Never Give Up! World of Warships Legends

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  1. When can you do a Q and A video? Got some questions for you:

    Who is your longest friend that you still play with?

    With the introduction of WoWs legends, do you think a World of Warplanes console game be in the works and would you ever play it seeming as War thunder does a similar thing?

    Do you think a universal premium account for all WG console products (like on PC) would be a good idea?

    Thank you for the brilliant content!

  2. why do battleships have better turning circle than cruisers?
    unbalanced POS game.

    • Spartan Elite43

      Speed at which they are traveling. Most battleships are doing sub 20kts so they cover less distance in the same amount of time as a Cruiser who is doing 30kts The steering or rudder shift time of battleships is horrendous but they tend to turn a bit harder due to slower speeds.

      If you want a super hard turn back down the throttle right before turning and you get a much better turn rate. Once you have started the hard turn start to throttle back up

    • why would i want to turn hard in a cruiser that has a 45 second turret traverse and can’t keep it’s guns on target?

      why am i spotted on spawn the very second the game starts?

      why no last stand skill for dd’s?

      Mahan 6.7km surface detection, 3.6 km air detection. but fighters fly 4km from ship, so real detection range is 7.6km, because everyone has a fighter.

      i could go on, but why bother. game is good on PC, total shit on console.

  3. I know your a busy guy but I would like to suggest or request that you post multiple games in your videos. Esp. in WoWs I would like to see more gameplay from you. doesn’t always have to be paddlin goodness just additional viewing pleasure. I appreciate all you do you are a gaming inspiration. thank you sir.

    • Spartan Elite43

      While I appreciate the suggestion I try to do single good gameplay for ease of watching. Makes for smaller videos which are easier to follow and watch. Occasionally I may do double feature episodes or something similar

  4. From now on each time u smack into an island just call it tactical beaching. ( yes it does work). Hitting an island on purpose is a great way to avoid torps ?

  5. I’m so glad I found your channel, by far my favorite for world of warships

  6. Another great video, I’m loving the warship videos! Can’t wait to play Friday!!

  7. Praktijk Zielhorst

    Hey man,
    First of all, i really enjoy your content related to Legends and I would love to see more! Second, I never played the tanks or even the pc version but i love the xbox game, i find it really relaxing, mostly the cruisers. I am now at tier IV with the Americans and i enjoy this one the most yet. Could you make a video about the differences? Tiers and nations, perhaps? Or some quick hints? Anyway, loving the content!

    • Spartan Elite43

      Glad you enjoy! I can probably do that but I definitely need time to play each nation and each class to do something like that though but we’ll see

    • Praktijk Zielhorst

      Spartan Elite43 Awesome! Looking forward for new content, keep this nice work up!

  8. The Iowa in the PC version is tier 9, so this should be interesting to watch.

  9. dE PredatrialSquad

    Could you make your best way of farming XP guide, love your bids, try and get the tier 7 battle ship on the US

    • Spartan Elite43

      Playing lots of games and winning is about it. Try to secure the central caps early because late in the game they are the hardest to cap.

  10. I’m trying to get the Iowa as well, right now I’m on the New Mexico

  11. Another great video.. I’m loving the Warships videos.. like always keep up the good work !

  12. Yeetus McSkeetus

    5:12 I see you are a fan of the old gnome jingles

  13. Never show your sides to enemy battleships. You die really fast in a Iowa.

  14. What have I always told you, Spartan? Destroyers! Admit it…they are a blast…????

  15. 4:51 it’s because the target was moving towards you, he’s right on the edge of your detection range and torpedo range, but he will be in range by the time your torpedoes reach the point of aim. Thus you can torpedo and hit a target without being seen without needing smoke or “stealth torpedoes”. This is a well known mechanic in the PC community.(3 year WoWs PC player). Also absolutely love your videos, was looking for WoWs: Legends content and ended up watching most of your videos, bought an Xbox for legends because of this channel.

  16. Michael Dermody

    I was playing warships the other day, I thought I saw you it was Spartan elite 74 tho

  17. Iowa is fast but the rudder is very questionable.

  18. I have only came across the Iowa once and I almost yes almost killed it with the Colorado . either way I’m 80.000 xp away from the Iowa and I’m exited and I wish you the best of luck too happy I found you at 3 am at night

  19. The meta on wows legends is so different from PC lol. Nice work though

  20. Really glad you added in the opposite side of the Mahan’s Torpedoes. I always forget about them! Loving the content Brother!

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