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📽 We’ve prepared something interesting for you—a cinemarathon showcasing real stories with in-game gifts for you to claim along the way!
⚓ Our latest Legend is Tench-class submarine USS Torsk.
Join us we take a deep dive into the story of one of the few late-WWII subs that remained in service in the U.S. Navy well into the Cold War.

📌 Commander, Bonus code open a chain of five missions! Missions will become available sequentially. Cumulative reward for completing all five missions is 1,000,000 credits, 15 signals, the 500 Community Tokens.

🎁 Besides!
2d step — Like an episode.

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2) your game account nickname, your server.

More details:
Legends is a series about the construction, service, daring deeds of 20th-century ships.


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    📌 Commander, Bonus code open a chain of five missions! Missions will become available sequentially. Cumulative reward for completing all five missions is 1,000,000 credits, 15 signals, and the 500 Community Tokens.
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  2. maximum speed:
    surface: 20 knots, submerge: 8.7 knots
    in wows (mostlikely)
    surface: 27knots, submerge: 27 knots

  3. Had a chance to go aboard the Torsk a decade or so ago when teaching in Glen Burny, MD, not far from Baltimore. I was still surprised how cramped everything was. Prior to that, I’d only been aboard surface ships and the SSBN Nevada. The latter is still pretty tight, but compared to the Torsk, downright roomy.

  4. Khyle Samuel Kim Melanio

    A new Naval Legends lets gooooo!

  5. As a videographer I’m always very impressed by the team/s that make these features. Good job guys!

  6. My night has been improved by a new Naval Legends episode

  7. It’s been awhile since the last naval legends. I missed it.

  8. I live in New London CT! Crazy to hear your town randomly in videos.

  9. I was literally on Torsk about a month ago! It’s in Baltimore by the National Aquarium. You can get on it and U.S.S. Constellation with one pretty cheap payment I don’t remember

  10. I live in Baltimore, so I get to walk by the USS Torsk on my way to my favorite restaurant every Saturday. Thank you for showcasing this historic submarine.

  11. USs Torsk “The galloping Ghost of the Japanese Coast” tied up next to the Baltimore Aquarium. I once spent a night tied up close to her aboard a sailboat after a Saturday race from Annapolis to Baltimore. This presentation is excellent. I learned a lot about US submarines. I wasn’t aware that the Torsk was involved in the Cuba Bolckade. The day before JFK ordered the blockade, he sent his aides out to buy up all the H Upman Cuban Cigars they could find.

  12. When covering anything from the US inventory please include feet and inches as well as metric when discussing dimensions, maximum depth, or any applicable specification. It’s just being respectful to any country of origin to use that country’s units of measure.

  13. Torsk really got the achievent; “Final Blow”

  14. If only WarGamings video game was as good as their amazing Youtube videos! Fantastic as always!

  15. Great historical video WoWarships!

  16. Baltimore Inner Harbor, a great place to visit if you dont get mugged walking from where ever you park.

  17. A 3:11 is shows the actual speed these subs should go. maybe try that in game

  18. Been on the Torsk several times…..always a great sight to see in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

  19. “A very eloquent fact that characterizes the Tench-class submarines is that one of these submarines is still in service.”
    ex-USS Cutlass (SS-478) now is in Taiwanese Navy ROCS Hai Shih (SS-791). It has extended its service life until 2026 (or new generation of submarine on service).

  20. It’s crazy when you sit and think at how fast these types of weapons of war were made and sent to battle? For a sub like this I can’t find build time I’m sure it was 6months maybe? As ships where spat out monthly at insane numbers.

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