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The Rework is coming and this is your chance at an early look! Let us know your thoughts below!

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  1. The Hungry Wolf 足柄

    Looking forward to trying it out. Ofc a lot of balancing etc needs to be done but it looks interesting

    • A huge amount of balancing… Enormous amounts of balancing…. from what I just saw… Cv’s will be so OP no one will play any more

  2. I like. This looks like fun, much better than the current system.

  3. I didn’t mind the old RTS view but the rub your stomach while patting your head while you are juggling live hand grenades micromanaging sucked. The dive bomber climb and then dive animation does not look right, they should simply nose over into their dive. This looks good but I foresee an extended open beta like PT to work out the bugs. The fighters looked good, the bombers not so much. While they don’t have any naval bombers in WoWP talking to them about the graphical look of the planes would be a good idea.

  4. id consider a climb feature for bombers. you can dodge a lot of aa, but you lose a huge deal of accuracy

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      Inertia wouldn’t improve accuracy. It might provide better penetration but, if its off, its off.

    • [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

      Nope,Air superiority is already strong as it is now and that “ability” makes it one step stronger even if you lose “accuracy”

    • None Ofyourbusiness Wrong, inertia keeps the bomb following its trajectory. Hence environmental factor like wind, temperature and humidity will do less effect on the accuracy.

    • What you suggest is basically horizontal bombing from high(ish) altitude. As alternative via toggle for dive bombers, why not. Would be handy early game to cause odd fire and knock AA or two.

    • None Ofyourbusiness

      Heavy AA makes for skittish pilots with trigger fingers that go off at the wrong time. So intertia has fuck all to do with accuracy.

  5. This looks much better! I might actually give CVs a try.

    Also, for people complaining about reducing the number of squadrons, that’s the same as every other class. Most other ships can’t attack multiple targets in the same way that CVs used to be able to. I think as a balancing change this will make them less able to control the battle like they previously were able to. It should also reduce the ability for one unicum CV to completely dominate a battle versus a poor player.

    • That is so true about the unicums coming at low tiers just to make the newbie CV captains suffer. I had it happens to me in almost every match when i played CV’s

    • Well as I write this I have about 350 battles in CVs up to level VII in both lines. I am ok, with finally achieving about 50%. While the 3D experience is nice, I think it seems more complicated than the current one. The multiple attacks with squadrons at size 12 – not sure how that will play out. I can state that USN CV is easier because of squadron size and number to play with. You need more mental horsepower and alertness to play IJN CVs. Agree with comment about rockets and fires. Dual purpose planes would be OP. Perhaps allow for strafe of surface vessels with guns? That way ammo is used up, it does some damage but not enough to destroy more than destroyers….

    • Quote:  “Most other ships can’t attack multiple targets”   Really Nick they can’t?  As a DD player I can torp one ship while I am gunning down another, And if I’m smoked up I can do it without being seen. As a Torp carrying CA player I can pretty much do the same thing.  As a BB player (especially French and German BBs) I can spec into secondaries and hammer away at 2 or more ships.  About the only ships who can’t effectively attack more than one target are heavy cruisers and BB’s that have slow firing main armament poor secondary armament and no torps.  Which quite honestly are relatively few in number.

    • 2020Max1 I understand that, but attacking 2 ships at once in a brawl is different than being able to autodrop on 5 ships in a cv

    • This rework takes all of the uniqueness out of CV. And nobody with a half of a brain is attacking five ships at the same time. Or use autodrop. Not to mention there is not a single USS Carrier who is capable to do it in the first place. And i didnt hear a single word about some ships AA, which can wipe out entire squad before you even get to the drop range. If you consider a time which is needed to get your squad to the air, get to the place where u attack (not to mention dodging enemy fighters attack), then a time for getting back to the ship, reload and take off the aircraft, you are punished for every mistake you make. Much more then if u play for example BBs, because there is a differenc between attacking every 30 seconds or every 3 minutes. Often with same result.

