NEW BUFFALO T9 US CRUISER || first REPLAY – WIP | World of Warships

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  1. whole review will follow soon – this was 1 of my first test rounds in the new tier 9 heavy cruiser US

  2. I do hope they give her torps.

    • Would differs too much from the rest of the line, so no chances on that, they already answered a question like that in the forums about another new US-CA and that was the answer.

    • Well, the Buffalo was originally shown with torps, so we were all expecting her to have them.

    • Well it was WIP at the time, and is still today, so she was subject of change as she’s still is. But so far she’s unlikely to have them back =/

  3. Ship looks extremely capable, shame panzerknacker sucks exploiting her strengths. Should have been deleted by the pensacola but she was firing HE.

  4. Can we see atleast a decent game :/

    • He plays better than you. This was a great game. nuff said.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Exodriver that doesnt mean he doesnt suck. He stayed behind an island all game without even using his guns effectively and got himself killed the moment he tried to do something. He plays the same as most of us.

    • Risheen Mukherjee Trust me, its Not easy to explore a New ship when everyone and His mother Shooting you when you Show Up.

    • Risheen Mukherjee

      Panzerknacker of course, I completely understand that. 🙂 But there were times when you could have been positioned better – thats what I’m saying. Wasn’t trying to be rude to you, that other guy was being a dick for no reason.

  5. Cool ship. I like it.

  6. I thought Neptune was huge but Buffalo approaches Russian level large.

  7. how creative wargaming, put on another turret an increase reload

  8. Can you do one of the Seattle, WIP Cleveland, and Worcester?

  9. Looks nice.
    People will cry for a reload buff and get it, something impossible for Hipper/Prinz Eugen…

  10. The 13sec reload is HARSH. It needs to be maybe 9-7sec reload.

  11. It’s the USS Zao! But without torps

    • If speed boost is up (black smoke from stacks), you shoot where he’s going to turn (away from you if he’s kiting you, towards you if you’re kiting him) . If you catch one that’s NOT looking at you and showing broadside, give A LOT of lead, this thing does 40+ knots. Also, if a Henri is angled, aim for the bow or stern, as the broadside armor will swallow your shells (black hole, spaced armor).

      If a Henri is really good and staying 15km+, there’s no chance you’ll get him on your own as a BB, unless you’re really lucky, though. If 2 or 3 ships are shooting a Henri, however, his zig-zagging will prevent him from picking up speed.

      It’s basically like shooting a really big Khabarovsk.

    • im cruiser main … but still it can be hard hiting that thing with lead…

    • Ah, if you’re in a cruiser, I suggest leaving it alone until you manage to close to around 12km :p While it’s not impossible to hit a Henri at longer ranges, the damage you do to it won’t be very significant.

      While what I wrote seems obvious, when I play Henri, I often intentionally eat a citadel at the start of the match to drop my hp to ~50% for adrenaline rush, as most of the time I only eat overpens for the remainder of the match…

    • yeah same thing for me love it when they crit me and it gets the adrenaline rush going

    • IX cruiser can equip range module already.Buffalo definitely shorter than Zao about 0.6-0.8km

  12. Vermisste deine Stimme digga sonst wie immer gutes Video selbe schreib auch noch unters kronstadt Video 🙂

  13. Love the Des this looks different. Seems like fast shells or lower gun arcs and slower reload. A different style of play. I like it.

  14. hat der Kreuzer nicht so eine kurze Reichweite?naja ich weiss nicht..ohne Teammate ohne Nebel und ohne torps..nee muss ich nicht haben

  15. Indianapolis Jones

    is there any reason to play IJN cruisers anymore?

    • Just_Some_Random_Tryhard_Gamer

      Indianapolis Jones Zao.
      Excellent shell speed, penetration, typical unrivalled Japanese dispersion, F3 torpedoes. Fastest rudder of any cruiser and the best stealth of any “heavy cruiser”. And still incinerate anything with IJN HE.

    • Zao has ten times better shell velocity and the best concealment among her peers

  16. good video but the ship is crap imho

  17. any plans on starting to do voiceover commentary?

  18. Wow this was not a great game in this ship, that neptune must have hated you

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