Necessary Defense – World of Warships

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Sharing a weird moment where my team all but refused to defend the base, it is left to me for defense and sharing my thoughts on the game. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X Japanese Battleship Yamato Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Wow what trolls. Dont see anything wrong with your vids to deserve a dislike.

    • Those would be the idiot campers and they know who/what they are lol.

    • +Bill D It was probably the idiots in the richelieu and the izumo who deliberately sailed away from the cap WHILE IT WAS BEING CAPPED. It beggars belief

    • Maybe the video on its own is perfectly ok, but the Youtube algorithm did bad suggesting it to people who have no use for Notsers content and subsequently voted it down.
      I do it all the time when surfing through Youtube videos and dont want to see more of any specific type. Most users probably do not know they can clean up the watch history to manipulate what Youtube recommends in the watch next-queue. Considering that, view/upvotes-ratio probably is much more useful to assess a video than counting dislikes.

  2. Short: The most player you encouters are bad.

  3. Had a game like this in my Cleveland. A BATTLESHIP capped our base as I tried my hardest to sail back across the map to defend, all the while my team is sailing the opposite direction. A battleship was about 2 grid squares away from our base behind an island and was telling our DD that was clear across the map to “defend the base idiot.”

    • Seventh Hell Same, except I had a Conquerer on my team hiding _right behind_ the island of the south cap on Hotspot yelling our one destroyer who was trying to cap the enemy’s base to come back and defend our base against what was then a single Shimakaze. I turned around from the west flank in my Chapayev (and then watched that flank fall because I was probably one of only two ships there actually engaging half the enemy fleet) to defend and ended up getting a few resets and then dying from the enemy ships pushing behind me who also got on cap (while the conquerer was still hiding behind the island). The Shima on our base then sailed around the island, dropped torpedoes into his side (while he didn’t even try and shoot back), and I spent the last few minutes of the battle yelling for 2/3 of my team to stop sailing up through the islands on the east and turn around (before they even entered them) to defend since they would have outnumbered the enemy. Needless to say, they kept going (and a few of them even said that a battleship’s role isn’t to defend so why should they turn around) and we lost.

  4. It was hard to watch the special olympics that was that game.

  5. I don’t think anybody cares about what you’re saying even though you are absolutely right.
    I cannot count how many times I have found myself defending an area alone, as my teammates turned back and started running away, at the first sign of enemy ships, or continued to sail in a straight line all together!

    • Chief Engineer That sounds like so many of my enemy teams, except while I’m one of two ships trying to defend a flank against 8 or 9 enemy ships pushing up that way, and then a single destroyer pops up on the other flank and my entire team just stops and sails in circles where they are instead of either pushing the 2 or 3 remaining ships on that side or sailing back to help defend against most of the enemy’s ships.

    • +MidnightPhoenix07 I completely agree!

    • Yes, quite a few games are like this. One flank (with most of our ships including all our top tier ships) slowly pushes through leaving the other flank outnumbered, The ‘sucessfull’ flank continues to push slowly towards the enemy cap not caring that our weak flank is overrun. If we’re lucky the weak flank hangs in there long enough to prevent a loss but most times this does not happen. Sometimes one or two ships come back and try and help usually too late for the previous defenders).

      I’ve also seem similar games where our top tier ships on a domination game all go to one flank with similar consequences. When they win that flank (and sometimes you can see eight ships and a DD sitting a long way from the cap) instead of helping with the other caps they sail to the back of the map in search of a DD that ran off or of course the CV.

  6. untill wg reduces damage award and increases team play award things will never change

    • Easy fix. Make feedback available every game and make it count towards xp and credit rewards.

      After the game, people would be forced to choose to reward other 3 players, not themselves nor their division mates or clan mates.

    • The players would just abuse it to troll the devs or other players.

    • What team play would you suggest in my Henri with his 15.5km detection? Because damage is his thing and being targeted by 4+ ships is his cross to bare.

    • Christopher Jonasson

      +Lukos0036 Like how often are u in an epicenter game (my favourite map mode). At least they could have got rid of half the standard battles

    • That map mode doesn’t happen often. I main BBs so that is probably a good thing since destroyers always seem to dominate it. I just think WG could benefit from a bit of psychological profiling of their player base. If you know how people tend to move and act then you can develop game modes that better cater to that behavior.

  7. Countless matches like this. Kill assist ribbon, maybe?

    • Why can’t WG put a new Medal in the game for (X) amount of Base Defense and De-capping with a correlating XP coefficient? Seems simple enough to employ, minimal cost for design and implementation and would nudge the player-base in the right direction.

    • +Smackedown They already have these built into the game. The problem (in my opinion) is not WG, it is the ‘nature of the beast’ so to speak, with many games. You have 12 people from all over a country (or two) shoved into a game to play as a team without any prep-planning-communication. Occasionally it works, but usually it does not.

