Nelson – The Zombie Oil Tanker || World of Warships

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  1. can i get 100 likes for the paintskills for the thumb 😛

  2. who has and likes his / her Nelson ?

  3. Lots of Brits back then called her Nelsol because RN tankers always had “ol” at the end.

  4. Ah, good old Nelsol!

  5. Cool part is that the nelson and the rodney where nicknamed by the RN sailor nelsol and rodnol because they actually looked like tankers

  6. Eh. 5 minutes in, 0 AP shells fired.
    12 mins in, 0 AP shells fired.


  7. oh hey i know this misot guy-

  8. 2 nukes wasn't enough

    13:15 dance time?

  9. how was it that the CV just ignored this BB sitting in the middle of the map?

    • He probably saw that I was getting shot by half their team. He probably thought that I would die sooner or later and he doesn’t need to interfere.

  10. She is slow, blind and a fat target, but I love it.

  11. Show me a game where players are succesful against 2 tier up… Against missouri’s, musashi’s, not koningsberg’s.. Then I’m impressed
    All Community Contributers love uploading replays where they are the top tier.

  12. Still with the HE spam?

  13. Is it me but are brit bb just borning. Sit and fire he all day and i dont feel like i am getting anything done?

  14. Poa Distance traveled 28.16 Km in 17.07 min..

  15. Add on some wonderful music plz

  16. Im the 100 😛

  17. Is he showing
    HE only challenge?
    Mosquitoeing META?

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