NEW CRUISER Riga – CITADEL FIESTA || World of Warships

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  1. cool video my guy

  2. that was like watching the Darwin awards . . . those first 2 cruisers in particular

  3. Contact with Soyuz, lot of citadels 🙂

  4. Strangely Repulsive

    are his hands shaking or replay bug?

  5. Can’t download the free doubloons app on IOS, it’s only google play 🙁

  6. these shells are faster than flash mcqueen

  7. Nice looking ship!

  8. Gerson Ramses Guillen Guardado

    I’m disgusted with co 3 kill

  9. Очень хорошо сбалансирован, товарищ

  10. the dispersion and velocity are both so good !

  11. No asia server on that app??

  12. Broadside walkers and stupid DD.

  13. Roberta Di Gennaro

    Every ap shot is a citadel, 50k at tier 9, and a FUCKING AWESOME CAMO

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