      (this is only my opinion)

  8. Wow how many GAMES i have lost becouse i was alone defending base… 1 dd on 4 ships.. Nobody… :/

  9. Short summary: The average player (vast majority) suffers form mental disorder and identifies as Beaker form Muppets… Memememe mememe meme….

  10. This is so hard for me to watch. The player base in this game is completely clueless sometimes. All people do is camp and not push objectives. I play this game to win not lose. The player base is ridiculous most of the time and losing is extremely frustrating. Very few seem to want to contribute to a win in this game. Most of the time its a bunch of random clueless players sailing around a map or camping behind islands without playing the objective. Very very flipping frustrating. You did your job in this game. Contributing to the team to try and defend.

    • And don’t forget they say “well I only play for fun” when you call them out for doing retarded shit

    • +thederogativeworld Sadly, there are a lot of people who really don’t care about winning and losing. All they want to do is shoot at the enemy. Sometimes the best you can do, is assume that a certain portion of any team you’re on is like this, and do not expect them to do anything that would require them to do something that falls outside of shooting stuff. This tends to mean that you have to pay greater attention to the enemy and positioning, and watching your team’s flanks (particularly in Standard mode battles). And it may mean that you’ll have to be the person who heads back to base when no one else would. It’s frustrating as hell, but so is pounding your head against the wall of utter stupidity of these “I only play for fun” morons.

    • crucisnh this is pretty on point. You can usually tell pretty early on how your team is going to collapse. But even if you do all that WORK which apparently many teammates are allergic too – it doesn’t end up in a win, but a frustrating experience. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to solo DDs, in a BB – while a cruiser behind me is parked trying to snipe… even after I’ve killed his threats. It’s like ‘hey cruiser, why the fuck am I doing your damn job? Get on point and fucking play the damn game.”

  11. When a dd is behind a yamato when charging a base which have a dd for sure that means that team have serious problem with there brain power

  12. Having said that I agree 100% with your overall message. It needs to be more about team success. Not fighting in corners. Not hiding in the back or behind islands until the perfect opportunity arises. Not letting your teammates die. My ideal scenario on scoring would be based somehow on teammate survival, proximity to teammates, damage done from smoke that dd lays for you gets credited to the dd… base defense, cap defense, etc… CERTAINLY NOT JUST DAMAGE DONE AND KILLS

  13. braindead noobswarm…
    btw your worcester was in RADAR RANGE and didnt use it.

    • Talguy21 was there anything else in range? Usually Wooster are easy to spot once they radar… but I hear you. Maybe it was on cool down.

    • +Talguy21
      he had PLENTY of time to save the radar for the capping DD. it was known that they cap for a LONG time.

    • +cobrazax I’m not saying him having used the radar was necessarily smart, but to be fair maybe he thought because there were 3 battleships inside the cap already he didn’t need to save it for that capping dd? idk.

    • cobrazax you made me rewatch … good call

    • +Talguy21
      he didnt mind having his BBs charge blindly into cap where there is an unspotted SHIMA?!
      thats a team hamper

  14. That is the problem with defending right now, you get very little for it. Even if your action saves the game but you get sunk, you get nothing for it. Not really worth being a good team mate sometimes.

  15. It’s games like this that I start spamming reports for poor play. Good on you Notser for bringing it up in a video. One recommendation I have is to increase rewards for things like spotting, defended, and other ribbon types. Xp is mostly rewarded by damage and capping. I read a reddit post a while back where a Bogue and a Zuiho worked together. The Bogue cleared the skies and the Zuiho killed ships. You can guess who was top and bottom of the team despite the teamwork.

  16. Next video will be about everyone staying back to protect the base and no one going forward to attack the enemy…. 🙂

  17. I face idiots like this all the time. Screaming for someone else to do it when they are the closest goddamn ship.

  18. WoWs is not the only team game that has this problem. It even happens in pve modes.

  19. Brasilian and Argentinian players are born cowards.All they do is chat spam and hide

  20. Republique, Izumo and Richelieu were the ones closer to your base and they were leaving it to blob up with the rest of the team in the east.

    Average clueless BB player 101.

    • João Pedro 75% of notser’s DDs all yolo’d to the same spot. Having DDs stacked on top of each other is where they become useless. They’re not spotting, and if they get spotted red team knows that the rest of the map is DD free. I’m not excusing the BBs poor gameplay, but it’s not easy soloing a DD in a BB. No one went south. Leaving a flank open is how this shit starts.

    • +a36538
      Yeah, it’s holiday season so you can pretty much forget about having fun with a strategy-based and team oriented gameplay, it’s not happening. Games have been a complete shitfest for me since mid november. If you have the slightest clue on what you are doing there’s no way you can’t get frustrated with this playerbase.

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