Neptune in Ranked CARRY – World of Warships F2P

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This match started really well for us and I thought we had it in a bag but then my team decides to throw it all out the window and suddenly I find myself brawling…in a Neptune…yeah…

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. lol very calm 😀

  2. I remember brought a Neptune into a ranked match but forgot it was a radar setup… I need a smoke screen!!! 😂
    Don’t get me wrong, it is a strong setup but I’m now way near chad level… so yeah… I need a smoke screen?!? 🤣

  3. This player base, its a disaster. I am not ranking up as then my blood will boil. Doing bronze in the massa so i can carry, and its needed hard. Luckily that ship can do it. 70% winrate 100 ranked battles played in it. Its just so good apart against subs.

  4. My next nickname will definitely be “Angel of hanging around watching others do the work”!

  5. MyopicAutisticMetal

    lol Angel of kill secure at best.

  6. Ibuki out there just stealing the kills then wanting gratitude for it.

    • The most tragic thing about players like him is: he won’t learn a damn thing from that match. Actually, he will be convinced he did a great job – since he had 3 kills (more than anyone else on his team). And since this was a win, it will never occur to him that his ass had been carried by others, while his passivity could have actually result in a loss.

    • who bring a ibuki in rank to begin with

  7. Ibuki stealing kills, saying “I got 2 of them, hur hur”
    The fact you got 3 kills and 2nd to last on your team says it all.

    • I think he only got the final hit on the Riga, never touched him otherwise. So thats 600 dmg.

      His total damage was probably like 10k or something pathetic. But 3 kills lol

  8. Grandaddy Nurg's Garden of Precious Gifts

    could’ve radared the agir

  9. just 5 minutes in but the team play on your team was really nice. fletcher answering in chat and providing smoke to cruisers was nice to see…
    Edit: imho that Fletcher would have deserved a +1. Let alone for the team play.

  10. oh man that ibuki`s score , if he hadn`t been ninja`ing peoples kills i`m fairly sure he would`ve been bottom . about as much use as tits on a bull

  11. That Ibuki!!!!???

  12. Krzysztof Gołąb Magalhães

    Hahaha, calm😂😂😂😂😂

  13. it hurt my eyes to watch how badly those enemies played…

  14. That Ibuki was wetter than a spastic’s chin. Hide at the back and end up second from bottom on the team, but because he stole three kills “herp derp, I am de best”. Depressing to watch.

    Good going from you and the Fletcher though. That guy deserved a +1 at least.

  15. If there are more then 5 sec between clicking ‘play’ and ‘like’, you are simply to slow. Practise next 50 videos and you will become better. I promise! <3

  16. ibuki took the easy kills, low HP one’s

  17. can’t wait till u get mino Flambass )

  18. Have you been selling camos to make bank. I sold all mine, since the rework and their inevitable lack of utility, except for credits, except 1 of ea so I may have a token collection. I made a tonne but I’ve had em since the rework. Would you have many camos to sell?

  19. How long until Wargaming implement the battlesub Surcouf (submarine with 8-inch guns and torpedoes) or the carriersub I400 (submarine with an air group and torpedoes)?

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