Naval Traditions: Tattoos | World of Warships

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Where does the tattoo tradition come from? What do they mean, those body pictures? Cap and Fishy are happy to answer those !

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, there is a long story behind navy’s tattoos!
    What do you think, should WoWs players have Navy’s tattoos as well?:)
    Maybe you already got one?

  2. The best way to start the day is with a new great video of WoWS

  3. All but the ones after the pig and rooster are wrong…

  4. Loved the video, i would like a tattoo but too scared of the pain and cant afford it :•( just like i want the Graf Spee but cant afford it :•(

  5. Panagiotis Kontaris

    Now I gotta do at least a turtle and 3 sparrows!

  6. Yes my girlfriend has a North Star on her, although her dragon im not sure why but I’m happy she doesn’t have the pig or rooster

  7. Shubhankar Dasgupta

    After so much time this cartoon arrives to Youtube port HAHA awsome and lovely cartoons. Please make more this I love it too much.

  8. I didn´t know where Tattoos came from but i always said they are for sailors and pimps – i had no clue i was right xD Nearly every girl i know regrets having their tattoos (or at least is not sure whether it was good to get some).

  9. Nope nope i dont need it

  10. *my body is my diary , my tattoos are my story*

  11. My first tattoo I got in Hong Kong as a 17 yr old Sailor in the U.S.Navy. Pinky’s Famous Old Time Tattoo Parlor in H.K. by Pinky himself, he looked abt 100 yrs old. The place was packed w/ sailors from U.S. and England. The Tats still with me and so are the memories. Great video.

    • From Hong Kong here, before the handover, British sailors loves to get tattoos here, heard the Americans also started doing that here too for the past 20 years.

  12. knew a Navy SEAL with propellers tattooed on his ass, 1 on each cheek. Needless to say he was a fast swimmer

  13. carloivanoide rodel

    The drawing in this episode was wonderful!

  14. Did four of them between 1995-1997. Only one with maritime connection is a mermaid.

  15. Море&Суша

    Интересное видио.
    ранги #_

  16. The Captain is giving me thumbs up at the end, so I gave thumbs up to the video!

  17. Did not get one when I was in the Navy or Air Force. Got one after I got out. A Greek hoplite

  18. So, what tattoo did sailors get for an STD in every port? 😀

  19. I’m getting myself two torpedoes crossed together as a tattoo on my left shoulder.

  20. Can we get tattoos for our ships?

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