NEW CHINESE DESTROYER – Anshan (World of Warships Destroyer Review)

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  1. Андрей Сапегин

    Крута. Молодец!

  2. “greatness happened every daay” .. that was funny as hell.
    but oh my.. lol no offence baron but after discovering Flamu and watching a
    bunch of his vids lately, i might suggest going to take a look at his
    stuff. might learn a thing or two esp with regards to DD gameplay…

  3. Are you gonna do some more Napoleonic Wars ?

  4. Demarticus Stone

    So, it’s a crappier Murmansk? (Minus it being a DD and the Murmansk being a

  5. Is the flag is almost as the flag of the Qing Dynasty flag?I am not talking
    about on the ship but where Baron showed the stats.

  6. Baron where did you get that picture with the dragon in the background?

  7. Funny thing is, AnShan is the city I’m from, lolololololol.

  8. Please do more mount and blade noploinc war

  9. they should have a modern world of warships

  10. USSEnterpriseA1701

    Always good to see you play this game, and doubly so today. I just lost a
    match thanks to someone using the microwave and for some reason, that
    knocks out the wifi. It had to be my luck that it was at a pivotal moment
    when my actions were the key to victory. I am perfectly willing to admit
    that I am watching you to make me feel better.

  11. Hey Baron! You’ve your videos in “Travel & Events” category … you can
    switch to “videogames” that is better, i think

  12. Essex

  13. so this is basically a stripped down version of the gremanschy at a higher
    tier. With only faster torps and some extra health

  14. Zavier Guidry (Zguid)

    Every time he would exhale on the mic my eardrums would burst

  15. Atago plz m9

  16. awesome 🙂 a new world of warships vid!

  17. hey baron how do you get lots of golden Eagles


  19. jackson Pickerell


  20. What do people think WoWs needs most. Stuff that will make you go WOW!

  21. Every time you make Generals quotes it makes me want to play it even more

  22. also I vote for Iowa next video!

  23. I want to ask one question, how do you guys seem to get decent xp? I get
    jack all even if I have destroyed ships in game. I think I’m doing
    something wrong lol

  24. Un-subbed for racist asian accents, bad pronunciation, and some of the most
    unobservant/ignorant gameplay ever. Tashkent is high tier russian DD. How
    do you screw up the map in FO4. How do you call this DD Tier 9 not once,
    but twice.

    And to think I found you funny.

  25. Nice to see you back in WoWS Baron! I missed your videos.

  26. Santiago Gimenez

    Why dont you Get the comader skill to be able to use your steering after

  27. Assuming you have it, howsabout taking the Saipan for a spin and give us a
    preview before its release this month?

  28. what you should do is redo ALL of your captains and use the proper skills
    for each class to best showcase true gameplay

  29. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    im actually getting kinda pissed that you can sail russian and chinese
    ships but not the brittish fleet

  30. hi baronvongamez can you play the clevand pleas

  31. 鞍山号!??

  32. Let’s see hoe Lrong that shrip lrasts. ???

  33. I played it. the turrets suck nutski so if you get spotted by an enemy DD
    you’re pretty much boned. But if you hang back and then go on the prowl
    ninja style it’s very useful.. as long as you don’t get pulled into a Tier
    8 match.

  34. British?

  35. If I were to be honest, I like the Anshan. Got it the day it came out. Once
    I learned my mistake and upgraded to the 8km torps, I switched playstyles
    every battle. Depending on the tiers I got, I would mostly run as an
    Anti-DD ship, since the guns are powerful enough to take out enemy DDs
    quickly. And then id use torps when needed. The Anshan definatley has a
    unique playstyle, for sure.

  36. How do you have the British navy?

  37. The Cookie Diary

    Slickbee the optimist. Try sailing out the ship with 40 torpedoes because
    you are murder with torps.

  38. Where are the french and italian ships, i want them!

  39. Its Chinese it must break easily!

  40. You really need to practice some more bro, horrible gameplay and only the
    missus fortuna was blessing thy with incompent enemys so you actually
    managed to do anything in that game lol. Still funny as ever, just wish you
    would play the game some more, so the gameplay would be abit informative
    and not just enteraining cuz you and slick are messing around

  41. baron!! play this game in full screen windowed, the quality will be far far
    superior and of course, it will still be full screen, just the picture of
    the game fits better to the screen so you get better quality

  42. FrustratedNameSearch

    Why the hell would anyone buy this POS ? Grinding is no good if you are
    dead all the time.

  43. How can I get that much money and doubloons

  44. y they adding new countries… should be completing german tier at least

  45. Why are they copying and pasting “new” ships so often? Or is it
    historically accurate for China to copy and paste?

  46. Baron, Tashkent was the reward ship, for finishing top tier season one
    ranked battles.

  47. How about gather up your gang and do a little team battle?

  48. ohh you touch my chinese friend….my ching ching chong

  49. That thumbnail is really sweet!

  50. Anshan was great for me, real nice when you shoot your torps and need to
    melt a surprise dd

  51. baron, do you make your amazing thumbnails?

  52. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    My mum said if i dont turn the volume down she will smash my head on the
    keyboardjdjsoajagiczifozcozchvahvapuvsohvsphvsiBknxije oua gxsjfcazaupvua

  53. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  54. Always turn of AA when playing DD’s

  55. Baron Baron how do you get so much gold in WoWs? hacker XD

  56. Anshans been in game for 3 weeks and the thumbnail is lo yang

  57. Blue Creeper92_YT

    i challenge to kill yourself with torpedos using a destroyer
    *insert lenny face here*

  58. you should make videos on steel ocean its a really fun game to play.

  59. keep up the good work!


  61. “25.. 20.. what the shit” AHAHAHA baron never change lol :3

  62. wait one view and 3 likes i call haxs

  63. yes more because you are barely doing the videos on this

  64. Armando The Commander


  65. I vote for us playing the Iowa #makeithappen

  66. baron don’t you know torpedus are always amazing

  67. nice thumbnail

  68. third

  69. Second! Awesome!

  70. 35th, my closest yet!

  71. So what ship should I sail out next, it’s high time for the Ship Request
    series to come back….give your vote and let your voice be heard, or walk
    the plank ye land lubbers.

  72. Happy Friday everybody! Remember…..greatness happens everyday haha.

  73. First mate!

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