New Commander Skills Make Ohio Unkillable!

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  1. I am looking forward to running the consumable reduction skill on Vermont.

    • What is the direct benefit for Vermont? It’s concealment is really good allowing you to stay dark a lot and pop a shot at range. I get that every BB gets farmed at some point but the skill might be better suited for ships that are better at pushing in.

    • ​​@slip6699 Like Ohio, it has the fast cooldown heal, so you can get it back really quick. I have found Vermont to be incredibly tanky (I think the armor layout?) and this was before the skill change.

      Due to the concealment, amazing guns, and amazing agility, I try to use Vermont at the 12-18km range.

    • @David Donahue with CVs and subs, concealment for BBs is a joke. Sometimes you aren’t spotted. Most of the time, if you aren’t cruising the A line, you’re spotted the entire game.

  2. the extra heal skill definitely seems like a great pick on kremlin, that thing normally soaks potential damage, and that extra heal makes up for the one less charge it gets in comparison to other BBs. Same for the superheal BBs that aren’t incomp.

  3. Wondering if this also works with ASW planes, since that’s often a way to find players behind an island. That would potentially make that decision to send out the ASW planes more of a risk if an enemy ship is on fire or trying to get to the next heal. If it does, then that really does add an extra dimension to that gameplay.

    • It works with AA on, so yes, it does work with asw planes

    • I understand occasional usage of ASW to get “semi spotting” but I swear current usage of ASW planes by average playerbase is like IQ check and they fail every single time: 90% of asw planes are dropped onto spotted surface ships – change my mind

    • ​@Random dudeyeah, I really feel like half of the population doesn’t really understand the actual reason for dropping them and they just spam all of the modules.

    • It’s also suprising that players wont use asw to lure off carrier’s fighters negating plane spotting

    • @Random dude I use them on spotted ships when in close battle because I was never sure if the planes distracted dual purpose secondaries like what you find on german ships that use secondaries as both anti ship and AA.

  4. Imagine this build on the upcoming US tier 11 BB

  5. I suppose these sorts of changes are more good than bad. I would like to see an analysis of experienced players’ ship builds for ships they actually play. I think you’ll find 80% of all commander points are spent on the same things (per class). For example, all BB builds are about the same. I expect 2ndary and survival builds and not a lot else. This is where the discussion should begin. WG then should buff every skill that players don’t take until we start seeing a diversity of builds. For example, “ plus your DC comes back 10% quicker if your ship is within 10km of a capture point”. Next patch, maybe that would be increased to 15% and so on, until people start taking it. If everyone suddenly takes it, it would be reduced. There no reason these values can’t change slightly from week to week.

    • A good idea of what high skill players are running comes from yurra’s ship build guide as well as his general guide collection. It’s not 100% what all the high WR/PR players are running, and what you run in randoms will likely be different than in CBs, but it’s a very good guideline to what unicum players consider optimal.

  6. I have been running UU Worster for long time. The UU give you 20% faster cool down on ALL consumable and extra charger of each. I also run the 4 point AA shill…with that, I can use all SIX heals easily…It is gonna be nice to have 6 heals on BBs

  7. i wonder if a build with only 1 lvl 4 skill ( the secondary for ohio and flandre for exemple and instead of taking fire prevention get basic of survability for one less point ( it would free you some point like demo expert

  8. Its great that theres a rework to commander skills to spice up builds and make people try out new things, and also a good thing that theres no issues or possibly shady things going on with commander respecing, and only half of this is sarcasm.

  9. This build looks pretty cool. It’s cool seeing the Legends icons too.

  10. Played a meme build with Furious, SHAP, IRPR, ERE on GK and Kremlin and it’s without exaggerating the most fun i had with WoWs in months. I caught myself hitting the Battle button because i really want to get into the next match instead of just grinding something out. It just feels good to not being restricted to back line sniping and waiting for the late game but getting closer, taking damage away from your team and brawling the enemy team down. Love the update.

  11. ERE + DCP mod gives almost 31s dcp run time, coupled with good rotation of 40s CD heal + plane reduction. good luck killing it

  12. Really enjoyed this video, it resets my thinking on this ship, which I love btw.

  13. That could be a very nasty skill to have on a Thunderer or the Incomparable, and obviously a Conqueror.

  14. Seeing some AA builders for BB’s and Cruisers would be awesome. I expect they will not be a good as the “good old days” of no-fly zones but they may give a CV a bit of a punch to the nose. Maybe better in lower tiers with weaker CV’s?

  15. Thanks PQ! Working my way up to the OHIO! Interesting to see how I can make the Montana better.
    Enjoy the fact that Commander skills can be altered for free. But hiding the way to activate them is chincey. I really enjoy the game. Been playing for 3-1/2 years now.

  16. Love running improved AA and ASW expert on ships sporting heavy AA protection like the San Diego. it’s amazing how fast and how many planes you’ll shred if the squadron gets anywhere near you. And you can also wreck subs that are stupid enough to get spotted near you. Sometimes the match is over and you’ll do a double take on how many planes you downed and you didn’t even realize that was happening. On non-CV matches, you still can be an effective sub hunter and make them wish they got no where near you. To have this kind of health power for BBs, yahh, you got to imagine it was provided to influence BBs to push in more.

  17. Man those Gouden drops give lots of potential damage

  18. I run the AA defense expert and asw expert on my iowa. along with some other abilities, I can get the ship todo 40 Knots, and even russian carriers find it hard to get through my AA

  19. Holy cow, this will make montana with unique upgrade even more unkillable

  20. Thank you for the build. I think that replacing the secondary skill for Burning would be interesting to try as it could very synergy. Playing the tortchman ; burning a keep your health wile shooting like a machine gun ?

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