Neptune saves the game – 3185 base XP – 8kills || World of Warships

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Neptune saves the game – 3185 base XP – 8kills || World of Warships
KleinSK IX Neptune

Battle where we were on our way to losing the game but thankfully the cyclone hits and I was able to kill the ennemi one by one.

One dev strike, confederate, high caliber, kraken.

Commander skills: priority target, Adrenaline rush, superintendant, concealment, manual AA and smoke screen expert.

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  1. Blood_and_Iron74[EMRS]

    Squeaky bum time.

  2. I always love it when the British captain goes ‘off to a cracking start’

  3. Brawling with a Neptune…and surviving. Never quite saw that before.

  4. Now I regret less spending my free xp in this line. The Leander is meh but I will keep going

  5. GG, lucky the enemy CV sent his bombers off to re arm so he was unspotted long enough that the Bismark couldn’t win the game with just one more hit 🙂 Standard CV play 🙂

  6. I’m comfortable in saying the Neptune in some situations is more powerful and dangerous than the Minotaur. Only thing not going for it is that if you fart on deck it’ll splode.

  7. he should get punished by that bismarck at the end for constant broadside smoke shots.

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