NERF INCOMING – Hosho 189k 10 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. Yeah, this is fine….

    -cv mains

  2. Le Dive bombers and Attack Aircraft
    ” Are we Joke to you…?”

  3. Gannicus Notorious


    But next time try to abuse air crafts in 10 lvl))

  4. T4 CVs need to get nerfed so badly ! Almost all low tier matches are cancer because of tryhards who abuse this…

    • Chris_The_Autotech

      It’s not tryhards who are abusing this, tryhards want a challenge. The people who main tier 4 CV’s are doing it because its easy mode, like WOT artillery. It lets them play a whole match without having to use much of their brains. No worrying about any counter to you, you just fly around and click on things. There’s no risk involved, unlike every other class in the game. It dives me insane watching this and wondering how WG ever thought giving a class like this, this much damage output was a good idea. Its so stupid.

    • Chris_The_Autotech To be fair if it were any other hosho player this game other than me the game would have been a loss. But I don’t disagree the Hosho is extremely over powered right now. Wargaming isn’t nerfing it’s damage output however which I think is a mistake.

    • Chris_The_Autotech

      @funnyhappyharry I wasnt necessarily saying you were the type to play T4 CV because you want it easy. However, I don’t think this game was so special that no one else could have done it, you had some mistakes in there that could have netted you even more damage had they not been made. If your used to playing surface ships, CVs are easy mode. As you demonstrate in this game. You can so easily cripple an enemy teams ability to spot, contest cap points and take advantageous positions. This doesnt leave them with many options. Especially when the enemy team is as special as the one you fought in this game. I do totally agree that WG needs to seriously look at how much fun it is to fight against CVs you can do nothing too. The system feels so wrong now. AA was in a pretty good place for a month and then they fucked it again. I don’t understand what they want from CVs.

    • ​@Chris_The_Autotech You do realize this is the kill record NA for Hosho right? And no one is going to be perfect I only missed one drop at the start of the game. Everything else was where it needed to be and when. I didn’t need more damage, damage doesn’t = Skill. The player that kills 3 destroyers and does 60k damage is far more valuable than the player that kills one battleship and does 100k. If I was damage farming I would have ignored the DD’s and the game would have likely been a loss.

    • funnyhappyharry The fact you’re able to do this with the Hosho is nothing short of retarded. A tier 4 carrier should not be landing that much damage or even that many torpedo hits per match. It’s like the post-rework Hakuryu all over again.

  5. Good evening from Asia

  6. Why he cant see the limits when dropping torps or bombs? When aiming i mean

  7. they just buffed it no nerfs incoming any time soon

  8. then u play the hakuryu, and you will score 180k dmg only once in a 10 games

  9. Fun how all those potatoes sail in straight line . Easy for a cv until bb bow their incoming torps

  10. The Spanish Inquisition didn’t expect that size of execution…

  11. Unicum player seal clubbing in an OP ship. Don’t see that often

  12. Sickening. At this tier certainly BB’s are slow and have poor AA. the carrier player have obviously specced for this style and he s very good – but the balance of the game depends on a reliable counter. There is none. Simples!

  13. Enjoyed the video thanks for sharing.

  14. brings back memories of the AS bouge

  15. Way to fix the anti-air WG….AGAIN.

  16. Nice carry 🙂 now we just need you to wipe out the whole enemy team 🙂 BUT GG holy crap man. excellent drops 🙂

  17. I must say, WP for the Hosho. Focusing DDs early on, props to him.

  18. This isn’t OP at all. What are you talking about?

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