NEW Commander skills 0.6.0 || World of Warships

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  1. yeah I can’t even play on the test server I have it on my laptop but it
    keeps going to the main server which it sucks

  2. looks very nice and promising…. what you guys think ??

  3. EpicMeme EMPEROR (Mr. President Trump)

    *Sweet! thank you!!*
    Looks pretty good!

  4. Wait.. was is the currency required to retrain a captain ?
    Commander XP ?
    We need to spend the same amount of Cmdr XP than the last point he got ?
    This seems a lot..


  6. Is the amount of commander xp the same for each level reached ? Also is the
    “elite” commander status achieved when he has 19pts ?

  7. I really like adrenaline rush.

  8. is the new pts out

  9. Nevermind it wasn’t clickbait.

  10. what will happen to the old commander points? redistribute?

  11. Wait a moment, doesn’t that radio positioning thingy basically mean that
    you will always have a free information on where the enemy DD is even if
    he’s not spotted?

  12. how does advancing in the tree work? are they considered 4 different
    branches? If so, this feels like they wanted to nerf the impact your
    captains have on gameplay .. not sure about this. + they should add a skill
    that automatically reports overly passive players on your team

  13. Can’t wait for these!

  14. Wow with my 18 point jap cv captain I can put more skills now

  15. so advanced firing training can stack?

  16. WG just messed up again. How OP it is for any ship playing against a DD to
    have Priority Target and RDF at the same time?
    How come removing the most immersive “feature” of the game – the “unknown”
    or “suspense” factor – is good for the game? I never had any kind of
    problems against DDs and i don’t understand how not being able to “easily”
    take out a DD is a problem. In like 30 battles playing BBs i get sunk by a
    DD maybe 1 one time…. Sometimes (only sometimes), in some battles – again
    using a BB – i get hit by 1 torpedo or 2….Is that an issue??
    When i play CAs, i may have a hard time against BBs but i’m always hunting
    down DDs so i can easily sink them. Hell, the problem is that “it’s not
    really, really, really easy to hunt down and sink DDs so “magic” skills
    need to be implemented?
    BBs and CAs don’t know how to handle DDs now? It’s so freakin easy… a
    good player tries to figure out where the DD is to sink him… a good
    player tries to navigate in a way that he doesn’t even have to dodge
    torpedos you see? Not because the DD is sinking him! It’s just so that
    noobs don’t even have to worry about proper sailing of the ship and torpedo
    dodging. It’s not because that DD is so dangerous. It’s simply because it’s
    just one less thing to worry about. That’s what’s so messed up about this
    kind of crap “sorcery” skills.
    Anyway WG is making all kinds of crap decisions so i can only imagine the
    mess in WG organization. A company saying that the same game is managed in
    5 different ways by 5 different independent (!?) teams based on server
    location is the kind of thing that will cause a stroke to any business
    manager. The kind of excuses and justifications for the most ridiculous
    decisions are even more ridiculous.
    Did you noticed the amount of players in YT comments trying to sell their
    account?? I wonder why.

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