New Free-to-Play | World Of Warships: Legends | Beginners Guide & Overview

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Play World of Warships Legends for free on the PlayStation store right now. More information here: . Thanks to Wargaming for sponsoring the video.

Following on from World of Tanks and World of Warplanes its now time to battle for the seven seas.

All info a beginner needs to know is here including…
Free to play model,
premium content,
basic mechanics
ship classes
a few hidden extras



  1. This game is on PS4?

  2. Dream feet is reference to the dragon dream feet meme

    Just for your Fortnite Season 8 Easter eggs, memes and story recap

  3. Awesome! Might try this out..

  4. PlayStationGrenade

    Thanks for watching! Let me know if you’d like more World of Warships Legends content.

  5. Who remembers world of tanks
    I played before the campaign

  6. So world of tanks but on sea…

    • Pretty much. I like it better than World of Tanks though but that’s just my opinion

    • +Hawaii 808 I played a bit of WoT but didn’t really like it, but this game look’s interesting so I will give it a try

    • Mateo Piggy world of tanks only get fun when you have a tier 5 or 6 tank for the most part

    • Lynx Star Automotive

      They have many versions of “World of” like World Of Warplanes”. Unfortunately, consoles are just getting in on the fun. WOWS has been out on PC for a while.


  8. I’m the 1107th viewer yayyy

  9. I’m downloading this because bf 5 dont have battleships

  10. ‘Although the game is online ONLY
    We can also play against a.i to practice.’

    -Playsationgrenade, 2019

  11. Just got the game, about to try it out. Thank you so much!!

  12. All ahead flank speed, Godspeed Captains.

  13. Had it on pc and had it in mobile then i ran out of storage or my device was not compatible thank you now can play a calm peacful and exciting game

  14. Can’t wait or those new Torpedo Beats videos for this

  15. This was helpful mines still downloading but now I can jump right in when it’s ready

  16. I prefer the PC version but it’s good to see the console market getting access to a version of the game

  17. The dev didn’t learn from wot console in designing interface already some short comings need fine tune then, the forum is locked down… as of launch… wtf

  18. been playing since came out,grinding for 6 hours and managed to get to the tier IV
    the best 6 hours of my life

  19. I’ve been waiting for this on ps4 for at least a year! Thank you for letting us know it came out!

  20. Anyone know how to use the elite xp? I can’t seem to find an actual use for it. Maybe there’s a future update for it?

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