  6. This looks to make a bad situation worse. Only 3 planes attack at once, but with a squadron of 12, the CV player now has even more of an ability to re-attack to cause perma-flooding or fires. Also, the rockets seem more than a bit OP. Pretty much a guaranteed fire (or two), incapacitation, or both for EVERY pass. These changes might make it more fun for CV players, but the other 11/12 of each team are going to hate them. More than they hate CVs now.

    • I think they will tweak the damage and fire/flood chance of ordnance quite heavily during beta, perhaps even increases the active time of damage control consumables (just like making repair consumables cooldown-based in WoT to accommodate for arty changes). So no worry there.
      The main reasons many hates CV now are their ability to single nuke any ship in high-tier games and their ability to keep the entire map lit up/denying stealth etc. And most of the time, the hate comes when your CV is outplayed by the enemy CV. That’s when shit happens.

    • Rockets are setting ships on fire, but that is practicly all, they do. Even if they penetrate, it is not doing much damage

    • Everything is a WiP. They said in stream that this is just the concept stream. Numbers are much easier to change than functions. That’s why you saw ships with no aa or no movement.

    • This looks awful as far as how fun it is, there’s no improvement in any way.

    • As someone who hates the current CV gameplay I would strongly disagree. Looks far more engaging and fun.

  7. Well… there goes World of Warplanes being absorbed by World of Warships. lol

    • Iv’e never even heard of that game. I assume it’s another game? I play one game at a time, before i started playing wows in feb this year, i was playing blackops since it came out in 2010… wows is a lot of fun.. but it’s broken in many ways.. If they do this to the carriers, they need to fix a bunch of other stuff or they will suicide their income…

    • War thunder have been the main opponent to world of warships/planes/tanks for years, it includes ships, tanks and planes and you can have them fight in the same battle while being controled by players (at least for tanks and planes).

    • +rangerh81 but you need to pay for ships

    • how will the battleships defend against the subs?

    • +sinoskopya sky They will come for free later

  8. World of Warships Official Channel

    Share your first impressions in comments! Do you like the new concept? Keep in mind that this is only Work in Process. A massive work on UI details, balance testing and tweaking is underway.

    • Kamikaze attacks ! Finally!

    • It looks amazing, it really does, I’m really proud of you guys! Make sure to make it more realistic though and make the environment hazardous to the aeroplanes. Have it so if the CV isn’t paying attention to his/her dive they can end up crashing into the sea or Kamikaze and definitely make Kamikazes a Japanese trait or flight group type, PLEASE!!!!!!!

    • When it comes to skill level, landing torps on ships should take the same skill as it does in a DD/Cruiser, landing bombs from from dive bombers the same skill as cruiser/battleship guns and attack planes like DD/CLs.

    • if this is the new gameplay of carrier i will get one myself 😀

    • It looks like you guys took a leaf out of War Thunder’s book as the aircraft now play like the aircraft from there.


  9. Can u show us a ship’s perspective during an air raid

  10. The AA fire looks absolutely amazing.

  11. Just a suggestion, though: I have always been into using my fighters to protect my teammates, so would it be nicer if instead of only being able to call in fighter support for myself, I can also choose to assign that combat patrol to a friendly ship ?
    Overall, I appreciate the effort of the dev team. Keep it up.

  12. So… Now carriers will just compete against each other for who farms the most damage? The new mode looks quite terrible. Yeah, the aa looks nice, but nothing more. With the way Cvs are now I FEEL like I’m controlling an Aircraft carrier ship. After the massive nerf (rework) will feel like if I’m playing a poor man´s World of warplanes with a mobile spawn base point.
    Also looks quite boring, just fly towards a target, attack it, rinse and repeat all the time? Without being able to do anything else? (Like very basic things like protecting your team from the enemy CV)
    It’s the worse thing WG did after the massive nerf of arties in WOT.
    I really want my money back for my Kaga and Saipan (and I’m talking about REAL money, not doublons because CVs are my main reason to play this game and after the nerf there will be no reason to play this game anymore)

    • +The Rogue Admiral and that complexity drove players away. Sure a lot of people enjoy the current version alot but as the stats show a majority of the player base doesnt like the old system. Its s dying class they are trying to reenergize.

