NELSON – 207k DMG 6 kills || World of Warships

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– 207k 6 || Warships
I was playing this game in a division with a friend of mine. game started quite unspectacular but after it already seemed to be lost I was able to turn it around again.

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  1. very close to death

  2. well play

  3. Well as seen in this video the Belfast should clearly get torpedos, it is obviously underpowered *kappa*

  4. Starring: Leslie Nelsen

  5. Well play? Holy balls, more like learn to play. Almost dying to Koenig due to being indecisive? Terrible map awareness? Next to no shooting skills what so ever? This kind of games prove that Nelson indeed is OP, heal saving baddies from their own terrible plays…

  6. This ship is so ugly omg

  7. 12:22 his ass is exploded

  8. Nelson is so similar with Izumo. but she is muuuuuuuuuch better than Izumo.

  9. Where can u find thiw ship?

  10. gg clueless friendly bayern 😀

  11. That Konig really noob

  12. Budyonny literally got fucked in the ass😂😂

  13. Nice, did anyone notice the blast wave from the Konig when it was taken out by the final salvo, i don’t know if that’s new with this patch or i just haven’t noticed it before but it looked great.

  14. this ship is ugly as fuck

  15. WTF look at 4:48 – he lost 15 anti air guns in that one salvo

  16. great great ship – best suited for the way PK plays. hope to see more

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