NEW – Banana Boat Okhotnik || 6kills 159k dmg || World of Warships

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Player: genizeno
Ship: Okhotnik
Map: Archipelago

User Description:
How to lose in OKHOTNICK with 6 159k on the last shot…
Lots torp kills, a couple off tricky shots, an ending that just didnt go my way…

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  1. the thumbnail, lmao

  2. Galder Goiriastuena

    That fucking dd is OP 😀

  3. he acts foolish at the beginning

  4. love the meme image XD

  5. Big risk on behalf of the Emerald to take out the Robotnik. Could have easily ran off, hid, and won on points.
    Fortunately it worked out for them.
    The Robotnik was played well, could have been a little more cautious at the beginning. But as they say Coulda Shoulda Woulda.
    Was still an entertaining replay.

  6. Зачётный бой

  7. Если б не команда сдох бы с самом начале боя от Изяслава.

  8. love this boat – its like a pencil full of canons

  9. How to miss a cap when you’re eager for fighting …

  10. It looks like a cheater, the way he aim is always the straight-prediction,and at 12:30, his sight was drew to a dead target in a swift and strange way. That doesn’t looks like a human aim at all.

  11. way gg PK – thank you!

  12. I think it would be a won game if he closed the distance to the island and exit on the left side perpendicular to the Emerald; load HE and drop torps will be victory before Emerald can turn her guns.

  13. The friendly Bogue had really bad positioning in the End.

  14. Well that destroyer is going to hard to kill with a battleship

  15. looks like a bunch of water canons.

  16. Christopher Matarazzo

    damn that sucks he lost, so disappointing

  17. Imagine in real life, if1 gun is manned 5 sailors, that deck is one busy deck. Any enemy shell that hits that deck is going to be bloody.

  18. Should I get the Okhotnik? If anyone has it, please tell me your opinion on it.

  19. Nice watching you landing at that landing bridge. On the spot!!! Nice game, too!

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