    • You will be missed.

    • It will get teams to work together to shoot down the planes. So better team work will come if it, if they don’t their punishment is certain death.

    • +Ethan Edwards sorry, I believe in a lot of things, but even santa is more real as the expectation of getting more teamwork from this change, there is less planes and alpha going towards a ship, and their aa will be more usefull, so all in all its more likely to reduce aa ships and people covering eachother with aa in anything other than ranked or divs

    • Just R.I.P CV

  13. Looks… interesting.
    Although i’d redesign the Dive Bombers so that they fly at high altitude normally and, well, dive when the start an attack run – would look more natural to me, but alas, i’m not really an expert at that field.

    Also, i’d love to see a bit more regarding fighter suppport – how exactly will it work, how much of an impact does it have on the accuracy of ongoing attack runs, etc.
    The last part regarding the accuracy is also interesting in respect to the defensive fire consumables.

    i presume no big change in the way you navigate your carrier herself, so mostly giving waypoints.

    All in all: if this makes CV’s a bit more popular and less “insta-kill everything or fail horribly”, then i’m all for it.

  14. If I wanted to play Battlestations, I’d play Battlestations.

    • then go play it

    • I see what you did there, this “controllable” planes are much like the old Battlestations series. Nothing different between this two, with 3 planes on each attack, TBM-Avenger rockets.. Indeed, a legit copy. Now, only need time to bring the submarine being implemented

    • +Machida Ueno still different from that as AA gun can be manually controlled in battlestation

    • +rexatimperator Yeah, exception for that one. But, which AA gun you’re talking about? If it was BS, only AA guns from heavy bombers (e.g G4M, G3M, that fortress bomber series) can be controlled. And if it was from ship, then I have nothing to talk. Since so far, the WoWS has automated AI which control all the secondary weapon (those AA is included in secondarys), and BS has manual control (but you can switch it to AI)

  15. Im just giving my opinion what possible concerns might be. Im not hating or complaining. And sorry for the long comment. I thought about this quite a bit.^^

    Possible concerns in my opinion.

    1. Do all Planes have the possibilty to engage other planes?
    Cause if still only fighters are able to, they would be like the “jack of all trades” cause they can defend their team from enemy airraids and also attack surface vessels.
    Maybe very reduced damage and fire potential could be a solution for this.

    2. Maybe its a bit Op. Its like four strikes in a short period of time. They could hit you with a strike and attack immediatley after one used his damage control. Which means full time flooding or fires.
    If a Captain decides to wait for the other strikes before using his ability the Carrierplayer just waits until the Fires out or the player did use his Damage control just to strike him again.

    3. Its quite hard for me personally to avoid manually aimed Airstrikes and with this mechanic it might be even harder for sluggish ships to avoid these strikes by manouvering clever.
    Considering point two these ships, especially battleships, suffer from constant loss of hp.

    4. If this will be in the game please make it availible for all tiers if Carriers.
    Im at Tier 4 and 5 with my carriers at the moment and i dont like to lack of a manual Drop option. I dont need the improved accuracy but controlling the direction and distance of the drop by myself would be pretty neat.
    But ships of lower tiers with a big lack of AA-armament would suffer.

    5. Will there be replacements for shot down aircraft? I gues so, but maybe having 16 to 20 Airplanes in total, with a high chance of hitting with at least one bomb or torpedo could be realy annoying.

