Navy Proud Unsinkable! (World of Warships Legends)

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  1. “Navy Proud”
    _is Fuso_


    Ok serioussss


    • iCrystalaxyCat i was playing the Japanese bbs waiting for a friend to get on. And this happened. I would have used iowa or tirpitz or any of my high tier destroyers.

  2. Eeeeyyy navy proud my boy

  3. “40 shots rang out and 40 people fell. Patty missed the killer and the killer missed Patty, but the town was shot to hell.” Cow Patty

  4. Nice to see more replays!

  5. I dont mind a good replay, but it has to be action packed and have great commentary which always does. GG

  6. man that guy was lucky and not good but i still love the replay of this game, thanks

  7. Hey spartan, just wondering how to send a replay to you. Have a good one for u hahaa

    • Gotta be a full replay, a good match, then upload video to a file share such as onedrive or Google drive and send me the download link to my Facebook or Twitter links are in the description

  8. before I watch: this is going to be a good video
    after I watch: it’s a spartan video what else can i expect other than being great

  9. Through no fault of spartans, this gameplay was really hard to watch, from the lucky survive from sailing into no mans land at the start, to that absolutely painful few minutes trying to sink the AFK ship, and the under-leading shots… underwhelming gameplay lol

  10. Here’s an idea for ya and a challenge, possibly a series if you take up the offer.

    Get a kill in every ship of a single nation

    Let him see this by up voting pls ..

  11. Nice clip but man this guy needs help aiming for citadels

  12. I wanted this clip uploaded because i survive something fierce and still wreck havoc. And 150 damage in a tier 5 was good.

  13. Can I send you a screenshot of 100k + damage in a teir 2? I don’t have the video, but I have the SS of the battle results

  14. I love the Fuso. I got some badass games with them.

  15. Little brown pants Navy going on there… somebody get that man a beer and a change of underwear… that opening sequence was awesome! Great vid! Thanks for sharing it Spartan.

  16. battleship bismarck

    Bravo to navy proud for surviving this hell over there and also for the sich 150k damage on a tier 5 ship.

  17. My friend was in a Nagato and citadelled a Lyon and took 50k damage.

  18. That first few minutes was seriously intense, lol… course the poor bastard in the Orion probably realized he was screwed as soon as he loaded in… t3 in a t5 match usually doesn’t end well, lol

  19. Hey spartan I know we are getting air craft carriers late this year or early 2021, but I was wondering if tier 8-10 ships have been announced if not, do think we will be receiving them and, if so when do you think they will come out?

  20. I really should start recording my games, I had a crazy one in my Jean Bart and got 214k damage and killed a full health Iowa with two salvos, but I didn’t record it. ?‍♂️? I have a clip of the Iowa kill, but I doubt you’d want to put a 30 second clip in one of your vids. ?‍♂️

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