NEW DAMAGE RECORD 415K Who will beat this ? World of Warships

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  1. Battleresults at the end 😉 ENJOY ^^

  2. yep,broken ship

  3. Amazing results, I presume this is what we call “fire and forget” mode ? XD
    Panzer, I suggest to change the name of the video 😉

  4. This game has become a pure joke

    • @Amazing Blyatman It’s that they have put in all these battleship counters without buffing the battleship. I hardly play battleships now, more frustrating other than he IFHE secondary builds are quite hilarious but even than not as good as the tools that can be used against you. DD’s and Cruisers to me is where the game is at. Please give manual secondaries back like the closed beta, that would go a long way in helping making the game more exciting, or I could just play warthunder. To that note, give manual AA aim to players that will solve all complaints, since you would be using skill (your aim) to shoot down the planes so it’s more skill based and not rng.

    • @Johnnie Lund Yeah ofc its the USSR navy missile cruisers, But i most preferred is the Kirov class cruiser

    • @Amazing Blyatman yhh lol and i saw one of the devs said people are bias for saying the russian ships are op ??‍♂️

    • @n you’re a fucking idiot if you think this ship is not OP lol

    • @goodcat1982 if its op then so is everything that fires faster than once every 4seconds.

  5. They will never nerf this ship, its Stalins order!

  6. Smolensk open water gun boating? Nah, let’s shoot at something else… This was just a stupid red team topped by that Moskva dude. That dude made a hillariously bad play! I was like: “Don’t do it. Don’t do it! He is gonna do it isn’t he? He’s doing it!” 😀

    • Seriously. Like WTF he’s sitting there in open water detected and nobody is blapping him. If that was me the entire team would be focusing me.

    • Yeah, sometimes these amazing games are due to potato enemies. I like the fact that since the Smolensk wasn’t good enough they have it 8km torps too.

    • Yeahsure – yeah the torps were an unpleasant surprise and the hydro ain’t bad either AFAICT.

    • Agreed. Sitting in open water, CLEARLY the largest threat, and NOT ONE BB focused fire on him. He had a Musashi and a damn Montana looking right at him the whole time who could have deleted him in one salvo. Unbelievable stupidity on the reds.

  7. 1229 shells hit targets in a single game… Typical WG rubbish!!!

  8. I’m still certain you should save your coal until Samara, Ufa, or some other Soviet/Russian city arrives.

  9. It kind of helps when the enemy team is just a bunch of morons good Lord this guy never got shot at hardly

  10. Boring, overpowered ship

  11. Where are the 100’s of threads on reddit about this ship? This is more cancerous than the CV rework and yet barely a peep from most of the CV haters. It seems sitting in smoke or behind an island and spamming HE is “skill”, but CV’s needed a rework. The community is what is broken.

  12. As OP and cancerous this ship is, I don’t see this ship much on the SEA server. Average about 2/3 times from a 10 match session.

  13. I don’t understand.
    Whenever people see Smolensk, they just shoot.
    Just like shimakaze spotted.
    This guy didn’t get that level of attention :p

  14. Dafack man 32k HP
    When i see this ship playing on Shima or Yamato i need 1 min to kill it

    Why enemy team total ignore it

  15. This is the dude that has the Georgia game over at Jingles.
    He is just a beast, glad to have him in my clan. Chill dude.

  16. Max russian BS at his best… That and the stalingrad…

  17. Anytime I play this ship I’m target #1, I’ve had the whole team aiming at me. Here this guy sits in open water firing away and nobody shoots at him… hell I could get 500K with stupidity like that.

  18. This is the brainchild of someone who watched to many Sergei Eisenstein movies, while drinking moonshine vodka distilled from unused MiG fuel.

  19. Dat enemy Z23 greyline torp at the end… despite the obvious obstacle… XD

  20. For sure if you have that damage is with the help of the enemy team.

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