    Positive Arguments

    1. It seems more enjoyable for Carrier Captains to actually command their attacksquadrons than the previous mechanic.

    2. If a Ship is attacked by only one squadron of planes a Captain could fully focus on avoiding hits from that particular squad, if theres only one carrier on the enemy team. This might be more challenging to do, than it is at the moment (i guess), but one doesnt have to worry about 2 sets of torpedobombers, which drop in an crossattack and a set of divebombers, which will strike while you are trying not to eat all of them torpedos.

    But it seems like a nice mechanic with potential, but it sure need some extensive testing. It would also be nice to know what those different abilities for the planes are. One was boost, but i didnt get the other one.

    • World of Warships Official Channel

      1. The will be no Plane vs. Plane gameplay, except the ability to summon AI-controlled fighters.
      2. Any damage or accuracy parameters can be tweaked on testing stage. We’ll try to make sure it’s balanced.
      3. Good point. We are going to rework AA gameplay too to alleviate this.
      4. Yes, the new gameplay concept will be implemented for all tiers.
      5. Aircraft on CV is now unlimited, however there will be some delay in replacement of lost aircraft.

    • I’m liking the feedback from WG on the topic. Looking forward to see how things go. Thanks for taking players concerns into the game WG.

    • I like that the solution to agile Aircraft is being tackled with a counter, Ie in this case AA adjustments, rather than a nerf, Eg making airplanes less agile or very sluggish or less accurate etc…
      Planes became the dominant force in the Pacific for a reason…. they are more agile than even the smallest ships in WoWS. Keeping them that way is good.

    • +World of Warships Official Channel
      1. So i guess thats the one ability i didnt know the purpous from?
      And whats the AI-controlled fighters job? Self defense for the Carrier against Attacks i guess?
      2. Yeah thats important to balance it in sone way. If its balanced good it will be enjoyable for maybe both sides 🙂
      3. Glad to hear that something I mentioned seems to be a valid point 🙂
      4. Thats nice. Because the way it is right now, new players have to learn how to play the Carriers, and learn smth new as they reach tier 6. Or they will never know that manual dropping even exists
      5. Hm im not quite sure about that one to be honest.
      If all my planes will be replaced i just send them into suicide missions cause ill get new ones anyway.
      On the other hand, if it takes like 2 minutes, a good Player would try to keep his planes alive, cause his offensive capabilities would get reduced alot.

      The respawn of lost aircraft should take longer than restocking them cause other way it would be like yeah get in there drop your bombs and so on and die. Yeah easy new ones and faster.
      But on the other hand, like it is right now, if a whole squadron dies, the carrier starts to instantly ready up a backup squad. Which seems like a logical thing to do.

      Well that one did also come out longer than expected :/.
      And I must say its nice to get such a fast Feedback from Wargaming! Also that valid points are being considered.

      Also I love the way they are doing it right now! “Hey communitc we’ve got an idea what you think?”
      Best thing to do. Instant feedback for developers which means they could save some time in the developing process, when “annoyibg stuff” is “blocked” by the community. Players get to influence the game in sone way, and the game will be more likely to represent what they want.

      Nice job, keep that good work up! 🙂

    • +World of Warships Official Channel

      Just make sure there won’t be a situation where a Musashi eats 3 torps from such a squadron every 10 seconds and cannot do something against it at all.

      Before / currently you ate a wave and the planes need to go back and you could at least do something until you died to the 2nd or 3rd wave if you got no help.

      Because if that’s the case you will make some CV players happy and will loose many players in my opinion.

      This looks fun to play but very very hard to ballance…

      A maximum of replacement planes might be helpful so a CV player gets punished if he pulls the most insane stunts. Or the squadron size permanently shrinks by 1 every time it’s completely destroyed…

  16. The main issue I see is that versus a ship which is alone, which has no anti-air defenses, these airstrikes seem impossible to stop and if used skillfully can deal an absurd amount of damage. Fighters, as a means to control the enemy’s aircraft and limiting where he could perform airstrikes have always been important for carrier gameplay. While the new system is thrilling, dynamic, and overcomes many of the limitations currently affecting manual versus automatic drops, it also cuts out a large amount of the tactical aspect and seems like it would make the handling of fighters within the system almost impossible.

