NERFED Conqueror =) still OP || World of Warships

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  1. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    Why is he firing HE exclusively?

    • because its still the easy way and Op ? 😉

    • Because those guns have a 47% chance to ignite a fire (the small ones) and 60% the big ones. Firing from a long range means you have a plounging fire (from above) penetrating the deck armor and dealing damage while doing fire almost every salvo – that means a pain in the ass with the repair consumables and health replenishing. You are doing more damage with fires than the shells themselves.

  2. what is nerved here

    • last patch : Balance Corrections

      Conqueror and Lion:

      Changed the reloading time for the Repair Party I consumable from 120 to 180s
      Repair Party II reload changed from 80 to 120s

      Slightly redistributed HP between the casemate and superstructure for Lion. The superstructure located below the secondary battery guns is now attributable to the superstructure of the ship.

      Changed distance of visibility and identification of Conqueror when observed from ships from 14.76km to 15.66km.

    • sorry for the missunderstanding but my comment was just plain sarcasm

      i see an overpowered HE shells with unreal fire chance
      i see a ship that has better concealment that has better concealment than every little fish on the ocean floor
      i see a heal that still looks like a straight cheat

      and they change something that does just not take anything overpowered away from the ship because of how people play it. you dont need your repair party, your party is chilling in the back staying invisible

      doesnt matter i quit playing this game for obvious reasons

  3. PLS NERF…

    • Ignore Maximillian, because he’s a crybaby, and crybabies opinions aren’t worth crap. Keep this ship the way it is, so when I eventually unlock it, after grinding the Monarch and Lion, I can experience the fun of spamming Conqueror super HE at delicate flowers like Maximillian, and make them cry even more.

  4. I dont see any difference

  5. This in/out zooming is really annoying.

  6. What was the zao even doing 😂

  7. I think they nerfed quite good. In my Kurfurst when bow in, I only took 10k damage of Conq HE instead of 12,13,14k before the nerf. 🙂

  8. the game is worse and less fun now because of this ship

  9. Cq HE shell comming~~!
    all things are broking or incipating
    2.3k damage per shell,
    fire/fire/ and fuckin fire again

  10. 12k with HE on a NC…..and the heal….Fuck the Conqueror. I busted my ass for my Furst……this ship is ridiculous.

  11. Bitching about the team when you are out of the position the first 9 minutes of the match…

  12. Don’t upload retarded game play like this again and give potato’s a platform

  13. This guy was avoiding the enemy Conqueror…. shit scared of him by the looks of it ?

  14. i think those who disliked, they never play other tier 10 BBs.

  15. Costas Eco - Oikonomopoulos

    It’s the company’s policy since the day one of the game, in fact, a common policy in MMO gaming industry, the introduction of OP ships-items-perks etc., to convince players to buy or to force grind for them to get the advantage.
    Conqueror got slightly nerfed to ease the players complains and will get balanced when ship’s population reaches the desired number. Next in line of “OPeness” will probably be one of the high tier new US CA’s and a couple of new premiums. This happened in the past many times (Kitakami, high tier CVs, Shima, Yamato, Zao, De Moins, Gearing, German BBs, imp. Nikolai, Molotov, Kutuzov, Flint, Saipan, Belfast and so on…, and will happen again and again in the future.
    WG knows very well the potential of any introduced ship and the need of more statistics in order to correct balance issues with certain ships is just an excuse. Everything gets balanced or removed from premium shops, right after the target-population of those key-ships is reached, meaning, when the total number of particular OP ships threatens the overall balance of the game. This practice is the prime income source of WG and is never going to change, imo.

  16. How is that conq able to heal so much damage?

  17. Dont upload these type of replays so boring to watch

  18. Conq does not need Nerf … British Battleships they are build to Have HIGH HE PEN soo it does not need Nerf 😉 this is one of a lot games that he did had some luck aswell

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