New Game Modes for World of Warships

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It’s been several years and we still only have three base . , and . Most enjoy domination, less enjoy standard battles, and even less enjoy . It’s time to fix this and add more variety. I have a solution to the stale that standard battles cause and a idea that borrows from and domination. Both increase the action and force ships to fight instead of hiding in the back.


  1. BereanHeart Gaming

    I personally like the second game mode. Another potential idea (probably difficult to code) would be to take Epicenter (which we actually had a version of that LONG ago where it was a single capture point. I remember it on Big Race) and make your points DECREASE if you are not in a specific range of the target area. Example. Those players within a couple of squares of the map edge incur NEGATIVE points for the team.

    Personally, I like Standard battle mode. It is most like “Capture the Flag” in most FPS games. I jsut hate the typical pug potato Lemming Train teams on that battle style.

    • BereanHeart Gaming

      I agree, in general. But MM isn’t always the deciding factor. Was in a 4 DD per side battle, other team had 4 Kami-Rs. Other team LOST. Never discount skill. (I was the ONLY Kami-R on my team, and 3 of the enemy were in a Div. ROFL)

    • I am not sure why the hate exists for standard battle, to me it feels like a more strategic round than the domination mode. Variety is good after all. I don’t agree with MM being the determining factor at all. To succeed you must adapt, it is this adaption in real time that truly wins games. That said, seeing the 5 or 6 BB and DD games really does impact the mobility and defensiveness of the friendly fleet. I would love to see a cap of 3 for BB’s and DD’s in a round with the rest filled by cruisers and a CV. I would bet $5 that doing so would instantly change the positional aggressiveness of players. Sure it would take some adjusting to the queue but nothing that can’t be adapted to.

    • BereanHeart Gaming

      I don’t really hate high BB/DD MM. I used to kill DDs regularly in my Kongos (research and ARPs)I never flinch at rushing a DD in that ship. My old favorite story was the DD I faced. I think it was a Nichols. Fired one side of torps, evaded. Fired the other side of torps, evaded. So he used his final torpedo, his own ship! It was fricking AWESOME!
      Now at higher tiers, yes, it is much harder, but at mid tiers, it is actually fun.

    • I know like to hunt DD’s in my battleship too but I am only one person. The effect on the entire team is very noticeable though.

    • BereanHeart Gaming

      I like your thinking. Look me up in game if you are NA server. You are the kind of person I could div with and probably dominate with.
      Also note, my recommendation about negative points is very limited. Even just the outside edge of the map. I’m not trying to discourage reasonable positioning, just the idea (as we have ALL seen) of that 1 BB that is completely on the edge of the map, and can’t hit the broadside of the ocean with his shots. Effectively taking themself out of the game. Would really tick off the CV players that like to corner hump the map. But, might make their planes more useful in battle. lol
      I alos understand that some maps can have zones that are influential to the battle, but near the map edge. Would require smarts to incorporate (examples are Strait, Atlantic, Trap, New Dawn). BUT….. there is a sownside…… hence why it would ONLY be a useful idea for Epicenter. Your DD is moving to stealth flank, but the enemy sees your ticker moving down instead of up. Easy form of detection. So, yes, only incorporate into Epicenter battle style.

  2. I think the first idea is terrible. It takes forever to get a ship turned around, and turning is a huge risk. It seems like a very heavy handed way to get people to fight each other, and I don’t see people enjoying it. The second idea sounds pretty cool though.

    • Caden Grace: What do you mean ‘even’ tier 3? High tier BBs take *longer* to turn around than low tier ones. Low tier BBs may be slow in a straight line, but they’re generally more responsive from a handling point of view. Quite significantly in fact.

    • its actually pretty funny that most of the battleship players complayin about this mod… what you think would happend if moskva/zao/any cruiser would had to fight battleship at close range? yea they would be fucked up. BBs would earn most from this mod, following dds and then cruisers… complain that you would have problem with borders… lets face it you have problem already if youre in furthest squares of the map 😀

    • as long as there is a significantly long warning of at least 2-3 mins, it should be fine.
      better if after that anyone beyond the new borders gets a weapon lock untill they r back in the new borders. 2-3 mins after that they can take dmg…enough warning.

    • Maybe instead of a PUBG type boundary perhaps use the storms at the boundary after a set time.