    So, if you’re a solo destroyer, pushing into and capturing a point at the start of the game (as you do), what’s stopping an enemy carrier from just using those rocket planes to endlessly bombard you and delay or stop your capture totally? The answer isn’t quite as simple “Oh, you can just have cruisers there” because cruisers have to worry about other cruisers and RNG battleship plunging fire ruining their day. Right at the start of the match DD bravery is super important to the metagame, and giving people EVEN MORE WAYS to counter destroyers, especially right at the start of the match, doesn’t seem like the right thing to do.

    • I did notice that the attacks aren’t doing a tremendous amount of damage compared to a traditional torpedo attack, for example.

    • I detect a salty destroyer player who isn’t looking forward to CVS coming back. Here is my advice, play something American or ask your crew to start vaping. Like all destroyers do

    • isn’t it pretty common knowledge now that a cv player will go spot the caps for dd first anyways, and potentially just strike them down fast as possible at its current version anyways? unless we have a cv sniper in our midst that is. Cv players have usually spotted caps and maybe throw a strike down anyways, the only time a cv player would unspot you is if you smoke (sometimes), an aa ship came over, or fighters came over. so the only thing that has changed here is that they can be a little more annoying because multiple attacks, but hardly any different from before, that and the fighters are different

    • you do know that its not about rushing in towards cap point right? its not the destroyers job to capture, its everybody’s job to capture. now what you point will always be the same at enemy DD, if you didn’t rush and wait for your cruisers to get into position and you spot for them 1st. it benefits the whole team, and if the enemy DD rushed into the cap then its a win for your team because your CV can drop bombs easily on their rushing DD’s. its all about mind games.

    • This footage shows dive bombers almost always start one fire and do nothing else. Actually watch the video before complaining, this refit is a nerf to cv’s.

  17. This seems like a mobile game, the skill cap just seems so low…

  18. Heading in the right direction! Good job team!

  19. I honestly like the old system better. The top-down RTS system has a much more tactical feel to it and allows the CV player to do multiple things at a time instead of purely focusing on torp run after torp run after torp run with a single squadron.
    The rework looks amazing and it certainly seems exciting, but it also feels too arcade-like. This is World of Warships, not Afterburner.
    My suggestion: Keep the previous RTS view and targeting system while reducing the number of squadrons the CV can deploy, but increase the number of planes in each squadron that can make multiple attack runs before needing rearming. Sorta a mixture of the old style and this new one. But definitely not 4 torp runs at a time, maybe 3 at most. 2 would be ideal. With this new system, if a CV targets you, you’re dead. And no amount of AA and armor will save you.

    • MrStrikecentral i feel like there should be a hybrid of the old and new systems. Like this is what the new manual drop is like for one squadron, but then you can switch back to RTS mode to manage other squadrons (and also auto drop). Also, they said the AA systems would be getting a massive buff. Like the short-midrange AA guarantees plane damage now

    • If you want to play an RTS game.. go and play one. WOWS is a naval arcade shooter. CVs in their current style simply dont fit into this description hence being near impossible to balance in their current form… which is exactly why the rework is happening.

    • Really? Because in the current system if a CV wants you dead, there is nothing you can do. When he can triple torp bomb a BB with all narrow spreads, theres no surviving that. I prefer the look of this new system. If a CV wants to press an attack, they have to stay in AA range for a long time and cannot launch 3 unavoidable strikes at the same time, instead having to stagger them. I do think it needs balancing though. AA effectiveness should get EXPONENTIAL the closer to the ship you are, so these close attacks should be suicidal. Im excited to see this new system, with balancing of course

  20. MY first impression is I will expect cash refunds for paid carriers

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