Neptune in action 6 kills 150k || World of Warships

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Player: PROXANIS_steel
Map: Sea Fortune

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  1. the new tier 9 Royal Navy Cruiser – enjoy :-)

  2. Personal
    Heavy Cruiser Line of the Royal Navy
    8 inch guns.

    TIER 5
    HMS Hawkins
    The ORIGINAL Heavy Cruiser

    TIER 6
    HMS Exeter
    face to face with Aoba

    TIER 7
    HMS Dorsetshire

    Tier 7 PREMIUM
    HMAS Canberra (Royal Australian Navy)
    Tier 7 PREMIUM
    HMAS Cockatoo
    Australia’s home grown Heavy Cruiser Project.

    TIER 8
    HMS Surrey
    Up-armored County class but 2 knots slower.
    5.5 inch / 140mm belt armor.

    TIER 9
    Winston Churchill’s proposed 12.500 ton to 15.500 ton heavy cruiser
    9 x 8 inch guns

    TIER 10
    Winston Churchill’s proposed 20,000 tons to 22,000 tons Cruiser Killer.
    12 x 8 inch guns or 9 x 9.2 inch guns or 12 x 9.2 inch guns

    I personally hope Wargaming will go for the 9.2 inch (234 mm) gun cruiser @
    Tier 10.
    Move over Moskva.


  3. 7900 damage against the side armor of the Gnesineau. Yes these British CLs
    are paper but if you show broadside even if they can’t citadel you it

  4. Great game

  5. That yolo Farragut lost in the t9 MM (facepalm) ….

  6. where can i find the intro cinematic?

  7. Wow, only AP ?!

  8. 2 fires set using AP only lol

  9. lol, ‘We destroyed their destroyer’

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