  3. Interesting ideas Zoup, I am glad to see someone trying something new. That said, this is a naval game ultimately, not a shooter and sure as hell not Tanks. I like the idea of attempting to bring players to engage but forcing distance doesn’t feel like the answer nor do I think the inevitable island camping that would come of it would be a good step forward.
    People don’t engage because of a number of reasons. Assuming they are playing well, the most common seems to be a player does not want to get focused and die quickly and playing for position as opposed to distance. Ships are not tanks and most suffer being in short range so the best you would get out of a game are annoyingly short rounds. Is that what we want? To be WoT’s with ships? Is this a symptom of anything over 5 minute rounds are a bad thing as I have been hearing of late?

    I feel there is a distinct difference between engagement as opposed to rushing in and giving up positional power and I think that many of the players confuse the two. But with that said, I think you are trying to prevent the blatant poor play by forcing those right out the back into the fight but again, I believe this would lead to an overall negative impact to the game.

    So what to do? I like the idea of a modified epicentre you put forward, but again it relies on every ship being in knife fighting distance, or if not directly spotted you would have a really good idea exactly where they are. Not ideal either way. Honestly I don’t really have an answer but I do feel that forcing players to get in close is not it.

    Someone said to me the other day “you cannot overcome human psychology, if you want to affect change you must defer to positive reinforcement not forcing a change of behaviour”. This is so true for ships in my opinion. Perhaps as some have said recently the object of the game should shift from damage to other team oriented aspects such as XP or spotting or cap points or assisted damage or AA. Basically anything that can be instantly reinforced in a positive manner with ribbons, or XP count etc. Maybe the solution is not with maps or map modes but with how the game displays the “good actions” and discourages the bad and through that, actually teaches what good plays really is. Keep in mind many people out there simply don’t know how or what good play should be as all that is rewarded is damage.

    • BereanHeart Gaming

      That is also a good point. Carrot and Stick approach. I won’t even go into my experiences with 0xp for spotting dmg, etc. WG has made improvements with capping, etc. and earning xp. A video I watched recently was talking about how DMG is instantly rewarded, thus why we focus on the DMG elements of play. As a primary DD player, I either torpedo people, or cap (or both).
      I will also say that there are 3 general play styles. You highlighted 2 of them. Rushing, engaging, and camping. The 2 extremes, and the middle. And yes, there is a HUGE difference between rushing and pushing. Pushing is a TEAM effort.

    • Very true on all your points, I know I prefer to play my DD’s with a view to spot and cap. There are many times I get very little damage but act as a force projection mechanism and therefore control the map.
      Thanks for highlighting the third mode, I left it out for brevity. Pushing is very very important too of course but again, human brains get all out of whack when they fixate on “pushing”. Worse I think people have been conditioned to feel that pushing is the only correct way to play.
      Leads us back to carrot and stick methodology I reckon.

    • And when you start to push and all the sudden your entire team turns back and leaves you, your push becomes a rush 🙁

    • Happens a lot in a battleship if you are not overextending and/or not closely reading what your friendlies are doing. Think 2 minutes ahead and you generally wont be caught out.

    • It’s really a shame I can only like this once. Being a very new player, I have an extrememly limited depth of experience on this, however I can already relate.

  4. Frist idea is just make same passive gameplay as in standard battle.
    because player can just camp behind island near center map, just like PUBG camping meta.
    I prefer second idea but divided zone not just one big zone in entire map

    • True… but at least they’d be close enough to the enemy to hopefully cause some form of action. Better hiding behind an island up close than far away. And if too close, it’s not like they’d even be able to fire or clear what they’re hiding behind.

    • Sarodore The Dragon

      You haven’t tried turning in an Izumo yet have you?,,, think like this ” oh no the maps shrinking Gotta start turning” – starts turning 30 seconds later the map shrinks u start taking damage and you haven’t even completed 1/4 of the turn

    • Sarodore The Dragon Especially if you play far behind with no map/teammates/obj awareness.
      Btw, turning radius is even worst at t10, and not only for japanese. You are new here, dont you.

  5. Are you sure you want CV’s to be forced into a smaller zone?I mean, when they actually show up.

  6. I do not like either game modes. Both would cause an increase in BB match population while decreasing cruiser population. Too many BB’s is already a problem. Boring blowouts occur regularly where one team is loaded with active BB’s while the opposing team is filled with passive BB’s. DD’s would thrive until the devs further nerf their detectability and firepower to stop the BBbloodbath. A cap of 3-4 BB’s a side would have a more positive result for everyone as opposed to your mode changes.
    Suspicions confirmed : Zoup the BB main.

    • eicjc interesting idea. I’d like to see that done in someway. A team outcome instead of you vs the world. Nice one.

    • true AlFromAus, especally when there’s only 2 CA’s a side.

