NAVAL WARFARE! – World of Warships: Legends

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Today I bring you a video on World of Warships Legends, a free to play multiplayer game for Xbox One and PS4. As you can probably tell this is all about controlling big ol’ warships out at sea & testing your abilities on naval warfare. It’s certainly the most in-depth naval combat game I’ve played, you do have to think tactically about it. I’ve always wanted to be a captain, so let’s see how this goes!


  1. Brad uploads a vid:

    Everybody liked that

  2. You’re so awesome. Keep up the good work. Stay fantastic.

  3. It’s always a great day when Bwad Lemon uploads a video.

  4. imagine not being subbed to brad

  5. No one:

    Brad: AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

  6. I’ll curb stomp ur auntie

    If Russians were in this game god help my soul because Russian bias will plauge this

  7. Play these games plz
    Watch dogs legion
    Forza horizon 4

  8. Please do more of these, I know it’s sponsored but please.

    Edit: Like if you agree.

  9. Bwad do Sims, RDR2 OR GTA IV return

  10. That ramming moment honestly killed me Brad I love it

  11. Haha i really enjoy your commentary???

  12. “are we the baddies” i understood that reference

  13. “oh…wait *sees german flag on ally ship* …are we the baddies?”

  14. Had to go make tea before watching this. I can’t just watch a Brad video, I have to settle in and enjoy

  15. sweetbaconsause channel

    Gaming lemon: *makes a suspensfull until dawn video*
    Also Gaming lemon:*does a battle ship game after a week*
    Everybody:HOLD UP!!!

  16. Brad: goes to the middle of the map where every enemy can see him
    Also brad: why I’m a getting hit. AAHHH

  17. Got the “are we the baddies!?” Reference brad, pretty funny

  18. Great video Brad! Just some constructive criticism if you decide to make another video:

    – When you’re a destroyer, your main purpose is to capture enemy bases and to flank the enemy and concentrate your fire and torpedoes on the enemy battleships.

    – Try not to show your broadside when you’re a battleship, or any other ship when sailing. Use angler attack’. Only show your broadside when you are confident that you can make the shot.

    – Aim for citadels (right above the waterline) for MAX damage.

    – Turn towards enemy fire. Your ship is smaller and harder to hit.

    – As a destroyers, use smokes to cover battleships.

    Great video, and I hope this helps.

  19. One of the best youtubers, and honestly one of the best most wholesome fanbases. Love you brad

  20. bwad screaming within the first 10 seconds

    _Ah Ship, Here We Go Again_ ?

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