Neustrashimy – 8 KILLS – Soviet 5,6km NINJA || World of Warships

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  1. I want a boat please 🙏 pseudo: Aztoes

  2. Кто-то смог в это говно?

    • Прапорщик Задов

      У меня тот же вопрос. вот думаю,что взять.ЭТО или Блек. По цифрам ЭТО выглядит предпочтительней. Но что-то слишком мало смогших на нём вознагнуть. А “Сталина” брать не хочу.Москва категорически не понравилась.

  3. Patrick Infinite

    A new ship?

    • It’s for steel for very long tbh (4 months ) but it costs 20k steel as base price and 15k with coupon . Black , another T9 DD for steel which has radar but bad torps, costs 14k base and 10.5 k with coupon . So people buy the Black, so few has Neustra which is overpriced. It’s bit better than Black, has much better torps, ok guns and heal. Only lacks that radar. So imho it should be around 15.5-16k base steel. Not 20k.

    • Patrick Infinite

      @SebaX thanks but to much steel.

    • Patrick Infinite yes it’s too much. Though it’s still nothing comparing to Bourgogne . 24k with coupon.

    • The Ugly Barnacle

      These steel ships are noob traps tbh, because unskilled players will automatically buy them and think they’re an automatic “I win” card. The abundance of shit Black players from the ranked season with the Arms Race mechanic was alarming.

  4. What a mass

  5. The Ugly Barnacle

    When your team fails you so hard nothing you can do can save them.

  6. the collision with his teammate caused his death. that decided the game

  7. Bro, ich liebe all die videos die du machst. echt geil edetiert und immer passend zum schiff. Mach weiter so freu mich auf weiter spannene Videos xD PS: Etwas lernen kann man ja auch dabei 😛

  8. Cant see how they can charge 20k steel for this thing. Never see them in randoms.

  9. Спецназ

  10. Название коробля неустрашимый

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