docs are getting better & better, kudos WOWS team

  15. the cg is 100% better than most documentary channels, also subs coming soon weegee? plez ?

    • Cold Waters is on sale – funny though, that 688(I) Hunter/Killer from 1997 is still a superior simulation, and game (ignoring the graphics, which are still not that awful).

    • @MavTuber well cold waters is arcade type, like warship gunner 2 and battlestations pacific, meanwhile hunter killer is a legit sim

  16. US submarines absolutely decimated the Japanese Merchant fleet and sunk the most tonnage in the pacific theatre.

  17. AltearexGamingYT

    Happy America-Day to all my fellow freedom loving patriots!

  18. Awesome CG, awesome documentary as always! Thanks for making this series 🙂 (AND please consider not doing the Paragon system! Dont screw up this awesome game)

  19. That was really good thanks for sharing it! Would love to see this ship in game.

  20. This is a great series of videos on the USS COD. I grew up in Cleveland and visited the Cod twice, but was never told of the feats that it accomplish.

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