NELSON – free XP ship, like Missouri – World of Warships

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NELSON – ship, like Missouri –

Stats :

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  1. How much exp is the question

  2. what you think about the idea ? NELSON as premium ship ? maybe rodney or nelson should be in regular tech tree ??
    want more free XP ships in the game ?

  3. They should make it the Rodney prem for free xp and give her torp that she org had. I happy I will be able to have the Nelson/ make it the Rodney.

  4. they idea is nice. that ship still looks like a pile of shit

  5. Like Izumo, not sure I’ll be picking her up. Didn’t find Izumo enjoyable

  6. I would have preferred hms repluse or hms vanguard as a premium

  7. do you ever do voice commentary over your videos? I enjoy your editing and upload scedule but i much rather listen to a commentary than just in game sound. either way, keep up the good work.

  8. Like to but comps down can’t play 🙁 🙁 no$ to fix now getting Married

  9. i was saving my xp for a MO, but if this ship is any good i’ll get this instead. alraedy have 350k fxp plus 4500 gold from playing ranked.

  10. Gamesghost CL55 Cleveland

    Wait….. It a Tier 7 how can the Free XP is higher than Missouri?
    Wtf? Logic?

  11. If it is true…..Free Xp gathering started!

  12. what a damn ugly ship…

  13. I am quite happy with this. I am Stuck at 260k frei XP. Will never make it in 2 years to the 750k for mighty Mo, so i thibk i will try this one. Looks better than izumo thanks to all turrets face forward. But it will See Tier 9 battles (Most likely) where she will be a pain in the arse because of 23kn!

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