    • OK Zoup, I regret the “BB main” comment as it’s not fair for me to say and also projects a polarizing aspect to the dialogue that is not helpful. I also play all ships and have nothing against BB’s, just the many players who gravitate to BB’s to avoid learning how to actually play. While there are many great BB players, the slackers dominate the class now. This hurts everyone, especially the lone BB playing to the objectives and fighting hard for a TEAM win. BB players who top the leaderboard always get a karma point from me, and I would like to be in more matches where that happens.

    • oh god 😀 that sounds terrible trying to keep your idioting HE spaming battleship keeping alive wasting smokes 😀 and eating torps for him :D… i would had to play bbs only… that would be awfull

    • Not to mention only being uptiered 1 level not 2

  7. Stupid idea making world of warships into anothe pubg clone. If I wanted that playmode i would play pubg. I have no problem with standard battle mode, it’s about controlling a zone and can lead to some exciting battles.

    • yeah especially if youre cruiser that have to tank instead of battleships that tries to play “historically acurrate” 😀

    • standard battle mode is fine with me as well as it is about killing so it is not like there is no objective. For years, WOT only has that mode and they are fine with it.

  8. Sir Orrin Productions

    Intersting ideas Zoup! But please no pubg/fortnite border shenanigans.

  9. I didn’t originally like the first idea, and I’m still not fully on board with it only because slow ships would have a hard time getting back in time if they were caught up in an engagement and missed the warning or something. Plus the play style of some ships require the ends of the map to get on the enemy’s flank so that they can preform well. Loved the second idea!!! Perhaps keep the idea of a shrinking map “border” but instead of the “border” hurting your ship it could reduce your engine power just like it already does, but not by 75% like it currently does but perhaps 10%, 15%, 20%, hell maybe even up to 25%, but I just think the border damaging you wouldn’t help too much.

  10. “Hot Zone” Mode sounds nice but what you do when your team has less ships then enemy and all ships are in the zone? Think it’s better to nail it by percentage… who has placed more ships in percent of all left ships gains the points… So you can also gain points when you are 2 or 3 ships behind.

    I don’t know if a battle royal mode will work for WoWs… cool idea but what when you may loose more BBs then enemy in the early game… sniping, border grinding broadside BB driver we see so often… then your forced with may a lot of CAs into a small area and we all know what will happen to these “lucky” CAs 😀

    But all in all I like your thoughts… cause you are right standard battle is so boring.

    • That’s a really interesting idea! Smaller teams can more easily have a higher percentage of ships in the hot zone. This way, if a team gets steamrolled early on, it’ll be easier for them to bounce back in the mid-game, and it provides incentive for the team in the lead to hunt down the remaining members.

    • So if I’m the only DD left and hide behind an island, my team has 100% in the hot zone and therefore I would win the points?
      If you are 2 ~3 ships behind, go out and kill two or 3 enemies. That’s exactly the point of the mode. 🙂

    • That’s the point if you are 2-3 ships behind and you enter hotzone as the last remaining ship of your team you already have a big disadvantage. In your scenario you are hiding behind an island gaining point… that means enemy team has to chase you instead you have to chase them down in a 1vs2 or 1vs3 situation. You that means even if you have this big disadvantage you can still win. Sure all kind of mind games here how to realize such kind of game mode hast it’s pros and cons. But that’s WGs job to make it work in a balanced way 😀 That what WG pay they developers for and why the have this contributor program 😀

  11. -What of the old game of Capture the Flag? Have a flag in the center and race it back to your safe line.
    -Use the operations example in an Attack/Defend manner in a PVP battle mode in defending a base,
    -Zombie king battle mode for Halloween? One battleship starts as the Zombie King (ZK) ship . The ZK is surrounded by humans ships (CA). The Zombie king rules the zombies commanding them to hunt and kill the living once battle commences. If the Zombie king kills a human CA, then a cooldown happens for about 30 seconds. Then the CA is brought back to life on the ZK’s team. The Zombie CA ships would then have 1/2 to 2/3 HP restored and would then fight on the side of the Zombie King. If some human CA KO’s the ZK ship, then they would be the new ZK. The old ZK would then be out of the match. Rewards are done as normal except its between zombies vs. human teams. If the game clock runs out and if the humans are alive, Humans win.
    – Escort battles from Operations in a PVP battle mode such as Guns of Navarone type.
    – World cup is coming up, maybe something similar.
    – Quidditch like match?
    – Fog of War map with everyone close.This makes radar/sonar great and torpedoes risky.
    -Dodgeball mode variations

    All of these are suggestions and may need the ideas hone out further in their executions.

