NEW CHANNEL + A HELLISH EXPERIANCE in the roma | World of warships

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So, after a few days with no uploads due to a power outage, we’re finaly back and raring to go. So here, ladys and gents, a hellish game in the roma where everything wrong in the world all came bareling down at once. Plus, we have a new channel, or an old channel with new life.


  1. When are Battleship Captains gonna learn to FIRE HIGH EXPLOSIVE at “lightly armored targets”? You should try it sometime you will get less over pens and more damage.

    • They have learned… at least the ones I face in American CLs. And I am greatly disappointed every time because my health bar cries.

  2. The weird “shotgun sub torpedoes” have a simple, plausible explanation, actually.

    Torpedoes were launched in sequence, so they all crosed the “minimum homing distance” at slightly different moments. They also home at prediction of your location, not at your actual current location. So as you were shifting your rudder at that time, each one of these torps got their “last prediction” differently.

    Fighter pilots can use something similar to defeat a missile – they keep changing their direction while missile is still far away. If missile sees you going left, it will aim a few kilometers to the left on an interception course. Then you turn right and missiles prediction of interception point moves drastically. All these course changes make missile loose a lot of energy and speed. This means drastically reducing missile range – it wil be out of fuel before it reaches you.

    But if you have computer game with artificial cap on minimal homing distance, then you end up with these kind of phenomena like torpedoes spreading out all of a sudden 🙂

  3. Hi there. Good generic greetings to you!

    Have you looked at the new game Owlcat Games is making? I think it would be fun to play… if my laptop could run it. 😢

    Edit: From the looks of it, it’s a single player, party based RPG set in the 41st century. Hail the Emperor! May his light protect us from Xenos!

  4. What is *with* the water tower on top of the Roma?

  5. Kardashevite Ultravisionary

    Just as the Spreadsheet intended

  6. Damn- that was some fine ranting and trust me I’m quite the connoisseur. Well done good sir.

  7. Yes gettinjg stuck in a battle with two tier 8 cv’s and subs is no fun at all! I play an Atlanta and get hit with 2 tier 8 CV’s and 3 subs and I want to rage quit.

  8. You should consider making a Discord server man, would be sick

  9. Last time I saw that was when my graphic card was starting to fail.

  10. I think WG should have a night mode where you guys sail in open water and the only way to give your position away is when you fire. Radar is disabled for that mode….I think that would be nice. If CV’s play, planes will be unable to spot you.

  11. Submarines are ruining World of Warships the same way they ruined NavyField. At least AA was very effective in that game. Took skill though. Was very fun. Such a shame the developers had their heads so far up their own ass.

  12. Sometimes I wish you played the Giuseppe Verdi. It was my particular favorite pasta boat when i still played the game. Yeah it’s basically just a Marco Polo with Sap Secondaries but boy was it fun. There was a good chance your secondaries didnt do jack most of the time but man when they did…. I didn’t even get to experience playing it and using those secondaries on subs either….

  13. You make really nice videos. Your wows content is very entertaining despite how infuriating it is. Please keep making content.

  14. Oh you poor poor Canadian. You think weegee care? Oh our player base isn’t having fun and player counts are declining. Don’t care wot is doing fine.

  15. Only a power outage. Thank the gods. I thought it was food poisoning… again.

  16. Haha aweme video and content! As always 🙂

  17. @Raging Canadian, check out the dev blog with the Illinois… would love to hear your humor over that ship as man it looks interesting.

  18. New graphic update look so much fun!

  19. Wooo, second channel, more content.

    If you wanna enjoy some turbo nerd stuff. If you like hour long podcasts where we discuss lore and Science fiction, then the link below will take you to my second channel. Enjoy:

  20. That’s a boiler on top of Roma’s bridge? 🙂

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