NEW – Conqueror : 222k DMG 20 Fires and Double Strike || World of Warships

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Alexcalibur96 X Conqueror
NEW – Conqueror : 222k 20 Fires Double Strike ||
I was trying to shoot HE for entire game in a Conqueror and result was pretty surprising. Hope you all enjoy this!

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  1. The new tier 10 BB from the royal Navy !!

  2. Muh detection range, muh fire chance 😀

  3. How are the british battleships because im stuck on amagi.

  4. Nope. Can’t watch this. Just can’t. I lasted 7 minutes.
    So much sitting broadside on to entire enemy team!!!

  5. Confused Blue Dragon

    If it wasn’t for shitty server problems right now, I’d be at least halfway to Monarch right now…!

    Seriously, no joke; I’ve found myself hitting the maximum 5min waiting time *nine* times already today..!! >.<

  6. Τ10 battleship firing HE….

  7. Megazao on fire (and setting things on fire)

  8. Ah thanks for telling me

  9. Napalm HE rounds

  10. Hope the 457mm guns gameplay will coming soon…

  11. Not much respect for this guy, He sits in back for most of the game, not using his bb to take hits and tank for the team, He does not shoot destroyers or cruisers unless he has too. He probably has good stats but he is a selfish player. He sits in back and stat farms while he uses others as a meatsheild like pawns in a chess match, Panzer I want to see exciting games not someone sitting in the back, if he was in the front line or in the middle line this would be more entertaining. Most of what he did was boring sittting in the back stat farming. Lets see exciging videos Panzer its not all about damage. Lets see some good team play or something. Anyone could sit in back and fucking spam HE and do a lot of damage, nothing special here, move on

  12. Hit target = Fire…

  13. Mikael Lillieström

    Point and click…….

  14. Boring…. he spammer + camper behind….

  15. What an bb kevin. He only?! Pls unistall

  16. Not shooting DDs but farming damage on BBs. What a stand up team mate.

  17. Ali Tayhan Tanrıver

    patch released just around 2 or 3 days ago and so many t9 t10 british BBs in the game 😀 how fast they get to those ships anyway 😀

  18. This guy has totally misplayed conq..

  19. poor, must be a wallet warrior.

  20. Anybody else thinks what coud happen if the French BB’s have this Super HE Shells to???

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