  12. Some good ideas there.
    I like the idea of destroying an enemy base as opposed to capturing it. Give the base say an 8 to 10km spotting distance then destroy objective targets within it, maybe also have collateral penalty points too. It would encourage good dd spotting play and accurate shelling of a target while also trying to fend off the enemy at the same time.

  13. You can’t call it a game mode if you can’t have a choice in whether you play it or not. So it is either random battles or operations(pvp or pve).
    Shrinking border doesn’t work with those maps and in ship game. In tanks it would work or planes.
    Lack of incentives to be active and help win is a problem. Right now game is only rewarding you for doing damage and that is it. You shoot down planes(clear sky has absurd amount of shoot downs to get and you don’t get much exp or credits for doing so either). BBs get no incentive for pushing, dreadnought is only yours if you survive(stupid idea as in randoms you don’t really get any support if you push majority of the time)

  14. With all due respect, your first game mode suggestion. Should be taken outback and shot. Its remains weighted down, dumped in the mariana trench and mention of its name, forbidden to be spoken ever again. Your second idea could be fun, but I wonder if it would remove the point of playing BBs. Being forced into close quarters action against nibble little ships with hyper drive torps and smoke is not a healthy environment for big slow BBs.

    • had you ever montana fighting cruisers anything at 10km? you blap everything in 2 salvos those nimble hyper ships would hit you with two three torps… yeah big deal when monatana kills dds in one/two salvos

  15. What server are you playing on, where most people hate standard battle but some people like epicenter?

  16. My experience has shown that many standard battles often become search and destroy anyway. People would rather destroy the enemy than cap to win. I have no problem with standard battle. I think it forces you to think a bit more and rewords those that do not just rush in blindly. I do wish it offered more rewards for those on the team that assist such as scouting, providing AA cover for a team mate, and so on. The second idea is intriguing. The one thing I hate about epicenter is that so many just try to camp and hide. The team that is aggressive is often punished. Your second idea might push players to be a bit more aggressive but not dangerously so.

    • Another idea might be to turn some of the operations into PVP games. It would interesting to see how those would work. The operations can get somewhat stale because they become predictable. Allowing PVP would freshen some of them up a bit.

  17. I don’t hate any of the three game modes. What I don’t like are the legions of noobs who fail to understand the mechanics of how to play any of the modes properly.

    Regarding that first new game mode idea – no thanks. I’m also skeptical about the second proposed idea.

  18. I think the intent for both ideas is good. Players with the most hit points sniping in the back are usually not helping their team. It may seem frustrating to not be able to engage them but I’ve seen more games where the team has lost because they are hanging in the back.

    Both ideas seem to correct the problem but cause others. There would have to be some tweaking for CVs and DDs in these two ideas. In the first mode, you would be reducing the effectiveness of a DD driver by taking away his ability to spot and stalk. They may not have done a lick of damage in the game thus far but have helped the team by keeping the enemy spotted or slowing down the capture of a cap. CVs would be deleted shortly after the first 7 minutes once their hidey holes are no longer available. The second idea appears to be better but again, CVs and their team would be negatively harmed. If a CV driver has done a good job of, again, spotting and damaging the enemy while staying undetected and redirecting his flight paths to not show a pattern, he shouldn’t be punished by not being in the center of the map.

    If you want to reduce sniping from afar, maybe increase the shell spread exponentially. Short to medium ranges wouldn’t be as affected as the long ranges. Sure, they’ll still be able to land shells, but it would be more of a gamble. They could also reduce the ability to see a clear picture of the target at extreme ranges or reduce the amount of magnification. Right now the image of the ship is crystal clear even though you’re seeing them through what would be a wall of mirage and well past the curvature of the earth. Speaking of earthly curve, wouldn’t that be interesting if that was introduced?? At extreme ranges, you’d only be able to see the upper most portion of the ships unless you’re equipped with a spotter.

    Game modes that could be explored:
    1. Capture the flag sort of event where an object is captured and returned to your base.
    2. A mode similar to WOT where one side is pre-defined as the defender and the other must kill all or capture the area.
    3. Borrow the scenario ideas like having to protect a ship to it’s destination or protect a valuable port. Both teams could have the same objective or one team could be the protectors.

  19. I think both game modes you propose strongly favor BBs which can withstand damage. French cruisers and other fragile ships that rely on range to avoid shells will quickly die. DD will get spotted easily as well.

  20. MAJID ALASMARI - Ace Combat25

    Well this a good idea especially for potato BB players who just stay away trying just kill steal from the other

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