“NEW” Conqueror ….what changed ? World of Warships

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  1. If he had managed his heals a bit better he would have been at least half life at the end of the game…

  2. Es ist und wird es immer sein, dass lächerlichste Schiff in WoWS #salt

  3. Typical damage farming,not care about winning battle.Anyway dmg is nice.

  4. No ability (brain) is needed to shoot with explosives at maximum distance unfortunately

    • I just installed IFHE on my Yoshino and I’m about to install the range mod.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      Yoshino literally doesnt even need IFHE

    • CynicallyObnoxious it’s not mandatory but I would heavily recommend every Yoshino player to spec into IFHE, so you can pen the decks of Yamato, Musashi, GK, and Kremlin, which are excessively common nowadays. The idea is like harugumo with IFHE can pen 32, which is the entire hull armor of Conqueror and Republique.

  5. its even more OP now, especially good players now have an easier time because they didn‘t show full broadside in the first place.

  6. Somebody doesn’t know how to use their heal at all. That was a text book case of how NOT to use he heal. Completely wasted every heal.

  7. In other words a noob friendly ship encouraging noobs to camp the back and farm otherwise useless damage while the rest of your team takes the punishment

    • not really in my case, as soon as the enemies start to receive a significant amount of those watermelon fire balls they get really tired of them and they rapidly focus fire on you. I usually uses up all my heals in that ship and I never show a broadside. However, I do not sit super far in the back.

    • You’re mistaken. The conqueror is ideal for a support role, and gives great defense to a key location.

  8. He had multiple broadsides, but never though of switching to AP. No wonder enemy team was giving broadside….

    • Menno Ponsie the conq is very capable of citadeling ships with HE. It’s happened to me and I’ve done it people.

    • @Phillip Schaber I know, but still, he could have had some very high damage volley’s which would have helped him later on if the enemies are low on HP.

  9. i can tell the person who was playing is having 10IQ ?

  10. Роман Бадмаев

    Вот пипец автор этого видоса удивил)) самый бесполезный лк в игре

  11. He did good and play well, i hate the conq he and love to face one of them with my worcester or yoshinu to burn them down every time .
    its not his fault this ship op like henri and haru and and but he did what extrem good

  12. Exactly what’s wrong with wows. BBs sitting at max distance spamming. People like this make this game suck

  13. Very Bad gameplay. Boring. He Gas lost the Game

  14. still boring, and did the 2 key not work?

  15. very bad gameplay. He sits well behind the friendly ships trying to cap, just sniping to get fires on BBs, ignoring enemy (radar) cruisers. In fact all the friendlies die and then he makes a full turn in front of 4-5 enemy ships but it’s the Monqueror so he can get away with it. Exactly the opposite of what a BB should do

  16. Start using the tiller, 1/4 speed won’t get you anywhere fast.

  17. Leonard Hofstadter

    Very questionable ammunition choices and target selection at certain points of the match

  18. If you don’t like the he plays, who really cares. He damaged ships his team should have capitalized on it, but good game for him.

  19. Дмитрий Аверьянов

    из-за таких заднеприводных потом слив происходит. Это такой “удачный” бой один из многих

  20. really nice. But its inflated/repairable dmg, doesnt really help.

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