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In the early years of World War II, Kriegsmarine submarines dominated the Atlantic. Anti-submarine defenses were absent as a system, which meant that Allied ships weren’t able to effectively fend off enemy attacks. Convoys were poorly guarded, and the wolfpacks of German Admiral Dönitz were elusive. One Kriegsmarine submarine was responsible for the sinking of as many as 16 American ships before her eventual destruction.

Despite their modest speed and firepower, it was the Cannon-class ships that managed to put an end to the terror of the Kriegsmarine submarine wolfpacks during World War II.

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about new episode?
    Which US destroyer is your favorite?:)


    As a Navy Vet USS MAHAN DDG 72 MY OLD SHIP⚓???

  3. Fun Fact:
    While serving in the Greek Navy, this ship served under the name “ΑΕΤΟΣ” (Eagle) and was also a setting for a film here where it couldn’t use its engines because of the noise it made (making recording audio nearly impossible) so it had to be towed off-camera.

  4. We need new free XP ships D:

  5. She’s a sub killer, perfect for what was needed

  6. Drama aside you guys always make the best documentaries on ships.
    Well done as always!

  7. Bring on a new class of ships

  8. my father served in this when greece had it , it was named ‘AETOS’ EAGLE

  9. With the release of this Naval Legends episodes, would wg release a second DD line, destroyer escort line, much like the Soviet DD and IJN DD line have two DD lines now, considering submarines would be introduced at some point?

  10. Really clean, complete and tidy looking museum. Well done to them for such a nice result with such an old ship, looks brand new!

    • As a side note you can thank the Rensselaer Fire Department for saving the Slater. During the winter months the Slater was docked across the river in the Port of Rensselaer. There was restoration work still being done during that time and it caught fire. It was a major fire but the brothers and sisters of the RFD saved the Slater. Hats off to them!

  11. Naval Legends as a series in itself is making it all worth it for me when I “feed” money into the system 😀

  12. I never got a chance to be on a ship when I was in the Navy. Instead I wore a lot of green and scrubs.

  13. 12:14 those cars on the bridge be like (0_0)

  14. This was the nice video I ever saw in my whole life what a history lesson, what a beautiful concept…this is why I will never quit on this game, it brings me history and knowledge that I did not known thanks Wargaming for this.

  15. Can you do the USS Wisconsin please there is so much history of that ship

  16. Fantastic job Tim and crew of the USS Slater! This is the best of all the warship profiles by far! And a major BZ to World of Warships for continuing their excellent series on naval legends!

  17. Everything on the ship looks in such good condition. All the other ships I’ve been on had their details covered in layers of paint; everything is so clean.

    • I did a brief volunteer stint a few years ago when I had free time, and I visit her once or twice a season still (as I’m only 15 minutes away). Tim and the other volunteers do a tremendous job preserving all the little tiny details, from the helmets at the gun stations, to the signs on the equipment, to the table settings in the mess. All of the straps on the sailors’ cots even have hand-sewn names on them with the names of volunteers who have passed away. Even the areas you don’t see on the tours are slowly being restored.

      She’s really a labor of love. You should really check out their Facebook page (just search for USS Slater); they document all the work they get done there.

  18. I’ve been there! Very cool! Being stationed on a Coontz Class destroyer myself it was amazing how small this ship was! Creds to the WW2 Tin Can Sailor!

  19. She is the main predecessor to the Arleigh Burke class

  20. Fun Fact: *Philippine Navy Ship BRP Rajah Humabon* (ex-USS Atherton) was the last ever *Cannon Class DE* to end military service, decommissioned in 2019.

    @Wargaming, feel free to visit or get Nicholas Moran to have a look at Humabon

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